Evolution Of Baseball In The United States

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Baseball is a Sport played with one batter and 8 other Defensive positions. The eight other defensive positions are left field, right field, center field, first base, second base, third base, catcher, and pitcher. In this essay I will talk about three topics the first topic The most monumental players way back in baseball and how they relate and compare to present players also rules that got added into the game that change the perspective or overall game of baseball, the second topic is items added to the game, and the third is how players practiced back when baseball was starting and comparing it to now how players practice.

Through time things change some things become easier some things become harder but no matter what there are rules. According to (Major League baseball) “In the year 1869 Major League Baseball was created also known as “The MLB”. ( Wikipedia contributors) For example two of the most monumental players Babe Ruth and Jackie Robinson started from nothing and then progressed their way to the top and look Babe Ruth had a extremely impressive career with well over a thousand home runs and is known not only by baseball players but by other sport players as he brought hard work grind into the game of baseball . Jackie Robinson in my opinion is the second best player in the MLB at their time because he showed a lot of people that the skinny kid is not always the weakest. Baseball takes time, it’s not a sport or thing that you can learn right away.

The establishment of rules in the MLB got added into the game in the year 1857. According to (Knickerbocker Rule Change Timeline) “In the year 1858 Called strikes were introduced”. (Baseball Almanac) This rule changed the whole completely because a year ago the pitcher would just throw the ball until the batter hit the ball this rule made it to where the pitcher would not have to use all his arm strength to get through a whole inning the batter would get three ball thrown right over home plate and if he did not hit one then he was out of there. Nowadays most of the time the batter makes contact with the ball because of this rule change so this rule change also improved players batting and the pitchers throwing speed in games.

The next rule that changed the game was According to (Knickerbocker Rule Change Timeline) “Bat size is now regulated”.(Baseball Almanac) Bat size is now regulated means that you could not just bring any material bat up to the plate. This rule changed the how power hitting aspect of the game because the bats were heavier and harder to hit hard crushed fingers so you had to be high on the list of great hitters to really send it out there but originally basically any Major League Baseball Player could send them pretty far out there with little to know effort.

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The third rule that changed how foul balls are looked at is according to the (Knickerbocker Rule Change Timeline) “No base can be made off of a foul ball“. (Baseball Almanac) This changed fielding and infielding and a lot to. Originally when a foul ball was hit they would still run bases but since foul balls don’t count the outfielders if they see a ball flying out to be a foul ball they don’t have to run for it and attempt to catch the hitter out now the foul ball the batter hit counts as a strike against the hitter and the batter hits whatever amount of balls he or she has left to hit before being struck out. All the batters that would crush baseballs to the left or right a majority of the time can’t get any points for the foul balls or known as homeruns back then a lot of baseball players had gotten a worst batting average throughout time because the changes that this added rule inflicted on batters fielders infielders the majority of defense and all of offense. This also screwed over who ever was on third base because If they started to run home and the ball went foul that run point would not count and they ran all those bases for nothing and they could not really run back after touching the bag.

(Knickerbocker Rule Change Timeline) “In the year 2008 MLB adds limited (home run calls, fair or foul) instant reply to be in effect for all games starting on Friday, August 29th”. (Baseball Almanac) If the batter bunts and the ball flies foul or rolls to be a foul ball and if the batter had two strikes they are now out. This rule changed a lot how games went on throughout time because back then there was a lot and I mean a lot of power hitters that could drive the ball right down center field, right field, and left field like they were crushing a golf ball. This rule made it to where there could not just be twenty homers accounted for because there were these power hitters like Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth that were just born to smack baseballs with a bat this rule was made to balance out the teams a little more because without it one team could just win the World Series for like 5 years straight without even trying that hard.

According to (Justin) “Currently, Aroldis Chapman holds the record for the fastest recorded pitch in the history of major league baseball at a speed of 105.1 mph”. (Arndt) This is extremely important to Baseball and how it evolved let’s go back in time when pitchers threw like 80 max in the professionals. Nowadays baseball players in highschool could throw that like nothing and Major League Players throw that to warm up. Most Major League players known for their extremely impressive pitching throw an average of 95 to 96 I can one hundred percent guarantee you if you turned on a Major League baseball game you will see pitchers just throw their all into every ball.

According to (Joey Meyer (Baseball) ) Joey Meyer hit a home run that had been measured at a distance of 582 feet (177 m) and was hit inside Denver’s Mile High Stadium.(Wikipedia contributors) I thought that this was an important part of the essay and that it contributed a lot to power hitters in baseball because although he was only in the MLB for one year he left an impact on so many baseball players from back then he was the Mike Trout of 1988 through 1989.

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