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Examining the Team and Managing Emotional Intelligence

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As a manager handling emotion is very important in gaining the respect of your employees (Deutschendorf, 2016). When a manager is unable to control their emotions, it causes problems within the workplace such as employee morale, retention and more (Deutschendorf, 2016). Knowing just the right amount to share without being overly emotional, it is healthy for a leader to have some emotion, because they are not a robot and do not have emotions (Deutschendorf, 2016). Managers and leaders must use certain emotions to interact and connect with their employees to build their relationship (Deutschendorf, 2016).

In my workspace, I manage 15 different employees and there are days it can be emotional dealing with reproductive healthcare, because patients are calling upset about their situation and my employees have to control their emotion for the patient’s sake. My team is able to handle emotions well over the phone and if it gets to be too much, they take a break off the phone for a couple minutes and jump right back in. They might need a few minutes to decompress the call they just handled. I had an employee at one time that was very emotional to the point he barged into a meeting I was having with an individual and yelled and cursed at me, then realized he made a huge mistake. I asked him to return to his desk until I closed the meeting I was having with the individual. When he walked out of the room, I asked the individual to excuse me until I handle this situation. When I went to the employees’ desk, I asked him to go home for the remainder of the day to cool off and come back tomorrow with a better mindset and that he is not to speak to me in that manner or tone moving forward. I understood he was frustrated with his job, because he did not feel is was able to use his skills fully because the requirements of the job. I had been trying to manage him and had conversation about this might not be the right job fit for him, but he kept saying he could not go anywhere else. I encouraged him to build upon his skills within the job so he could look for more opportunity within the organization. He could not perform the job functions that were required, and I ended up terminating him about 2-4 weeks later. This was an example of an employee not being able to handle their emotions in the workplace that he took it out of the team and his manager. A good example of someone able to manage their emotions in the workplace is my one representative that has been there for four years. When things do not seem to be going well for her, she comes and has a conversation with me and by the time we are done she is good to go. She manages her composure and respect with me while we are discussing her issues. My staff know I have an open-door policy and they can reach out to me when they feel their morale is running low and they are open about why they feel the way they do, and we discuss how we can change that. This is my management strategy when managing my teams’ emotions in the workplace. How a manager or leader enhances a team emotional intelligent is by being supportive and having an open-door policy to where you can work out work related issues. Just remember you are not their counselor and must give them referrals if it something that does not deal with work.

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I see this style as persuasive and to influence staff on how to work with each other and if there are issues to work them between the individuals. If they are unable to work out between each other then bring me in as the mediator. It builds the employees skills of communication with one another and to work on conflict resolution. Most of my staff are able to handle conflict resolution, there are have been a couple times I had to mediate the situation. Two individuals on my team are completely opposites when it comes to communication styles. One of my representatives will say hello and bye, which is my highest performer. She wants to come to work do her job and is not up for friendships and relationships between her and her coworkers. One of my other representatives want to come in and chit chat with their coworkers and do their jobs. They interact with everyone and have an upbeat personality. The one representative that just wants to say hello and do her job without any interruptions or conversating with coworkers could be considered as not being a team player in the other employee’s eyes. However, if they would ask a question of her, she would help the other out. She refers to only deal with her manager and no one else when it comes to coaching and development, where the other is fine with the coaching representative doing their quality. Really one is more introverted and only wishes to really speak with the manager where the other is an extrovert and loves to communicate with everyone. The believe the one that is most dominate would be my one employee that does not take feedback very well and can be aggressive communication style. She was so mad at her coworker and was huffing and stomping around because she wanted to go home at the end of the day and her coworker was still on a call. Her coworker had questions and she was in a rush to leave on a Friday to pick up her cat’s medicine from the vet. This is unprofessional behavior and aggressive.

Yes, the leader’s communication style does affect the team members. The leader must handle everyone with a different communication style, because everyone relates to the same style as another. If someone is aggressive, then the leader must use assertive communication style to make sure the individual knows what is expected and nothing less. As manager or leader it is imperative that you understand different communication styles to be able to communicate effectively and efficiently with employees (Derrick). A manager or leader develops these skills over time and become successful is winning and failing different conversations they have with their employees. I know I have had conversation that did not go so well, and I have had some to go very successful. However, I have learned different communication skills that help me now in my everyday communications with me employees to were they trust that I am going to be able to solve their issue they bring to me and communicate effectively with them in return.


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