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Ethics, Law and Technology

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Ethics, Law, and Technology is a study to examine the ethical and legal issues that arise from emerging technologies. The journal is all about the vast scope of the technology and their impact to the society, humanity and environment. The topics that this journal covered are the forms of behavioral constraint through internet, challenges to the traditional constraint, technological challenge, political and legal challenge, geographical challenge, community based regulation, internet as the operating system, emergence of social norms, technological regulation and the forum rules and social norms.

Ethics is a moral philosophy in which the systemizing, defending and recommending what is wrong and what is right that prescribe to what human ought to do. Law is a set of rule and regulation in a particular state or country, people needs to obey the law in their designated state or anywhere, those who break the law has a punishment that they will encounter. Technology on the other part is an application on scientific knowledge; technology helps us in our daily basis works to reduce time, strength we need to apply in a particular works.

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The production of pornography on the Internet has raised the issue of stricter guideline of cyberspace content. Around the world, a increasing digits in governments, schools, special interest groups and families which besieged to find adequate ways of decreasing or totally removing the accessibility of sexually oriented material and through internet browsing to children by means of computer and internet browsing.

The Internet is able of carrying all kinds of information around the world right away. This technology, however, has evolved quicker than the laws and technical architecture of the nations or state and countries it touches. Cultures have strived to achieve for centuries the preserving of local laws and principles when it comes into divergence with the outside world, in particular area or nations in which technology or internet is becoming more popular. The Internet and on-line information networks like social media and websites are the problems that disregard the traditional solutions. Legal experts distinguish that the Internet has the ability to defy traditional legal approaches in regulating the online behavior.

As the world becoming more technology user, and millions users of the Internet, governments, businesses, and system operators will be asking how will we create and implement rules and regulation to help consistent communications, and spot and punish those people who violates on-line social norms. While some of these issues replicate questions of technology, others increase basic ethical questions, which may be best label, by identifying the main basis of ethics as well as law: ‘’the values and dynamics of community’’.

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