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Evolution And Ecology Of Corona Viruses

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The corona viruses (2019 -ncov) infecting humans appeared in Wuhan, China, at the end of December 2019. Since the identification of the outbreak the infection quickly spread. This illness is a type of decease that transmits between animals and humans. Based on the articles that I read the infections of human to human transmission remains unclear. In contrast, human to animal transmission can occur based on the evidence provided from natural and experimental settings. The corona virus could be started with the bats, however, currently there is no evidence that the corono virus is truly came from bats it's remain unclear. Otherwise many say it comes from different animals, but there is no certainly. Corona virus are a large group of viruses that infects many animals and humans and are responsible for numerous diseases.

The pandemic COVID-19 has affected almost all the countries in the world, the only well tested preventive measure to tackle this pandemic is social distancing, which can only be exemplified by enforcing lockdown. Due to this lockdown, all forms of public transports are temporarily stopped leading to the stoppage of numerous small scale businesses. Government and private sectors are also affected by this lockdown as the majority of the sectors are advising employees to work from home. Employees working in the sector of information technology can work from home, however, all other fields of work need physical evolvement and these jobs are stopped due to the CviD-19 outbreak. Therefore, this will lead to an inferior revenue generation, which will have an adverse effect on the monthly remuneration of the employees. To compensate these economical losses few firms can take the easier route of mass sacking, which could be very hard on the common man bearing in mind the present scenario.


According to the articles that I read, Corona Virus decease 2019(CoviD) emerged in December 2019 in Wuhan,China and quickly spread to more than 200 countries. And killing millions of people worldwide, the rapid progression of the pandemic has not only taxed healthcare systems worldwide but has also wreaked havoc on the global economy and society. The corona viruses are a large group of viruses that infect many animals and humans and are responsible for numerous diseases. They are named 'Corona' for the crown-like arrangement of the spikes shaped proteins on the surface of their membranes. The effects of corona virus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has created a global health crisis that has a deep impact on the way we perceived our world and our everyday lives. Not only the rate of contagion and patterns of transmission threatens our sense of agency, but the safety measures put in place to contain the spread of the virus also required social distancing by refraining from doing what is inherently human. Which is to find solace in the company of others within this context of physical threat, social and physical distancing. And because of these pandemic so many people suffered of what happened to our entire world by now,they get fear,mental health and physical health communities were they live in.

COVID-19 is scary for many reasons. The two most foremost grounds for this high rate of fear and anxiety are how contagious and lethal this pandemic appears to be, especially for older people. The fact that the virus involves a symptom-free incubation period of on average almost a week for the majority of those infected. According to Inger Andersen, once established in humans,these diseases quickly spread across our interconnected world, as we have seen with COVID-19. This is a global challenge that nobody can hide from. It crosses every discipline and every border. The drivers of pandemic are often also the drivers of climate change and biodiversity loss two long term challenges that have not gone away during the pandemic. At the heart of our response to zoonoses and the other challenges humanity faces should be the simple idea that the health of humanity depends on the health of the planet and the health of other species. If humanity gives nature a chance to breath, it will be our greatest ally as we seek to builds a fairer,greener and safer world for everyone. Public health problem around the world due to our close relationship with animals in agriculture, as companions and in the natural environment.

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Zoonoses can also cause disruptions in the production and trade of animal products for food and other uses. Zoonoses comprises a large percentage of all newly identified infectious diseases as well as many existing ones. Some disease, such as HIV, begin as a zoonosis but later mutate into human only strains. Other Zoonoses can cause recurring disease outbreaks, such as Ebola virus disease and Salmonellosis. Still others, such as the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 have the potential to cause global pandemics. And because of what happened to our community now, many people are depressed and they can't thinks normally based on what they experience by these currently situations. They scared to go outside of their house or village, they can't go to work also etc, in short they can't make money because of these pandemics. The current COVID-19 pandemic requires sustainable behavior change to mitigate the impact of the virus. A phenomenon which has onsen in parallel with this pandemic is an infodemic-an over - abundance of information, which some is accurate and some is not, making it hard for people to find trustworthy and reliable guidance to make informed decisions. This infodemic has also been found to create distness and increase risks for mental health disorders, such as depression and anxiety. To propose practical guidelines for public health and risk communication that will enhance current recommendations and will cut through the infodemic, supporting accessible, reliable, actionable, and inclusive communication. The guidelines aim to support basic human psychological needs of anatomy, competence, and relatedness to support well-beCoranavirusesinable behavior change.

The Evolution of Coranaviruses

According to the articles, Scientists first identified a human coronaviruses in 1265. It caused a common cold. Later that decades, researchers found on group of similar human and animal viruses and named them after their crown-like appearance. Coronaviruses can infect humans, this coronaviruses causes fever, headache, and respiratory problems such as cough and shortness of breath. Coronaviruses are a big family of different viruses. Zoonotic diseases, disease transmitted from animals to humans. We know that cats,dogs, and some other mammals can be infected with SARS-COV-2, but we don't know yet all of the animals that can get infected.

Certain people are more susceptible than others to infection with pathogens. Age,health, sex,physiology, nutrional status, exposure history, simultaneous infection with more than are pathogen, immune competence, genetics and underlying diseases all influence an individuals susceptibility to infection. Certain animals, in their turn, are more likely to harbour zoonotic or potentially zoonotic behavior and relatedness to humans. Some studies selected higher numbers of zoonotic viruses in animal species that have become abundant and have expanded their range by adapting to human dominant.

The Ecology of Coronaviruses

Corona viruses has been a worldwide issue and every country faces it's consequence. Centuries before the world also faces different types of corona viruses that the world is facing today. The pandemic has been spread in media the virus spreads rapidly and infected millions of people is just short period of time. Compare to the rest of its related viruses the researchers had been tract about the similarities of corona virus and other viruses that had been identified the researchers has share common features. Based on the experts the virus can transmit to humans by many means of contact. To avoid this the government has implanted a quarantine protocols to avoid widespread of the infections of the said virus. Experts suggest that people must be responsible at all times in that to stay safe from this diseases. The evidence had shown that the virus can transmit through many ways of contacts with the person who is already been infected.

Getting to this speak about corona viruses and talk about is a big issue that every country had been evolved. Each manifestation suggest that every individuals has facing each time this virus has gone too far. Yet people must take it seriously and make this issue part of every people life. Therefore, depicting corona viruses is something must to take seriously and make this issue of the every people find something important. With that said people making a difference today may experts are making a race for vaccine so that to stop the wide spread of this disease that has been taken lives of many people if this was failed to control it could cause more lives future. So while countries are still facing this impact of the viruses the best thing to do is to follow to order of the government. Experts suggests these strict measure so far that at least it will help slow the infections rate.

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