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Essence and Definitions of Homeschooling

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Homeschooling is an idea, facilitated by parents or home-tutors with no strict guidelines like various academic institutions. This is homeschooling that is prevalent in western societies where they want to ensure children’s education rights with no finite rules and regulations. Though this teaching is not widely common in our country, parents subconsciously indulge in this. The approach of homeschooling start from the very early stage, unknowingly, when students do not yet go to school; rather, they learn things from their parents or home tutors. In our country, normally, we do not have any idea about the teaching methods or approaches or techniques that we implement at the time of tutoring. Specifically, home tutors or family members have no inkling whatsoever or, at the most, have little notion about such methods that will help get children’s minds firmly developed for the future, leading to opportunities in broader platforms.

Students learn things from their surroundings where family plays an important role. For self-monitoring in further life, parents work as scaffolders or interlocutors. As a third world country where people are striving for living a good life, social and economic disparity is a common issue in Bangladesh. These sources of despair affect heavily on education and its system. People from all classes – upper, middle, especially lower – are facing complications for getting their educational rights. It is a matter of great sorrow that still there is a lack of getting education in an appropriate manner in most of the rural areas in our country, which is unimaginable in this 21st century. Alamgir (2017) in his article says that according to academics and board officials, “the widening gap between urban and rural Bangladesh in education standard as most of the institutions with 0-50 percent pass rate were from rural areas” (“Rural-urban gap in education widens”).

In urban societies, we are aware of education and try to accelerate on it as Khandker and Samad (1995) say that “it is worth noting that the Government of Bangladesh, with the help from the World Bank and other development agencies, has recently undertaken certain education reforms and investment decisions to improve educational outcomes” (p. 27). However, we have very little knowledge on teaching approach, as it is suggested in the article named “English language teaching in Bangladesh today: Issues, outcomes and implications” where Rahman et al. (2019) argues that assessment methods do not have much validity because of the gap between what is meant to be taught and what actually is assessed (p. 9).

Nowadays, parents are aware of teaching their children in a more effective way at home as the learning emerges from the home, creating a great impact on children’s further life. Thus, they try to make a setting in their home or in a place where learning will not be bland and monotonous.

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Homeschooling is a broad category as it includes lots of sections of teaching. In this modern day parents are more inclined to teach their children various activities where there will not be any specific type of boundaries; rather studying will be holistic which will ensure children’s educational rights. Whitaker (2005) states this about homeschooling in America:

“Homeschooling is a type of schooling in which a person is educated outside the school setting, usually at home. Students who are homeschooled are generally taught by one or both of their parents. The act of homeschooling is not a novel concept to our society. Before the public school system became available, education in the home was typical. The recent homeschooling movement began during the 1960s and 1970s when many Americans were questioning the quality of the public education system.” (p. 1)

It may be extra education from family members and tutors at home while the child is going to school as well, and it may also entail a total replacement of school.

Though there are several terms of homeschooling, I will focus more on early homeschooling in the context of Bangladesh. This paper will observe the methodologies of the teaching of English language that have been used by the parents or home tutors both consciously and unconsciously, and will compare with the ELT theories, methods and approaches. Not only that, but also the expected outcome of parents towards their children and their involvement of taking decisions, collaboration, volunteering will be focused.

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