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Essay about Tourism in the Capital of Italy, Rome

Rome is Italy’s most popular destination in terms of both incoming and domestic visitors, due to its wide range of historical and cultural heritage sites. After 30 centuries of history, including barbarian invasions and enemy occupations, the Italian capital is now facing the pressures of mass tourism. Due to a large number of historical monuments in the region, Rome is particularly vulnerable. Located in the Mediterranean, the capital of Italy has long been an extremely popular destination. Italy remains the...
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Essay about Paris as a Megacity

My chosen megacity to talk about was Paris. Paris is the capital of France and is located in Europe. It has a population of 2.141 million people and is a very popular tourist destination. In this essay I’m going to be talking about the environment, education, and safety in Paris. How Has Climate Change Affected Paris? Paris is in an agreement with the United Nations that deal with climate change and greenhouse gas emissions which must mean it has affected...
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Paris as a Competitive Region

Paris is a quintessential global city. We all know Paris is the world’s most visited places, and Paris’s economy is thriving today thanks to talented workers’ studies, modern infrastructure, and global niches in creative industries, services, business, and the tourism. Paris is a rich city-region, compared to other major global cities its economy is growing slowly. The regional economy of Paris defined as a metropolitan labor market, Paris is the fourth-largest metro economy in the world and fifth-highest average wealth...
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Factors Affecting the Running of a Multinational Corporation in Greece

A multinational corporation is defined as a company that operates in many countries (Skripak, 2013, p.87). Large companies are typically known to be multinational corporations. One example of a larger scale company well-known across the globe would be Amazon. Amazon is known for being an online marketplace which has mostly everything anyone could need, ranging from technology, to car parts, to decor. MNCs are popular due to the varying costs of labor and production, availability to resources, and cultural influence....
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Comparison of Italian and German Opera

By the 19th century, opera had become one of the most popular musical genres. Italy had been the birthplace of opera in the 17th century, however, other European countries such as Germany began to produce their own operas during the Classical period. For most of the 19th century, Italy and Germany were comprised of smaller states and had not yet fully unified into one nation. The desire for individual unification by both Italy and Germany created fervent nationalism. Between 1800...
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Essay about Princess Diana

Our society is built of women and men. This includes women and men from all over the world. Our country’s founding fathers to our presidents. Normally, women didn’t get recognition in history as we do now. Women; Myself included are expected to cook, clean the house and have children. But we are more than that. Women are an essential factor in our world. Yes, Women have always been powerful but we are always underrated. It is 2019 and exactly right...
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Essay on War of 1812

The War of 1812 was an official fight between the United States and Great Britain. This war was not caused because of US expansion; the main cause that led to this war was the disputes over maritime rights. Britain and America had previous conflicts from the Revolutionary War; therefore, this event added to the tension. The most impactful dispute was over Britain’s unlawful treatment of the United States ships and seamen. America began to lose money, and these allegedly unlawful...
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Essay on Putin Vs Ukraine

With recent events taking place in Ukraine, the world, again, is living through the situation that was normal just some 40 years ago; a large, but fading superpower is threatening nuclear war on everyone who dares to stand up against it. There have been a few major nuclear blackmail events; almost all of them involved the US, UK, USSR, or China. Russia’s Mr. Putin vs Ukraine and the West is not just about blackmail anymore. We argue that in nuclear...
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Essay on Art and Religion: Analysis of Cultural influences on Rome

As Rome conquered the different towns in different places she did not only gain territory and subjects, but she also gained foreign ideas. Rome sucked foreign temples and obtained new ideas of religion and art. Those who were captured in war and were educated and civilized she made slaves and often Rome used them as teachers of Roman children and writers of books (Morey, 1901). In spite of the fact that Rome had many influences the most powerful foreign influence...
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Economic Problems of Russia during First World War

The Brusilov Offensive, which lasted from June to September 1916, was the straw that broke the camel’s back for Russia. The war was lost when Russia signed the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk following the 1917 revolutions. This essay will argue that the ‘June Advance’ was not necessarily a military failure since it inflicted enormous losses on the Central Powers; however, when the Russian Imperial army also suffered heavy casualties, the campaign became a disastrous moral failure. Nevertheless, this was only one...
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Essay on Limit Between Paris and His Banlieue

The urbanization of all cities has a good point and bad point to the city. In history government work and make an importance for urbanization and renovation of the cities, but any government in the world didn’t think about the future, they just think about themself and for their day. Recently, I was born in a Paris banlieue and grow up in a banlieue named Saint-Denis, our problem for people who lived in a banlieue is that, we are ejected...
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Essay on Italian Crisis of 2018

The Italian economy has been hit by a deep-seated political and economic stir which has led to an unprecedented financial crisis. Italy is the only eurozone country to enter recession in 2018 after two consecutive quarters of contraction in the business cycle. Alongside the 2010 debt crisis of Greece and 2018 currency crisis of Turkey, Italy stands alone to be the only eurozone nation to experience recession for the third time in the past decade. The Italian Economy: A Background...
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Influence of German Film Industry in 1919-1945

Since 1919, due to the inception of the expressionist movement, and its increasingly artistic take on the medium, the German film industry had started to have major impacts on not only German culture but also how film had been viewed worldwide, from a form of entertainment for lower class citizens to an art form to convey complex plots and messages. Expressionist film, like ‘The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari’, had used film to express the directors’ emotions, especially his thoughts on...
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Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands, France and Britain: Essay

The word ‘mercantilism’ is a term that most economists would define as a theory; this is based on the idea that the world’s total wealth was static and strongly supported government intervention in regulating trade through commercial (protectionist) policies to protect domestic firms and economic growth. If executed effectively, it should result in a country’s GDP increasing whilst producing a trade surplus. The Effects of Mercantilism on the Netherlands When looking back at history, the theory of ‘mercantilism’ was first...
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Essay on Taormina: The Town That Made My Dreams Come True and Changed My Life Forever

Perhaps the most fulfilling human emotion is that of liberty. In a society burdened by the monotonous droning of everyday life, a sense of freedom might be the most empowering feeling in existence. Every urbanized city I’ve lived in, from grand Toronto to unimposing Champaign, has left me with the opposite; a constricting claustrophobic feeling. Even aspects of my life that are almost unanimously considered for the better of society never satisfied me, namely technology. Unlike my colleagues, as I’ve...
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Russia-Ukraine War as Teaser of World War III: Essay

With the start of the war, Russia-Ukraine military struggle has taken a genuine turn after Kyiv guaranteed that it has destroyed Moscow’s biggest warship conveyed in the dark ocean with two Neptune missile assaults. The nation has additionally delivered the photos of the assault and from that point forward the Russian state media is tending to the Russia-Ukraine struggle as the start of the ‘World War III’. Historical Events: Trigger of the Russia-Ukraine War 71% of the Ukraine population believe...
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Analysis of Relations between Italy and the USA

The lands of Americas, in the Renaissance period, also rode the momentum to ‘modern’ world, had diverse natives and societies which made the cultures and languages flourish much like the countries in Europe. The complexities of this diversity made it harder for the British regime stake claim starting from the east coast of modern United States. In the ‘modern world’ arc of American history, the sparks of war and revolutions ignited in the 1700s, when the American Revolution or the...
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Essay on Planning of 19th-Century Paris

2In 1853 Baron Georges Haussmann was appointed by Napoleon III the planning and transformation of Paris. At the time Paris was still recovering from the days of revolution, not just in 1789, but also more recent ones in 1830 and 1848, and was filled with thieves, escaped convicts and prostitutes who were protected by the authorities by the dark and narrow ‘medieval’ streets. The French writer Voltaire once remarked that “Paris could be made the most beautiful city in the...
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PESTEL Analysis of the UK Organic Food Industry

The UK’s economy is highly developed and market-oriented. It is the world’s sixth-largest national economy, calculated by nominal gross domestic product (GDP), ninth-largest by purchasing power parity (PPP), and twenty-second-largest by GDP per capita, accounting for 3.3% of world GDP. The UK was the world’s tenth-largest exporter of products in 2016 and the fifth-largest importer of goods. It also had the second-largest foreign direct investment abroad, and the third-largest foreign direct investment outward. The United Kingdom is one of the...
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My Journey to Italy

Traveling is my favorite thing to do in my life. I like discovering new cultures, meet new people, and try new food. So far, I have traveled to many countries in the Middle East, Europe, and America. One of the most beautiful countries that I have ever visited is Italy. The top things I liked were the historical sites and monuments, natural environment, and food. Italy is very well known about the ancient sites and monuments because of the long...
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Essay on Jazz in Nazi Germany and Role of Django Reinhardt

The Nazi takeover of Germany in 1933 brought many changes, often prohibitions and restrictions to parts of society that the Nazis deemed inferior to, or at odds with their ideology. One of the most prominent of these changes was the control and prohibition of music in Nazi Germany. Considering how vital and valued music is in society, many would question how anyone could successfully take away or control a society’s music. Thus, this paper attempts to answer the question of...
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Essay on Jazz in Nazi Germany

The German Nazi Party has lived on in infamy as one of the greatest tragedies of the 20th century. Few things compare to the horror of the Jewish Holocaust brought about by the racist ideology and practices of this tyrannical political movement. Any reasonable person in the 21st century looks back and wonders, ‘How could this have happened?’. ‘How could an entire country in the modern world be complicit in the execution of over 11 million people, many of which...
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Analysis of Italy's Green Economy and the Creation of New Jobs Opportunities

This research aims to investigate how the green economy can create new job opportunities, therefore defining some future social scenarios in Italy. The reason for which the green economy can create new employment for future generations is due to the use of new ecological and non-pollutant technologies that have been created and that will be furtherly developed in the near future. The reason for which Italy has been chosen for this research is because it is one of the most...
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How London Has Changed from the 1900s to Today: Essay

The London society has overcome many obstacles by creating new inventions and giving more opportunities to the less fortunate. The social class distinction has developed more as the years have passed by. The London society from 1900s to today has dramatically changed over time due to the development of medicine, transportation, and the social opportunities. The 19th century brought in the distinction between skilled and unskilled working. In the 19th century, women’s jobs were usually servants. After the revolution, working...
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Great Britain as a Tolerant Nation Regarding Politics and Public Reaction

Both immigration and societal issues surrounding immigrants themselves have rose to popular discourse within Britain for a significant number of years now (Kudnani, 2007). A large number of citizens and governmental figures have deemed immigration as a nationwide issue in the process (Blinder and Richards, 2020). This outlook will be analyzed to understand to what extent Britain claims itself to be ‘tolerant’ country with regards to immigration (Blinder and Richards, 2020). This essay will further elaborate on this proposal and...
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Essay on England in the Second World War

In the summer of 1940, the German Air Force attempted to win air superiority over Britain (South) and the English Channel by attempting to destroy the Royal Air Force aircraft and the British aircraft industry. This would eventually be known as the Battle of Britain, and victory over the Royal Air Force was perceived by the Germans as an essential victory if they were to build any momentum to mount an invasion of the British Isles. To start talking about...
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David Harvey’s Views on the Reasons for Replanning of Paris in the 19th Century

The concept of the progression of society is timeless and it often is crucial for innovation and growth. Paris, one of the most iconic and well-known cities in the world today, went through a complex and drastic change in the 19th century. In a city consumed by economic and social issues, there were great possibilities of future crisis and destruction, yet still some had hope and an opportunist point of view. In the book, Paris, ‘Capital of Modernity’, author David...
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Confronting Germany’s Nazi Past as the Main Motive of the Student Rebellion of 1968

The wave of rebellion that swept across West Germany in 1968 is commonly documented to be an attempt to confront the Nazi past. This was exhibited through the mass of student protests by the so-called ‘68ers’, dragging the issues they were passionate about into the public sphere so they could no longer be ignored. As a result, the reasons conjuring this tempestuous movement should be explored. Firstly, the statement in question suggests that confronting Germany’s Nazi past was the main...
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Climate Change Risk and Mitigation for Italy

We are facing an exceptional and challenging problem in this era, which requires necessary, difficult and costly measures in order to reduce its impacts. This threat is climate change. Climate change will affect many countries and cause a lot of damage both monetary and non-monetary. Some of these impacts can be the changes in precipitation patterns, sea levels, and wind patterns. However, these impacts will affect different countries in different ways. One of the countries that will be affected from...
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City of Love and City of Lights, Paris

Paris is known to be the city of love and city of lights, where people from all over the globe visit this lovely place with their loved ones and share their love. Paris is ten times older than other countries. When we think of Paris, we get reminded of the second most popular place in the world, the Eiffel Tower, it’s the most romantic sight where the lovers propose. The most beautiful sight is the Eiffel Tower being lighted up....
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