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Ethics and Privacy Information

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Ethics is the responsibility of a user to intelligently abide by what has been set. Privacy implies a personal secret or confidential matter that can not be told by anyone. Social media can be defined as a place for us to live with people even through long distances. Besides, we can also use it in personal affairs, business, family and friends.

Between ethics while using this social media by using good words or writing in each of our responses to answer any questions that are being asked through this social media. Antranya if we reply to each of these issues if through writing we use the appropriate article with our emotions we do not use capital letters because it will be misunderstood. We must keep in mind the souls we are in touch with that time.

In addition, we can not do religious or racial issues. In every video or writing we must be careful not to offend any party because this social media is the above-mentioned relationship. If we misuse it then it will have a bad effect on us. For example, we can see in the month of Ramadhan and an instafame has loaded his indecent parody which has caused many people to anger because he protested religion and also insulted the woman’s impulse. This will indirectly damage the image of Islam in the eyes of the world.

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Furthermore, Social media users should also bear in mind that children are also browsing the internet so the videos and the images of violence in the world are unnatural in the show. What’s more is accompanied by a caption that encourages the public to take action. For example video bullying video is smoking and so on.

In addition, users can not damage the business of others by copying and generating products that have been mixed with chemicals in them. Mostly it happens to business people because outsiders want easy success and wealth. Which cosmetics products have been consumed by unscrupulous people. This is a mistake for copying the original product and clipping it and demanding the users to use the product. Consequently, it will be borne by a company that produces a product originally a product that has been endorsed by a superior.

Furthermore, most people do not know that creating a fake account then using the account to denounce or take advantage of dropping others is also on the list of ethics of social media use. If the search for a person who has committed a false account can be punished and arrested by the police.

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