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Positive Effects of Cell Phones

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Cell phones have become, indisputably, a part of everyday life. They have done so much for the world and will help raise a new generation of resourcefulness and fluidity. Cellphones have made life better for everyone by helping us stay connected, meet new people, make planning easier, created more jobs, and make information more accessible. Cell phones have become a major part of our lives.

Cell phones have made information more accessible for millions. Now information can be found in seconds with a few taps of your fingers. Students are now able to find more information from multiple different sources. Take this research paper for example. Research was readily available with millions of websites stating facts and evidence that I could use to expand my knowledge and better the information provided. According to the article ‘Six Pros & Cons of Technology in the Classroom’, “There are countless resources for enhancing education and making learning more fun and effective” (Himmelsbach). Cell phones can be used as a tool to enhance education by having resources available, checking for plagiarism, games, automatically graded tests, and they have made it easier for teachers and students to communicate. Cell phones, especially, have made a big impact on education both for students and teachers.

Cell phones have also helped people meet more new people. People can now share their own stories and experiences to help find people who understand their situation. It also has helped raise awareness to more problems around the world but also share funny stories purely shown to make others smile. For example, people make memes solely for the purpose of making others laugh. In the article ‘3 Reasons Why Internet Memes Are Changing the World’ stated “power of the meme comes from its technological capabilities – the ability to quickly create shareable imagery and disseminate it to millions of people within a matter of minutes” (Chen). But on the other hand, phones can help people with more serious problems. In the article ‘How Mobile Phones Are Changing the Developing World’ it states: “In Mozambique, mobile is being used in the fight against HIV and AIDS” (Dobush). This use of cell phones can help people with dangerous diseases or help people who are at risk of obtaining the disease. With this interconnected universe of technology people can reach out to others for help, mingle, and experience/see new cultures around the world without ever leaving your couch. Humans are social creatures, so the creation of social media on the phone has expanded our ability to socialize with more people.

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Cell phones have also helped relieve the workload for many manual laborers and created new jobs. According to ‘Don’t Fear the Robots, Tech Creates Jobs’, “The growth of jobs in the creative, care, tech and business service industries have more than offset the loss of jobs in the agricultural and manufacturing sectors” (Makortoff). Cell phones have created so many jobs by manufacturing phones, Google, Amazon, App designers, etc. They have also widened an industry, made job opportunities for millions, and made advertising easier for businesses. Cell phones have not only helped people connect but also created jobs for millions of people around the world.

Cell phones also help save time. Don’t know where you’re going? Pull up maps and it will get you to your destination. Have an event coming up? Just look it up in your calendar. No longer do you have to carry around a notebook and pencil someone in. In the article ‘The Impact of Mobile Phones on People’s Lives’ it says that only 3% of cell phone users believe that their cell phones cost them time. This statistic clearly shows that most people believe that their phone saves them time in life. Cell phones help people save time and make life easier for them.

Some people argue that cell phones are causing more and more accidents, however cell phones have also saved lives. Now if there is a car accident, within seconds someone can call 911, but before people would have to drive or call from a pay phone or other landline to get a first responder. These few seconds could be life or death, but now first responders are able to get on the scene faster because they are alerted sooner. There are also apps that can help health care providers get medical information that could be vital to saving a life in case of emergency. In the article ‘In Case of Emergency…How a Cell Phone Can Save Your Life’ it states: “With Medical ID, essential medical and contact information can be accessed by an emergency responder even if a phone is locked” (Cunningham). With this new technology it can help optimize care for patients in emergencies. Cell phones make it easier for people in an emergency to get help.

Mobile phones have bettered people’s lives in many different ways. These devices were built to make life easier and they have done exactly that. Cell phones have helped both teachers and students communicate and made it easier for teachers to receive and grade work. They also help bring awareness to problems while still bringing smiles to people’s faces. Now people can make new friends from across the globe, without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Phones have saved a lot of time, especially when it counts, like in emergencies. Cell phones are important devices that have changed people’s lives for the better.


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