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Evaluation Of Key Service Quality Dimensions: Identification And Analysis Of Existing Management Strategies

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This report represents the recent service operations and management technique of Tcheriton Hotel. This hotel started its business from about 3years ago. This hotel is located in a center of the city which is one of the benefits for hotel because guests prefer to stay in city area where they can explore many things. This hotel consists of 150bed rooms and gave 50seater restaurant with bar which sells foods and drinks to both in-house guest and out-house guest. As a service design consultant this report is done on the service operations and management strategies. Service operation is a day to day task performed by service provider. In hotel there are different types of service which are performed by various departments. So, this report explains the various services operate by different departments of Tcheriton Hotel. The proposed measure of service operational effectiveness (SOE) comprises of three markers. They incorporate the accessibility pointer, the quality marker, and the effectiveness marker. Discoveries – The paper finds that the proposed operational presentation approach dependent on the SOE is reliable with the topics of execution measures and estimation detailed in the writing. (Gomes, Yasin, Lisboa, 2007).

Similarly, the management strategies, at their most come down, are a progression of strategies for controlling and guiding a business to achieve a lot of predetermined goals. They include techniques for objective setting, authority, business organization and operational exercises.

The management technique exists because, in the long run, company can possibly accomplish top execution in the event that they have a reasonable technique set up and the procedure is place down all through the organization.

Evaluation of Key Service Quality Dimensions

Gaps Theory

The Gaps model of service quality is an art which help to understand customer satisfaction. These models have five major things that organization must know while seeking to meet customer expectations. The model was first introduced by A. Parasuraman, Valarie Zeithaml and Leonard L. Berry in 1985.

In the Gap model of Service Quality, consumer satisfaction is to a great function an element of satisfaction. In the event that the customer sees that the expectations live up to their desires, at that point they will be fulfilled. If not, they’ll be disappointed and at that point it will be a result of one of the five customer service. Customer satisfaction things were distinguished dependent on the prevalent view point about consumer loyalty expressed that fulfillment is related with execution that satisfies (equivalent to or above) desires ( Heung, 2000).

To use this Gaps Theory, first of all organization have to understand this points and then take step to manage and minimize each gap. This gap arises because management become unaware about what customer exactly need. This arises due to lack of communication between management and customer.

In Tcheriton Hotel, some customers wrote a bad feedback for the front office staff. It told that, the front office staffs are rude, no smile in face, lack of conversation and have bad attitude. It decreases the costumer expectation because front office staffs are those who deal first and face to face with guest. They are the one who create an image of hotel in beginning. So, now hotel have to train their staff or change them to meet customer expectation. Anderson (1973) suggested that any gap between customer desires and service quality will be diminished by the buyers through adjusting his/her view of the support of be increasingly steady with his desires.

Customer satisfaction has become one of the most important aspects for organization in their effort to upgrade their product and service quality and maintain their guest loyalty high in running market (Awwad, 2012).

Service Quality Dimensions

Service Quality Dimension to adjust perfect technique and strategy for Service arranged organizations. It also tries to recognize the overall significance of service quality measurements investigation as one of the most significant elements which impact the company straightforwardly. The future of any company has its own foundations to go ahead and it tends to be shaped by identical changes by the top level management with respect to administration issues. It won’t become what most top level management thinks rather it must dissect all the related advancement and produce a hybrid service quality measurement model with the goal that the associations can give their level best to their objective clients. Thusly, associations will be increasingly methodical, creative and wealthy in understanding. This investigation, completely centered on administration quality issues, will help to understand service dimension issues for an association. (Alamgir, Shamsuddoha, 2003).

Service quality can be express as the differences between the expectation of customer toward the service provider for the service and comparing the expectation and the service after received. Bolton and Drew (1991); and Oliver (1980)defined customer service quality as a distingue between the service quality that is deliver to guest and the expectation of guest. It is very important for any organization to understand how service quality is delivering and check the feedback from their customers

In 1988 Parasuraman, Zeithaml and Berry developed the Servqual model, which associate five dimension of service quality.

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  • Reliability: It means hotel have to perform service accurately in time but they are unable to give service on time as mention in guest feedback about check-in.
  • Tangible: It refers to the appearance of hotel and their staff, where some of the guest agree for the good rooms and the kind staff, where as some staff disagree with the appearance in restaurant.
  • Responsiveness: It means hotel and their staff willingness and frees to provide service to customer but in this case study some staff mentions that due to the management level staff other staff cannot do their best to create guest experience.
  • Assurance: It refers to ability to create trust with their customer and staff. They are able to build trust with more guests but have some problem with house staff.
  • Empathy: It can be tell as how much hotel cares about their customer and their attention towards their guest. Many customers have positive feedback about the staff like how they help their guest when they need some help.

Service quality measures how perfectly someone deliver service to meet the expectation of customer and while delivering the service it is important to know if it satisfy the guest frequently and positively ( Parasuraman, 1985).

These five dimensions are evaluated by a total of 44 items in which 22 items to calculaye the general assumption of customers about a service; and the remaining 22 items to measure the thinking of customers regarding the levels of service actually provided by the organization within that service items (Ladhari, 2009).

After going through the case study of Tcheriton Hotel, management teams are very week on making their staff happy and satisfying them. There are a lot of negative comments from staff. It seems like management staffs are not aware about the issue happened within the other staffs. Staffs are not assuring about their work and they do not have any authority provided by upper level team. As per the Guest feedback and Employee feedback management looks so week on their plan and policies. Several guests have negative feedback for front desk but they have not changed anything yet. Likewise, staff also complained for bad behavior and attitude of management level. There are various things which need to be change in different department like front desk, restaurant and so on their hotel but it looks like upper level teams are not interested in bringing positive vibes in the hotel.

Identification and Analysis of Existing Service Management Strategies

In every organization there are different management team who operate and make plans and different strategies for their business. It is very important to make a strategies plan for short term or for long term to achieve certain goals and to deliver perfect service quality but in terms to the Hotel Tcheriton, there management technique looks weak and less effective. They failed to delivered quality service to their guest as well as to their employee too which leads them towards loss and various negative feedbacks. The significant of service strategy to company performance have no questions. The main motto of any organization is to know the special task or issue and make plan based on those issue and implement them. (Brandy,2017).

After identification of the service management technique of this hotel, Tcheriton Hotel management staffs are having less contact with their customer and they are not giving their best to understand their guest. This hotel is located in a prime location of the city which is one of the best parts for this hotel but due to some of the staff and poor management technique they gain more negative feedback from their guest as well as from their house staffs too. The significant component of the service procedure is the level of customer effect on the service procedure. The remarkable attribute of the service bundle is that it comprises of both tangible and intangible perspectives.( Kellogg, 1995).

The significant of service quality for organization performance has been identifying in the literature through the direct effect on guest desire fulfillment and the indirect effect on customer loyalty (Al Khattab and Aldehayyat, 2011).


After doing deep study and research on the case study of Tcheriton Hotel, here is a conclusion- there are lots of problem in hotel which need to change immediately. Almost more than half of their staffs are not happy or satisfy with their management team. Likewise, there is lack of proper communication between staff. Similarly, management teams do not give any responsiveness or authority to other staffs to do something by their own.

On the other hand, some of the guests are very happy with their service and kindness of the staff. There are several positive feedbacks by the guest for Concierge department and for food and beverage department as well. Likewise, people enjoyed their trip by staying in this hotel because of beautiful rooms and the foods. But there are some guests who are totally disappointed with the front office staffs. Front office staffs have to be smart, helpful, and calm and have a smile in their face but according to few guest, they face a rude front office staff with bad attitude who offer poor service quality to the guest.

Finally, at last the service quality of this hotel is not perfect and there are many things which need to change as soon as possible to create good service quality and provide quality guest experience.


Finally, before completing this report I would like to give some recommendation which may be helpful for this hotel to increase the service quality and to give good guest experience to their guest. I can see a lot of problems arise in staff while doing day to day activities. There is lack of communication between lover level staff and upper level staffs. Likewise, management teams have to focus on feedback from their staffs and guest as well. Staffs are the one who are responsible to offer quality service and creating guest experiences. So, before satisfying the guest managerial people have to know their staff and their needs as well.

Similarly, I can see some negative feedback from guest for Front office staff due to their rude behavior and attitude. So they have to focus on their weakness and workout to fix them. After doing all the research I feel like, Tcheriton Hotel have to focus more on how they can improve their service quality and create good guest experience. It can be done by adopting some of these points which are mention below:

  • Provide training to their staffs.
  • Maintain good communication with all staff by conducting staff meeting and take feedback from them.
  • Create friendly environment in work place.
  • Give some authority and responsiveness to their staff to do something new to create guest experience.

So, this are some of the recommendation from me which I feel can be helpful to Tcheriton Hotel to increase their service quality in upcoming days.


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