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Essay on the Use of the Computer in Various Fields

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Nowadays everyone interacts with the computer science. The multiple exposure to technology makes us subconscious about the utilization of computers. In technology, computers are involved rapidly. Modern computers are found everywhere for example homes, office, business, hospitals and schools etc. Artificial intelligence (AI) makes the computer ‘smart’.

Technology has become normal and even ubiquitous in everyday life (Horst, 2012). The computer is like an electronic magical device for our life. According to the Google Keyword Planner, 100-1,000 people search Google monthly for ‘best laptop for business and personal use’ and 100-1,000 people for ‘best desktop for small business’ over the past year (Vijay K. Sharma, 2016).

The computer is a device for processing, sorting and displaying information. The computer once meant a person who did computations, but now the term almost universally refers to automated electronic machinery (Michael R. Swaine and others, 2019). And this machine is now most desirable things in modern world.

Nowadays, computers are used in various fields, namely:

In Education Field

In the era of technology, computers and the Internet are mostly preferred way of teaching in education field. Uses of computers in a classroom will explore creativity and imagination in student’s minds. Drawing tools, spreadsheets, audio, video lectures and power point presentations etc. are very beneficial for students to learn more deeply and accurately (Vijay K. Sharma, 2016).

Integrating technology into teaching and learning is not a new challenge for universities. Since the 1900s, administrators and faculty have grappled with how to effectively use technical innovations such as video and audio recordings, email and teleconferencing to augment or replace traditional instructional delivery methods (Kaware & Sain, 2015; Westera, 2015).

In Business Field

World’s fastest deal is being now made by the use of computers. A computer with the Internet connection allows us to start the business, run the business and manage the business, and we can grow the business by the use of a computer (Vijay K. Sharma, 2016). Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon and Alibaba all are websites created by the use of computers and the Internet.

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In the early days when the first mechanical computer invented by Charles Babbage, it was used only to control the business system and speed up the business process accurately. One of the first uses of computers in the business area came from a British food manufacturing and catering company, J. Lyons and company, and dates back to 1949 (F. Land, 2000).

Computers allow a business to perform a variety of tasks. With a computer, a business can create and execute entire marketing campaigns that span across every social media platform on the Internet. The computer is likely the greatest marketing device ever built (Nicky LaMarco, 2019).

In Medical Field

Computers have been serving a mostly administrative function for many years. Computers became a common thing in every medical parts. For example, collecting the data of patients and monitoring them is now common in everywhere. Doctors now can consult medical database to learn more about specific diseases or treatment program. It’s also help, by running simulations to try and find causes and cures for diseases (Pamela Bennett, 2018).

With the increasingly complex and vast amount of information presented in medical education today, handheld computers have proven to be a valuable resource for medical students, residents and faculty physicians. Also, known as personal assistants (PDAs) (Kho. Anna, 2006).

In Banking Field

It’s hard to imagine banks without technology. In fact, computers have been in use in banking since the 1950s, when Bank of America introduced a computer designed specifically for processing checks (Stephanie Faris, 2018).

Banks are using computers daily to faster and accurate customer demands. To deposit customer money in their account. This process is faster and accurate. Banks are also providing ATMs to withdraw and cash deposit ATMs for their customers. Whenever we deposit, withdraw money we get messages on our mobile number. We can see and print our transaction records without visiting banks. The whole process of banking is done by a computer (Vijay K Sharma, 2016).

Since the first ATM was installed in 1969, the technology has evolved, making it easier for customers to deposit money, as well as withdraw (Stephanie Faris, 2018).


Computers are the best creations of modern science. Their features make peoples life easier and smooth. After using them for so long, it is now difficult not to use their facilities. Peoples got so much attached that, sometimes we don’t realize the existence or the power of tech, we thought as a normal behavior. There is a lot more ways that this technology helps us in our everyday life.


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