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Good Vs Evil in Different Societies: Example of Plato’s Book Euthyphro

How do you visualize ‘good’ and ‘evil’? What determines them? Are they absolute or relative? How important is the concern of ‘good’ and ‘evil’? Good and evil are common topics of debate in our society. In general, what we do for the betterment of people is good and what we do for harming people is evil. Though there is no universal definition of good and evil. The standards of good or evil are usually socially constructed. Good and evil are...
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Was Euthyphro Helpful to Socrates: Argumentative Essay

In Euthyphro, why does Socrates want to know what Piety is? Why was Socrates happy to run into Euthyphro, and where and when he did? Was Euthyphro helpful to Socrates? Yes, no, why? Socrates has been persecuted by Meletus for corrupting the youth, inventing new gods, and denying the existence of old ones, therefore, Socrates wants Euthyphro (a supposed great theologian) to explain what piety is so he can defend himself in the court so Euthyphro claims to know the...
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Good Vs Bad: Plato’s The Euthyphro and Cultural Relativism

It can be difficult to come up with a good definition of what is “good” and what is “bad”. Everyone’s view on this topic can be different based on their beliefs and values. Ethical and moral principles play a big role in determining what people see as good or bad depending on the situation presented. For example, many have different views and opinions on the topic of the death penalty. Some believe it is right for a criminal to be...
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Essay on History of Political Thought: Analysis of the Character is Euthyphro and Pausanias

1) What kind of a character is Euthyphro? In the dialogue of the Apology, there appear only two characters, Socrates and Euthyphro. Here, Socrates is present on behalf of charges that accuse him for “corrupting the young and of not believing in the gods in whom the city believes, but in other new spiritual things” (Euthyphro 24b8 – c1). Euthyphro, in contrast, is present on behalf of an unusual case: he is prosecuting his aged father for having unintentionally killed...
7 Pages 3058 Words

Impact of Plato's Book Euthyphro on Society: Argumentative Essay

No matter how we view our upbringing, morality stems from a higher power. Philosophers question rather this higher power comes from God or somewhere else. When reading religious books, they speak about God and the ten commandments which lay down the laws about right and wrong. Therefore, religious people are more conscientious about their actions. Yet we have the naturalist who believes human laws are defined by morality but not from a higher authority figure. They feel rather right or...
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Examples of Socratic Method in Euthyphro and Meno: Analytical Essay

To Destroy, Humble, and Lead Socrates of Athens was famous for his never-ending questioning in search for knowledge and wisdom with the belief that he knows nothing and his method of doing so. This questioning method of Socrates would start off with Elenchus, or “belief destroyer.” Socrates would go around Athens and talk to everyone asking questions and puzzling them with their own words. Socrates would strike conversation with somebody who is deemed knowledgeable and try to gain this knowledge...
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Socrates' Views on Euthyphro Written by Plato: Descriptive Essay

To start with a quick paraphrase of the reading Euthyphro written by Plato, Socrates meets a young prophet by the name of Euthyphro in Athens Greece. Socrates and Euthyphro are at the courthouse due to their actions that relate to being devout, which turns out to be the central theme of the story. In the reading, we see that Euthyphro is prosecuting his dad for behaving immoral because he allowed a murderous slave who the father had thrown in a...
1 Page 592 Words

Reflective Essay on Philosophical Works: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito

Euthyphro Response Formulation 1: Euthyphro identifies piety or holiness as “what he is doing”(prosecuting a murderer, his father) This is met with rebuttal from Socrates telling Euthyphro that he needs actual definitions not examples so that he can apply them to other occurrences in life. Formulation 2: Piety is described as, what is dear to the gods and impiety as what is not dear to them Socrates meets this formulation with the fact that this can’t be true because the...
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Euthyphro': An Analysis of Piety

This essay is designed to examine Plato’s “Euthyphro,” and to discuss the ideas of piety which are presented through an elenchus between Socrates and Euthyphro. Throughout Plato’s critique and review of philosophical dilemmas, it often seems as though he speaks through the voice of Socrates’ himself. A further example of Plato’s thought experiments being verbalized by his muse, Socrates, is found in my analysis of Plato’s Republic. What’s important to realize is that the question of whether Socrates was a...
3 Pages 1246 Words

Euthyphro': Analysis and Themes

The Euthyphro is a paradigmatic early dialogue of Plato’s: it is brief, deals with a question in ethics, consists of a conversation between Socrates and one other person who claims to be an expert in a certain field of ethics, and ends inconclusively. It is also riddled with Socratic irony: Socrates poses as the ignorant student hoping to learn from a supposed expert, when in fact he shows Euthyphro to be the ignorant one who knows nothing about the subject...
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