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Essentialism as My Educational Philosophy

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I wasted 4 years of my life learning hard core math just to not use it in the real world. Growing up I was raised in a house hold of 3 children and being the oldest impacted me a lot. Always to know right from wrong was basic instructions given from my mother. I attended homestead senior high school where I learned 5 different math courses including algebra I, algebra II, geometry, financial algebra and so on. To later on in life learn that all I needed was basic mathematics to survive in reality. Enough about me, while acquiring a dual enrollment class I learned something new about myself after completing a survey of the different educational philosophies, I recognized my educational philosophy belief was essentialism.

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Essentialism is based off of traditional academic subjects. Math, reading, science and social studies. I honestly believe that students should only know the basics in life, having students learn about extra tactics is a waste of time. According to the author of ‘Essentialism in Education’, “the focus of coursework in essentialism is to teach the essentials of life. It teaches how to survive, how to be productive, and how to live as proper members of the society. It includes subjects such as the study of the natural and surrounding environment, basic natural laws, and disciplines that encourage students to live a happy life. It also instills patriotism within students and uses traditional approaches to develop character of students. Essentialism firmly believes that basic subjects should be taught and impractical subjects should not be part of the curriculum. The purpose of schools in essentialism is to teach the culture's traditions and past to students. It also provides knowledge and skills needed to be successful in a technological and democratic society” (2015). In other words, students should only learn what is required for a standard living environment. Learning how to succeed and prosper in life should be the only essentials being taught throughout high school. If a student decides to teach a hard-core subject, that is why we have college.

I want to be the teacher of peer counseling. Who teaches students straight to the point. So, they can know what it is and what it is not. Including helping each other out to get a better understanding in life. I will create lesson plans that focus more on the basics of life. PowerPoint and PowerNotes are ways to help the students get a better realization. PowerPoint will pin pad the notes giving a decent explanation on the lecture being taught. Another way to implement in the class room is by giving assessments based off what the students have learned. It’s the original system of education. The learning process is easy if students fail the assessments the instructor will have a brief understanding that the student is not conveying in the learning environmental.


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