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Evolution Of Homo-Sapiens: Facts Of Birth Of Humankind

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It all started about gazillions of years ago, when something really phenomenal happened, which changed the whole scenario of possibly the only living planet in the universe, i.e. Earth. The humanity has taken birth, by no one still knows how, and created a history then. Well, it is still a mystery, how human-kind was born. Many theories have been written, explaining how it all took place, but the fact is that we are still fact less. There are no apt facts explaining how human-kind was born. They are all assumptions. And we humans don’t believe in assumptions. Well, perhaps we don’t know how it all started, but we all do know where it is going. So much has taken place after the rise of mankind, which if overviewed, can give shock to anyone. And that’s because, somewhere we are unaware of the power we possess and the knowledge which is cloaked to us. May The Earth has been built by the gods or mixing of the atoms or whatever, but the real designer of the earth are indeed humans. We have added so much things in this world, which makes us equal liable for The Earth. And yes, we do possess the power to destroy it too. Which indirectly, makes us the God, i.e. the creator and ruler of the universe; the Supreme Being, who also possess the power to destroy it.

· Illustrations/Facts Of Birth Of Humankind:

  • In the first chapter of Genesis, it says that God created Heaven and the Earth and in the 26-27th verse, it says that he created the first male and female during the 6th period of time. He called them Adam, which could also be singular or plural, which means that it was a tribe and not an individual. Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth. God worked with the man that we call Adam and took Eve-his wife from his rib (DNA).
  • Well, it’s all written in The Bible, and it may doesn’t explain how god does a lot of things. The Bible was written for every generation and every IQ. All of the people before our generation could not understand it but we can because of what science has discovered. Well, science do also thinks that DNA came from outer space instead of the earth, so this would be common ground.
  • However, the science has its own definition of creation of the first human-kind. The science says that the first human was formed from the dust of the ground and water moisture (Probably from the ground or air). Until it formed into clay, it was mixed, which indeed contained micro-organisms. The clay body was fused and shaped to bones, organs, skins and other tissues. Then air was sent into the nostrils while life entered into all the cells of the body bringing the first human to life.
  • All things aside, but the actuality is, we still don’t know what exactly we began from and what our inheritance is. There are 100s of theories and illustration explaining how it all began, and how it all started, but we fear to accept one. Why? Because lack of evidence and lack of factorial data. And isn’t it horrifying to believe in one illustration, choosing from the rest of 100s. And the story doesn’t ends here, but there are different stories for every religion and every tribe. But thanks to humans who created internet, which allows us to look into others history and extend our limitations of knowledge, from which we can figure out what is right and wrong for us, until we are completely dependent on the internet.

· Evolution of Humans:

After the rise of Humans, probably the main motive of humans at that time was to survive or perhaps 2-3 things more than that. What else one can do at that time. So to survive by any means, was the main motive, even if you hunt someone down. But as the time started passing, we humans started to learn things by experimenting and exploring the world. Gradually, we started evolving and we never stopped then. Like, water is a wonderful gift of god, i.e. natural resource, of which our 70% of body is made of, and to maintain that level of water in our body, we have to drink sufficient amount of water. So basically, water was only for drinking. But we are so great, that we started living in it. We started making it as a sport game i.e. swimming or making underwater restaurants, etc. Isn’t it silly? Water is the world for aquatic animals, and we are supposed to be terrestrial. Yeah, that’s what we are called, if many of us don’t know who we are-we are known as terrestrial animals. We were not supposed to interfere in their world, but we still are doing it. And look how far we got, we are managing pretty good enough to survive. The irony of the future will be, we will be trying to survive, with survival as the only hope i.e. the first law of nature - Self Preservation.

As we started to move along with the time, major revolutions took place.

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  1. Renaissance (14th century):- It was a major educational reform, which revived mass secular education.
  2. Scientific Revolution (15th – 16th century):- It was a series of events that marked the emergence of modern science during the early modern period, when developments in mathematics, physics, astronomy, biology and chemistry transformed the views of society about nature.
  3. Glorious revolution (Revolution of 1688):- The plan was to limit the government with balance of powers.
  4. British Agriculture Revolution (17th – 18th century):- More efficient production to enable the feeding of an urban population.
  5. Industrial Revolution (18th – 19th century):- One of the major revolution, which changed the whole scenario of the earth, was industrial revolution. People started real living after the revolution took place. People started working hard, people started hoping for a better life.
    1. A. First Industrial revolution (Late 18th century):- It started in the late 18th century with the mechanisation of the textile industry and the birth of the factory. The first industrial revolution brought mechanical innovations and with it steam power which brought the coal-powered external combustion engine. Many of the important Technological Developments were a part of its. I.e. Textiles, Steam power, Iron making, Invention of machine tools, etc. These all played a major role in developing the world.
    2. B. Second Industrial revolution (19th century):- Is also known as Steel Revolution. Important developments were, chemicals, electricity, steel, Romanticism, etc. The major reform was the ability to think beyond work or beyond life within the people. Majority of the Romantic poets are of this era.
  6. 6. Digital Revolution (1950s – 1970s):- It is also known as the third industrial revolution. The shift from analogue and mechanical electronic technology to digital electronic is Digital revolution. It marked the beginning of the information age. This was the time when human started creating robots, artificial minds, which may can work better than human minds at some time. This revolution brought major innovations and developments like internet, computer and digital cellular phone.

· What makes humans unique from other animals?

With so much happening in our life, we can definitely say that we indeed are unique from other species, if we look around our surroundings. We found so many creative things around us, which is not provided by the nature. We create our own things, we live our life differently from other species. We make tools, we make music, we dance, we play, etc. These all habits makes us unique from other species. We have ability to think and act differently, according to the situation. We can possess infinite data of knowledge in our mind, if used effectively. We can create our own world, where we can live our own made life, i.e. Imagination. We can make nuclear weapons, which possess the ability to destroy the world. We possess the power to manipulate the opposition by our own communication source. We are 7.5 Billion people sharing this world, and still we all are different from each other. Nobody’s DNA is the same, Nobody’s appearance is the same. We all are different from each other. Strange, but true. We can travel as fast as the speed of light. We can fly in the sky and we can swim in the water too. And now, we can share our body with the same gender if we want to, i.e. LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender) in some part of the world. There is nothing that a human can’t do.

· Unlimited Source To Use Intelligence:

We humans are full of intelligence. It’s just we need the right time and right place to use it. May we are not the wisest animal in this universe, but we do know where to use our only intelligence. Other animals may possess more intelligence than humans, but they don’t know how to use that as humans do. We are thousands of steps ahead than any other animals in the universe. Not only that, but with our intelligence, we have created our look alike machine, i.e. Robot- a machine resembling a human being and able to replicate certain human movements and functions automatically. Which is also known as the machinery revolution or the Fourth industrial revolution. That’s how busy we are in using our intelligence behind the different kind of fields. We have everything we need, and if we don’t, we have everything, whatever it takes to possess it. We also have unlimited sources, where we can experiment our intelligence.

· Where is it going? The Conclusion:

· According to the human behaviour, life seems to be a race, where we all are running and struggling to come first, but no one understands that life is a journey and not a race. Where, after observing this fact of human behaviour, there are many questions which comes to place, i.e. Are we totally blindfolded in the evolution and is this the time for us to stop? The answer is No. Perhaps, we are blindfolded in our evolution, where we are just running in the life without any purpose, and following the pattern which everyone else follows, without knowing the path. But, this is the time where our arms are free. Free to do things, conquer the world and change the world. It’s only been 100-200 years, when we realized what we possess and what we are able to achieve. We just have started, we don’t have to stop right now. There’s so many things yet to come, so many things yet to achieve. We are still left to discover our powers. So there’s no question to stop right now. Just keep going. Evolution is bound to happen, it won’t stop ever.


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