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Essay on True Face of Andrew Jackson

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Chapter 3 of ‘An American Betrayal: Cherokee Patriots and the Trail of Tears’ had many main thesis and ideas the author was trying to portray. One of them is who were really the real savages. In one part of the book, it mentions how there was 4 intoxicated Native Americans. They were all taken to the county jail. There was one, which was the most inebriate. He was brutally beaten with guns all over his body. As described by the book, they left him ‘shockingly mangled’. This brings me to my point. They call Native Americans ‘savages’, that that is their instinct. Yet, the whites are acting as the real savages. Instead of just simply cuffing them, they decided to do this out of anger. They behaved like savages. My thesis is that Andrew Jackson was a sick man. He took action right away; this is a bad trait for a president. He lacked emotional intelligence. The decisions he made were with his heart not his brain, he did not think about the consequences of his actions. For example, when he signed the Indian Removal Act. He could have simply just respected their land and culture. However, just because they were Native Americans, he wanted them to move one way or another.

The chapter started by stating the families did civilize and progress as a nation. Each family owned farming tools. Elias and Harriet had 2 children and one on the way. Sarah and John lived in an apartment in Major Ridge’s mansion. Both families were very happy and content with their lives. John became a negotiator for the Creek nation along with David Vann. They faced similar problems as the Cherokees. They had white intruders in their land. Both negotiators created a unique plan for them, they got paid 5,000 dollars each. Elias Boudinot created ‘Cherokee Phoenix’ with Samuel Worcester. This was basically a newspaper. It got well known around the colonies. It discussed topics surrounding the tribe. Andrew Jackson became president. He was teaching the Georgians what to do regarding the Cherokees. Jackson did not favor them. He called them an ‘ill-fated race’. The structure of this chapter was sequence of events. The author told the story by dates.

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There were many things I liked about the book. One of them was that the people remained strong. They were not ready to give up. Despite all these obstacles, they were determined to pull through. They believed and hard. Another thing I really liked was that Jackson was actually a human for the first time. In the chapter it mentions how there was a baby in his dead mother’s arms. He adopted the boy and took him in. Although he was treated as a ‘pet’, he showed compassion.

Over all, Jackson really was very hateful and arrogant president. He did not have the means to treat Native Americans the way he did throughout this chapter. Without reading and understanding this chapter, the read would not have found out what kind of person Jackson was.

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