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Essay on Why a Visit to London Is a Really Good Vacation Choice

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Talk about Europe, the food of Italian or romantic atmosphere of France will jump out of people’s mind. However, as the capital of Britain, London has a unique charm different from other cities in the world because of its strong cultural heritage, diversified social structure, and rich cultural background. London is a great travel destination because of local food, cultural activities, and night life.

Firstly, London has a lot of amazing local food, the most famous are tea and desserts. British people like to drink tea. They even have different tea times every day. For example, British people have early morning tea, breakfast tea, tea break, afternoon tea, high tea, and after dinner tea. One of the most famous and worth experiencing is English afternoon tea. The Victorian English made afternoon tea perfectly, and they also introduced a full set of utensils for afternoon tea. More than a century later, afternoon tea is still as integrated with modern English life as it was in Victorian times. Milk tea is a popular afternoon tea. Tourists will enjoy this kind of enjoyment as much as their British counterparts. Also, during afternoon tea time, it is usually served with scones, curd fat, and, ideally, homemade grass plum sauce. Scones are a kind of bun snacks baked by traditional methods, with a sweet and crisp feeling, halves like bread and half like cake.

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Secondly, not only tea and desserts, but travelers to London can also enjoy cultural activities such as museums and live theatre performances. The most famous and oldest museum in Britain is the British Museum. It is also one of the largest and most famous museums in the world, founded in 1753. At present, the museum has a collection of more than 8 million art pieces. From the works of art of the first human cities in the two river basins to the giant stone carvings erected on Easter Island 6000 years later, the real-life of human beings for 15,000 years can be seen in the British Museum. Works of art made by different civilizations represent different values, world views, and emotions. After visiting the British Museum, the West End is also an excellent scenic spot that worth visiting. Since the early theatres mainly came from the wealthy upper-class society, so many theatres are built close to the West End. Different theatres have different performances; tourists can choose their favorite plays according to their won preferences. For travelers, watching a good show in a different theater every night is the most worthwhile experience of a trip to London.

Thirdly, the nightlife in London also can be wonderful. London nightlife will keep a traveler busy with taking a walk on the famous scenic and sports clubs. The Thames is the main river in the south of England. Walking on the Thames at night can see different views than the daytime. It is also a good choice to visit sports clubs. It is also a good experience to watch a game with fans at the local bar and order a glass of local beer. The people are so enthusiastic that some will happily treat everyone in the bar to a drink if their favorite team wins.

In conclusion, a visit to London is indeed a good choice during vacations. The traveler has many places to go and much local food to try, the traveler will have their favorite scenic and wonderful travel memory after the London trip.

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