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Table of contents

  1. Vaping and the Health Risks Behind It
  2. Introduction
  3. Conclusion
  4. Work Cited

Vaping and the Health Risks Behind It

Vaping is just another method for smoking, and in order to reduce the number of uses, laws should restrict all advertising for vaping products. This would be very complicated, and it will take time for the government to enforce laws that would make this happen. Vaping is dangerous and can cause some very serious damage that could lead to death. We need to stop our youth from vaping so that they don’t get into worse things, and then they will have to live with the lifelong problems that come with it.


People say all the time that vaping is not as bad as smoking cigarettes but vaping still doesn’t prevent health problems. Vaping can still cause problems such as popcorn lungs, and popcorn lungs can lead to death. There is a certain chemical that can cause popcorn lungs and it is called diacetyl, and it is in these vaping products that people put into their bodies every day. It is not good because no one has ever found a cure for popcorn lungs and it never goes away. It will be with that person until the day they pass away. People think that vaping is just being used by adults, but that is not true at all. Today we have kids vaping in junior high and high school and they do it daily without hesitation. These young adults have learned about vapes and other electronic cigarettes from different advertisements and from their friends. They see it as cool and harmless, but it is in fact hurting them. They may not think that vaping is bad, but if they vape long enough then they will get bored and want to move on to different things and it will just lead to more dangerous things. Vaping is just a gateway for young adults leading them to more harmful substances. It is easy for these teenagers to get vapes and other electronic cigarettes nowadays. There are many advertisements on the internet, tv, and there are plenty of vape shops around that they could walk into a buy a vape. Even if they aren’t of age, it is easy for them to find someone that would be willing to buy it for them, and if they can’t get it at a store it is easy to order one online. These advertisements are everywhere and we need to put them to an end.

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The best way to get vapes out of the hands of teenagers and young adults is to limit marketing, raise prices, and restrict easy access. The government and law enforcement would make a big difference in putting this plan in place. If the government would make a law that would prevent teenagers to get their hands on vapes and other electronic cigarettes then that would drop the percentage of vapers dramatically. It would also help that if the government wouldn’t be so lenient on teenagers when they are caught with these electronic cigarettes. I’m not talking about long jail time, but things such as higher fines, and harder community service. It would make teenagers not want to even bother messing with these things because they wouldn’t want to get in trouble with the law. Also, it would make even make a difference if the government would change the minimum legal sale age to at least twenty-one like with alcohol. It would make buying these products a whole lot harder, and without advertisements, it would make it harder for teenagers to learn to know where to get these products. I strongly believe that the government would make the biggest impact on executing this plan. They have the most authority and the most power, but now they just need the right people to put the plan into play. I also think that if someone was to put this plan into play that it would work. I think that teenagers wouldn’t really realize what is happening until it is too late and that once they get caught the first time then they would really learn their lesson and not want to keep vaping. I strongly believe that once a few of the teenagers in a certain place are caught and punished that it would make a difference for the rest of them to stop wanting to do it so that they don’t get in trouble as well.

I have a friend whose name is Marin, and he thinks that I am totally wrong. He thinks that the teenagers wouldn’t care because he thinks that vaping is not bad since none of the signs or symptoms have happened to him. However, he has been caught with other things, and ever since he was caught he has been too scared to try and do it again. He also said that vaping doesn’t cause him to want to try any new substances that are out there, and that he isn’t going to get any disease from vaping. I don’t think that Marin has been vaping long enough to have anything happen, but I think that if he continues to do so that he will learn his lesson. I don’t like to say it like that, but in order for someone to learn it has to happen, and sometimes it has to be taught the hard way. Also, Marin is such a big vaper that he has been working so long and should have money saved up, but in order to continue to vape he has to buy all sorts of different things like the coil, batteries, and different mods and liquids and now he has no money from it. Not only is it doing harm to his body, but it also doing damage to his bank account.


Vaping is not good and I don’t think that it will ever be good. It has caused a lot of problems and it will only continue to cause problems if we allow it to go on. If the government or people don’t start to make a stand and try and change what is happening, then it will only get worse. Now, we just need to get rid of the advertisement and make a stand to stop vaping for good.

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