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Ethical Issues With Islam Religion

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Through generations and generations society has grown and developed into what it is know for today. As human beings we get to choose our own path and that also starts with what we believe in and don’t believe in as well. There are many religions that consist on different beliefs systems and practice techniques. Islam is an Abrahamic, monotheistic religion teaching that only one god truly exist. Although they also believe that Muhammed is a messenger of god himself. According to the text Muhammad was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia around the 570 CE.

He worked first as a shepherded and then eventually as a merchant. Then on a certain occasion in the year 610 CE when he was around the age 40 he took in a revelation from god through a angel, and from that day forward he continued to receive messages from god himself throughout his life time and began to share his knowledge and start to preach to others. Muslims have long belief system that no other would follow. they believe in all the prophets sent by god that also include torah which was revealed to the prophet Moses. There are also some guidelines on life that Muslims put into practice.

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The five guidelines are Shahadah, salat, zakah, sawm, and hajj. Shahada which is declaration of faith that states to bear witness or to testify there is no god except one god which is Allah and Muhammad. Next you have salat, a ritual prayer that are performed at noon, dawn and in the midafternoon during the sunset and at night. With these prayers they are given in Arabic language and turned to the direction of mecca. They also have a tax system called alms tax that provides one’s wealth to those who are poor or needy which is 2.5%.

Islamic people also practice fasting, most Muslims fast during the daytime hours in the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar which is considered Ramadan. And lastly Hajj, which is a pilgrimage, Muslims believe in making pilgrimage to Mecca. Although they have certain beliefs that they go by to maintain a good ethical environment. Ethic in Islam includes many aspects such as keeping the promise which was an original value to Islamic people, and to tell the truth and nothing but the truth lying was not optional. With Being Islamic or Muslim you are expected to carry yourself in a good manner while keeping yourself classy almost. They believe in a perfect person and to be that perfect person you have to have good morals and have to make good ethical decisions in life.

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