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Essay on World War 1

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Before world war I Britain was an industrial power and had some of the greatest inventions of the age. Great Britain was a great state before the war.“ however the world pretends to divide itself, there are only two divisions in the world today -human beings and germans’ Rudyard Kipling 1915. The impact of world war 1 on Great Britain is seen through the fluctuating economy, changes in the workforce, and medical advancements. The economy before the war was an industrial power despite the rapid advance of nations like the United States and Germany. Despite Britain's industrial and naval strength they tried to avoid wars before world war 1 happened. Britain's main rival in the 19th century was Russia. They also got into a small war in South Africa when the Afrikaans-speaking farmers challenged British authority leading to the “Boer war ( 1899-1902)” ( Britain's economy during world war 1 was a lot different than before.” Britain fell into a food crisis during the war” (Imperial War Museum). Britain introduced rationing in 1918 and extended it nationwide by the summer. The price control in Britain in WW1 was administered by several agencies of which three, the ministry of supply, the ministry of food, and three board of trade. The effects of Britain after the war left the U.S. the leading industrial power. The war cost Britain a lot of money. “Various political, economic, and social problems ensured that the peacetime conditions was not a soft landing” (

The number of British workers involved in strikes unemployment reached its highest in 1921 reached its highest point. The British economy after World War 1, incurred 715,000 brutal deaths from the military. It destroyed 3.6% of its human capital, 10% of its domestic, and 24% of its overseas assets. All this can lead to a downfall in the economy because all these aspects are needed to help a community to go on. Just like many other countries that were affected by world war 1 great sorrow fell upon the British economy after losing such valuable necessities. Men had always been the backbone of our community because they are relied on as strong, and dependable, but what most people don't notice is the women's roles in World War 1. For example, large numbers of women were recruited into jobs vacated by men who had gone to fight in the war. The economies also created jobs for the women to be able to keep their households in shape, as the men did. This was a great movement towards women's equality, and this proves that World War 1 had very few, but some good things for the world. New jobs created for women during the world war helped many families. Men, at that time, were looked upon to carry their families through and make all the money. When the men had been drafted, and the families started running low on the currency the women had to step in and be the “men” of the household. This was a great step toward many new concepts for the economy. Women had never been looked at to do a “man” job, frantically because they aren’t cut out for it. Little did they know, the women could do just as good as the men.

The life of a soldier can be hard and put more stress on someone, more than a regular person could handle. Many people often wonder what brave, professional, and conscripted soldiers go through each day. Even if soldiers don't have to go out to the battlefield, they still have to get up a train to be able to defend their country. Being a soldier in WW1 had to be a burden. Imagining what they had to see and go through can send a shiver through someone’s spine. Everyone should be very grateful for their soldiers because they are courageous and strong for us to live. World War 1, was a brutal battle there was more than just bloodshed. People lost different types of body parts such as; arms, legs, hands, and much more. Doctors and surgeons of WW1 had to come up with a way to prevent infection and the peculiar look of the missing limb. Doctors made artificial limbs for the soldiers to wear, so they feel, and look normal. Palmer's arms and legs aided those injured servicemen who escaped or survived the infection and gangrene that killed many amputees. This created a modern turning point in WW1, when people found out about prosthetics they finally felt as if they could feel normal and look like a “normal person.” (

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Soldiers in battle got all kinds of medical issues including displacement of bone and skin. What is now a multibillion-dollar industry, arose back near a century ago to reconstruct the faces of soldiers disfigured WW1 soldiers. Outside of London's Queen’s hospital, they had reserved places for men with shattered faces and crushed dreams. Most of the soldiers that sat on the bench and waited for plastic surgery were wounds on the western front that had never been seen before in warfare. All soldiers that had the opportunity to get such a service done to them were very grateful. (

The reconstruction aides, civilian women who served in WW1, are credited with an influential role in the development of occupational therapy. The concept of occupational therapy was to aid those who had been wounded in battle, while many professionals for occupational therapy are therapists, there were also many; teachers, artists, and craftspersons. This helped people by allowing them to have services done to them by helping others.

It is only fair that the people that the veterans protected during rough times give back thanks in many ways, and a good way to show that is through medical appliances. The veterans have shown their respect to the country, and the only way to respect that is to show respect back. Many people have lost a lot from the tragedies of this war. Looking back and noticing all the hard and brave work done by the courageous people that we should respect, is truly amazing. Those people should be praised forever, and infinity, because they have done a lot for their country.

To sum up, the terrible World War 1 caused many families heartbreak and sorrow. WW1 affected the economy in ways such as; prices, lives, families, and the land that the economy depends on. WW1 also led to some great discoveries and inventions including; plastic surgery, prosthetics, and therapy. It led to new jobs for women and new experiences for women such as; living a man's role in the family. Without this war, some of these things might have never been discovered. World War 1 was a brutal and nasty war with many disgusting outcomes and few good outcomes but without all the tragedies of this war who knows what could be of the country today?

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