Essay on Underage Drinking and Its Harmfulness

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Underage drinking is a form of social harm as it encourages young people to carry out unlawful sexual behaviors that cause disturbance to the surrounding public areas. Alcohol also enhances and distorts a person's emotions often causing aggressive behavior which usually leads to serious injury and panic within a community.

On an everyday basis, I witness many accounts of underage drinking that it has become commonplace to see many young people going out and becoming intoxicated. However, having this sort of behavior late at night in public areas causes a sense of discomfort for the community.

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One of the experiences I have had, that included the act of underage drinking, started as a picnic. I noticed many people were judging us because we were teenagers. They had categorized us and instantly viewed us as ‘delinquents’. It was assumed we were dangerous or there to cause trouble, especially due to our relatively large group. One of the people attending managed to get ahold of some alcohol for us to have alongside the food, which was surprising as the majority of us wouldn't have been served and we would have been unsure about how to go about obtaining it otherwise. The action of buying alcohol is becoming increasingly easier to carry out, meaning the risk to themselves and others around them has increased alongside it. This is devastating, young people now have such a wide exposure to alcohol through TV, film, games and the media are not being as thoroughly warned about the dangers, which is particularly disappointing. In this situation, without a responsible adult to supervise, many of those who were drinking had unknowingly exceeded the recommended limits. This resulted in a lot of uncontrollable behavior, illness and social disturbance. Eventually, an ambulance was needed and we were forced to disperse, making our way home. for many of us, this caused a feeling of overwhelming guilt as we were wasting the emergency services time with our naiveness.

Situations like these prove that teenagers shouldn’t be allowed or able to access drink at all, yet they are. It’s appalling to think that kids as young as 15 are being admitted into nightclubs, bars and other late-night functions without the correct, legal identification and acting completely ignorant to the dangers of alcohol. I always feel particularly conflicted about who is responsible for ensuring this doesn't happen. Especially during my own experience, the blame can be dished out amongst many - our parents, the institutions, teachers, police, but most importantly - ourselves. Most of the time, the behavior exhibited goes unpunished or even encouraged by adults, which is upsetting and enraging. Young people should not be developing bad habits before the legal age to do so and it should certainly not be encouraged by parents.

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