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Essence and General Overview of International Relations: Analytical Essay

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What is international relations? Define the sub-disciplines under international relations?

In our everyday living, we are not aware but we are participating in International Relations. By Just simply watching from the television or listening to the news on a radio. When we buy or even try to boycott products from the supermarket. When we recycle our wine bottles, we are already participating in International Relations. These daily activities which are part of our daily routine involve the world’s circulation.

According to the Kathmandu School of Law, the term is also used to refer to a branch of Political Science that focuses on the study of these interactions. As an academic discipline, international relations encompasses a wide range of academic fields, ranging from history to environmental studies, and there are several areas of specific specialty, for academics who are interested in them. The concept of international relations on some level is probably quite old, given that humans have been establishing governments and communicating with each other for thousands of years. International Relations as a field of study covers the factors and processes that affect the interactions among states and non-state actors across national boundaries. International Relations is the study of conflict and cooperation by international actors, as furthered by the development and testing of hypotheses about international outcomes. International relations refers to the collective interactions of the international community, which includes individual nations and states, inter-governmental organizations such as the United Nations, non-governmental organizations like Doctors Without Borders, multinational corporations like Coca-Cola, and so forth.

Why do you think the study of international relations is important and relevant in the present time?

I think International Relations is relevant in the present time through globalization. Globalization is the process of increasing the connectivity and interdependence of the world’s nations in economic, political, and social aspects. Wherein we can notice that the experience of every day is becoming the same all around the world that makes the world smaller and more accessible. Through international relations, there is a creation of new social networks and the multiplication of existing connections that cut across traditional, political, economic, cultural, and geographic boundaries. These various connections occur at different levels. With the help of globalization, this can bring a lot of advantages to a particular country especially those who belong to third-world countries like the Philippines. It is easier to communicate throughout the boundaries, wherein you can talk to your loved ones even they are in a very far place. There is also the creation of jobs for the people because these multicultural companies put up factories or industries that need workers. Globalization and International relations create a political and an economic union, which facilitates the agreement between countries.

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What is the difference between state-centric and structuralism in the context of international relations?

Structuralism is a broad concept in International Relations which prioritizes the plight of the poor, marginalized, and oppressed people in the world. The Fundamental Unit in structuralism is social class, not the state. We can notice that there is no perfect society. Advocates of structuralist approaches to politics and society argue that history is not made by individuals or by classes exhibiting agency but is a consequence of structural requirements. Individuals take up preexisting roles and mainly reproduce structures they neither choose nor question. Structuralist ideas are rooted in Marxist analysis and focus on how the dominant economic structures of society affect class interests and relations. Each of these perspectives is often applied to problems at several different levels of analysis that point to complex root causes.

The state is central to the study of international relations and will remain so into the foreseeable future. State policy is the most common object of analysis. States decide to go to war. They erect trade barriers. They choose whether and at what level to establish environmental standards. States enter international agreements, or not, and choose whether to abide by their provisions or not. International relations as a discipline is chiefly concerned with what states do on the world stage and, in turn, how their actions affect other states. This article first reviews the rationales behind state-centric theories of international relations. The second section examines criticisms and probes the limits of state-centric theories. The third section identifies three promising areas of research within state-centric theory: state structure, unit heterogeneity, and international hierarchy.

Explain in your own words the social-psychological level as one of the levels of analysis of international relations.

‘The study of the international behavior of individuals’ refers to research on behavior in an international context that is not directly linked to the spheres of political decision-making or state-to-state interaction-although, as we shall see, it may have considerable bearing on these. It is many casters to establish the relevance of social-psychological approaches insofar as they are concerned with studying the ‘international behavior’ of individuals-that is, how individuals relate themselves to their nation and other nations, to the international system as a whole, to foreign policy issues, and the broader questions of war and peace; and the actual interactions between individuals of different nationalities. Regardless of how relevant such research might be to problems of international polities, it represents a legitimate area of SOcial-psychological investigation, meaningful and justified in its own right. In other words, it can be said to have ‘Face relevance’ for anyone interested in exploring the direct and indirect interactions of individuals with national and international objects.

What are the conditions in the world that paved the way for the necessity of the study of international relations?

Social Media, for example, establish new global connections between people, while international groups of non-governmental organizations are networks that connect a more specific group from the different corners of the world. In the world, today, not only global connections multiplying, but they are also becoming more closely-knit and expanding their reach. For example, there has always been a strong financial market connecting London and New York, With the advent of electronic trading, however, and the volume of that trade increases exponentially since the traders can now trade more at higher speeds. The connection in the world is accelerating. Apart from this acceleration, however, as the world becomes more financially integrated, the intensified trading network between London and New York may expand and stretch to cover more and more cities or places.

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