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Essay on Why Happiness Is More Important Than Money

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Money can give you joy and happiness, but not all happy moments last forever. According to, Gilovich and Leaf Van Boven of the University of Colorado, “Doing things can bring us more joy than having things. Our preoccupation with stuff obscures an important truth: the things that don’t last create the most lasting happiness”. Money can certainly get you a lot of necessities, but money can make you want to get even way more money, so eventually, you feel like you need more and more cash in your life. Although money is nice to have, it doesn’t give us the joy of having true love or true friendship either. Lots of people think that money can make you happy because you can get anything you want, but that is just one thing everyone knows and says. If you try spending money on others to help their life better, then it can make you happier to a bigger level. Personally, money can make you feel more secure and can lead to a stress-free life. On the other hand, you need to be good at your job for you to have enough money, which leads to you feeling hurried and frustrated with the amount of profit you work for. Our happiness occurs through our brain, and it will explain why money can make you happy.

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Money is money. Therefore, I truly believe that money does give you security. There are people in the world who have a large amount of cash but never invest and spend much on themselves. The simple reason is that it leaves us feeling more secure. Knowing that if anything or everything could go wrong then at least they still have a big amount of money to survive, and a chance to fix their mistake. The average family in America makes $47,000 as I research. Let’s say 10 years after that they should earn $470,000, but by that time you would lose at least a tenth of thousand dollars you spend to survive, emergency fund and dept on those 10 years. I would hesitate to give a yes and no for the worth wait because when you work for money, not only you have to worry about the job will go or you can get fired, but you also must worry about your day to a daily life situation. Every time in life, we simply agree to add more of our stress in exchange for more money in our lives, but there will always a limit to it. We all should spend the money wisely like all say on the most important to least thing in your lives to prevent stress and feel more secure. Money can give you a lot of freedom to purchase a thing and go anywhere by using them which can lead you to be very happy. Money can give you a chance to have a memorable experience although you need a lot of money to have a certain experience, to travel the world comfortably without worrying, money can help you go a long way. Money can help you make a good memory to look back on. You need to make sure the money you spend on experience must be something you enjoy not something like your friend told you to go on a field trip you don’t like but just go anyway because you feel like you should. Another way to make yourself happy is to help loved one or another. Donate to charity for someone who lost their love can make yourself feel like helping someone with their life. Spent the money on someone you care about like sibling, parent or friend through a tough time will give you a good feeling and even giving other a gift can make you feel happier. You can always up to your reputation by spending your money on someone. Most people in the world use the money to buy them more time for laundry, cooking, driving, and chores by paying others to do them or the technology. Make sure you don’t use the money to make yourself look super-wealthy cause there’s always a possibility that your money gets stolen by people in your surroundings and later you can feel sad, depress, or angry. “Once you get basic human needs, a lot more money doesn’t make a lot more happiness”, said Dan Gilbert, a psychology professor at Harvard University, this means that having a ton of money makes you feel less joy and happy when receiving more money because you’re getting tired of it. To think deep, your brain is what makes you know you happy or not. In my research, scientist says that there are four main chemicals in the brain that make us happy – dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphin, – that release differently. The limbic portion of the brain has three key functions: the emotion, memories, and arousal. This impact our feeling of happiness through our brain. Dopamine happens when we get something we wanted, or we are getting excited about something, like when the parent gifted or buy the toy that their kid wanted. Serotonin starts flowing when feeling important or valued, like when someone spending their money just for you make yourself feel special. Oxytocin release when we have a feeling of trust and intimacy, one example is taking care of an important person to you with your money. Finally, endorphins are our body painkiller and give us pleasure, an example of this is your precious moment like using money to go on honeymoon with our lover or Hawaii to relax and feel pleasure. This brain function affects our happiness in everyday life and money is the main reason that affects it.

Money can get you a lot of things and a lot of great feelings depend on how you spend it. Money is what keeps your life moving forward and keeping alive. You can always use the money for yourself to learn anything like a fitness instructor to get you in shape or instrument. In my opinion, money can give you a lot of happiness for getting what you want, but the downside is that having too many of them can be very dangerous, so don’t show or tell a stranger that you super-rich. Money can only make you happy if you spent it correctly, try spending your money to help others to see for yourself if you be happy or not… always make sure you spent your money very wisely. True happiness is much more important than money.

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