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Essence of Political Party System in Democracies: Analytical Essay

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The Political Party System is commonly found in democratic system of government. Through the political system the running politicians use this to compete for certain positions. Political party system can have positive and negative functions in our society.

On the bright side of political party system we could have an organize groups of politician in competition during elections, this can help the voters to easily determine and decide what politicians to vote since political parties have their own titles and platforms , and after that there are different politicians that came from the different political parties who have won the election this will make them combine their various political party’s platform in governing the society so that they could easily make an abrupt productivity in the society On the other hand in order to win the elections politicians have to do some dirty ways such as bad mouthing politicians from other political parties so that they could encourage and gain votes from the people, some politicians create political parties for their own personal interest and if there are politicians from different political parties who have won the elections and since they have different perspective and platforms they will have a conflict of interest that will goes out of hand that might affect the productivity of the country.

Political Party system without a doubt holds the potential in making our society productive. In the condition that the political party system is part of a democracy which means it will affect the stability of the democratic government that will make democracy either become stable and unstable. Therefore, people should handle political party system well so that we could achieve stable democracy where there is a civil power among the people, consistent economic growth and development which is the total opposite of the unstable democracy

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Philippine Democracy aims to let the voice of the people be heard. People also have the right to participate in political issues. Under the 1987 Philippine constitution Article 6 section 32 The congress gives the people a chance to practice plebiscite and the referendum. The people will be given an opportunity and an initiative to participate in implementing laws at the same time.

This is where the interest groups come into action . In general, these interest groups are composed mostly of policy specialists or lobbyists that have the same interest and they come together in order to influence the people and especially the congress in making a public policy. Furthermore, the interest group has 3 basic theories that were stated by the political scientist: The pluralism theory, elite theory and hyperpluralism theory. In the pluralism theory everyone has the access to fairly compete and will create a one resource that will get the attention of the policy makers. Elite theory on the other hand is the total opposite of the pluralism theory, this is only applicable for few groups or individuals that are wealthy in terms of business conflicts the government will immediately listen to them since the wealthy can fund them during their campaign election. Moreover, with hyper pluralism all the people have the access to participate and the government will implement the laws the people wanted, this will result in countless laws and will not balance the government. Furthermore, interest groups can be beneficial in terms of helping the people to actively be part of solving political issues through making use of their freedom of expressions. Since, interest groups enable the voice of the people to be heard over a particular issue so that the government will be able to recognize the problem and pass the laws that could promote public good in the society. People could come together to share and exchange information that will help improve the development of our nation. It enhances an individual’s potential in becoming one of the political leaders . There will be a balanced relationship between the government and the people to avoid the abuse of power.

Interest groups can be so powerful, through the use of it we can immediately implement laws that will benefit us. Therefore, let us work together and make sure that our common interest will never destroy our society.

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