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Essay on the Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence

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Nowadays, robotic technology is increasing all around the world. There are more uses of robotics technology in these days. People are starting to use artificial intelligence in their daily lives to make their life more efficient and to save time. Researchers are trying to advance and improve the intelligence of the AI. Even though AI has many pros, it has cons and it can also affect our future life.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is like a robot with human-like characteristics (Conn, 2016). It is the ability of a digital computer robot that can perform tasks with intelligence (Copeland). The name ‘Artificial Intelligence’ was given by John McCarthy. It is known as narrow AI, which means that it is designed to achieve narrow task. However, many researchers are trying to develop general AI, that can perform everyday life tasks while narrow AI was created to do only specific tasks (Conn, 2016). Philosophers attempt to describe human thinking as a symbolic system, but AI was not discovered until 1956 at the campus of Dartmouth College, in Hanover by John McCarthy (Lewis, 2014). AI is used as Siri in Apple created in 2010 and Alexa which is introduced by Amazon in 2014 (Adams, 2017). AI can perform human-like functions that have similar capabilities as humans. AI is created to have limited abilities, there is a total of 7 types of AIs. Reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, self-aware, artificial narrow intelligence, artificial general intelligence, and artificial superintelligence. Reactive machines are types of AI that are created to have the very insufficient capability. These machines cannot develop because do not have memory-based function. Limited memory is a machine that is capable of learning from the data and making decisions. Limited memory machines are also used as virtual assistants to self-driving vehicles. Theory of mind is an AI that researchers are engaged in innovating because this type of AI can understand its emotions, needs, and beliefs. Self-aware is that these AI are programmed to have self-awareness. This type of AI can understand the emotions of the people that they are interacting with, and it also has emotions, needs, and beliefs of its own. This type of AI can also cause the end of humanity because it might have a thought of self-preservation. Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI) are AIs that were programmed to do only specific tasks. These machines can’t do anything more than what they were programmed to do. This type of AI has very insufficient capabilities. Artificial general intelligence (AGI) can learn, understand, and has the function just like human beings. This type of AI is capable of replicating multi-functional capabilities. Artificial superintelligence (ASI) is an AI that has the most capability of intelligence. ASI can replicate the multifaceted knowledge of humans. ASI is better at anything they do and more efficient because they have higher memory, faster data processing, and decision-making capabilities (Joshi, 2019).

The pros of AIs are that it helps reduce the error and increases the chance of reaching accuracy. For example, AI was used in the exploration of space. This type of AI was programmed with information and sent to explore the space. Since these machines are made with metal bodies, they are more resistant and they have a higher ability to tolerate the space and the atmosphere. AI can also be used for challenging exploration such as, mining, fuel exploration, and exploring the depths of the ocean floor. These machines can overcome the limited ability of humans. These robots are programmed to do more complicated and hard work with a greater responsibility because it can manage itself. AI can do repetitive jobs because these machines thinks faster than humans so they can be put to multi-tasking. These machines can be employed to do dangerous tasks and they can work all the time, they were programmed to work for long hours and continue doing that without needing breaks, getting tired, or getting distracted. AI can also be used as medical applications. doctors assess their patients and their health with artificial machine intelligence which can educate them about the side effects of each medicine. Medical professionals are trained with artificial surgery simulators, it can be used to detect brain disorder as it simulates the brain functions. AI is used as digital assistance which can interact with the users (Reddy, 2019). Apple’s assistance, Siri. Was made to help us find information, give us directions, add events to our calendar, helps us send messages and so on. Siri uses machine-learning technology to get more information and get better to predict or understand the user's questions and requests. When Amazon first introduced Alexa, which was made to help us scour web pages to find information, shops, schedule appointments, set alarm, and so much more. Tesla is another example of AI; it is a type of car that has a self-driving feature and sheer technological. It is one of the best cars that was ever made (Adams, 2017). AI can also predict what users are going to write and check the spelling of the users. Some AI is employed by banks or financial institution to organize the records (Fekety, 2015).

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The cons of AI are that some AIs are programmed to kill. So, if it’s in the hands of the wrong person, it can cause problems. Al was designed to be extremely difficult to turn off so humans can easily lose control when they are in that situation. AI can be doing the tasks you asked too seriously. AIs were programmed to work hard so, whatever they do, they will take it very seriously (Conn, 2016). The dependency of humans on these machines are increasing. Since, it helps us in many ways so people are depending on machines. This will cause humans to decrease mental and thinking ability, this problem will continue over time (Lath, 2018). AI is a very high cost because they are a very complicated machine. Their repair and maintenance require high costs. If the severe breakdowns, it can take a lot of time and costs to get it fixed. AI can’t be improved with experience; it has a lot of data but the way it is accessed and used is very different from human intelligence (Reddy, 2019). Even though AI stores a lot of information but it is not as effective as the brain of humans (Fekety, 2015). Replacing humans with these machines can lead to high unemployment since there is more usage of robotic technology which is more convenient to use and has more intelligence than humans. Humans will have nothing to do, companies and businesses might use more AIs and it would lead to unemployment (Reddy, 2019).

In the future, AI can be used as self-driving cars. Nowadays, self-driving cars are already beginning to be in our daily lives, but now the vehicles still required human driver to be at the wheels. The goal is to create an entirely automated self-driving car which are expected to be safer. Some companies are looking towards incorporating AI technology to generate self-driving trucks, buses, taxis, and planes. Many people have already been using personal assistants. Amazon’s Echo and Alexa are currently very outstanding in the market but there are more competitions and more choices for digital assistants to choose from. Digital assistance features can help save your time and make your life easier. One day, our credit cards and driver’s licenses may be linked to our face. It can make our daily life more efficient and saving us time. Since AI is a human-like robot, it is capable of doing complex interactions. At this point, AI can become very useful because it can do dangerous jobs and work that required health risks. For example, drones and other robots are performing risky tasks, which they are controlled by using a remote. Al can also take care of the people who need supervision, such as children or elders. Elders can stay at home so they can feel more comfortable. It can also help the elders so that they don’t have to move around too much. This allows you to have more free time, these robots can keep them healthy and safe (Hansen, 2019).

In summary, although artificial intelligence has many benefits, it has many cons as well and it can affect our future life in both good and bad ways. If there is more use of AI it can help us in many ways in our daily life and make it more efficient, such as digital assistants, hard-working, difficult exploration, and so much more. But at the same time, it can also lead to more disadvantages. We will never know if it develops itself to have the intelligence, emotions, and thoughts just like humans, and we can never do anything to stop it, since in everyday we are still trying to develop them to overcome their ability. Thus, humans should be more aware of the ability and intelligence of AI before they decide to employ or use them in their life because this could lead to the end of humanity.

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