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Expression of Interest in Pursuing a Master of Arts in Communication

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I am writing to express my interest in pursuing the Master of Arts in Communication. I am excited by the prospect of performing research and broadening my knowledge of communication theory, political economy, policy, the study of culture and media, and technology, communication systems, media and practices, and data studies. I believe I would make an excellent master’s candidate. I decided to pursue my Master’s in Communication because during the course of my studies, I have had the opportunity to have a varied career life and I have come to find out that the area of Communication is one of my strengths and I naturally find studying and exploring communications theories very fascinating.

My research interests focus are social media, gaming and popular culture. Considering my background in English and experiences from working on social media, I am especially interested in researching “The use of Social Media by the Youth & Young Adults and Its Impact on Interpersonal Relationships”. I feel that Simon Fraser University, as a known research university, is a place where I can gain the knowledge and experience needed to accomplish my goal of communication systems specifically social media. My research will seek to answer why the youth are so engaged on social media and then study the impacts of its use on our interpersonal relationships. My academic interest aims to study the use of technology, social media in our daily activities and yet keep healthy interpersonal relationships. I desire to study technological advancements and their impacts on interpersonal relationships in our world today. I will also suggest possible solutions, following this research, on how the use of social media can be limited and how the present blocks to non – verbal communication can be eradicated. As a young Ghanaian lady who recently completed my bachelor’s degree in English Language and completed an online associate Degree course in Computer Science. Working on two courses simultaneously has helped me develop a high level of discipline and good organization skills in handling all my tasks. And I will apply every single positive attitude to my studies to help ensure this research work is a success if I am given the opportunity to attend this noble institution.

As to when the youth became so engaged in social media communication, no one can tell. However, it is obviously now the main means of communication neglecting our good old interpersonal relationship at the suffering end. Everyone holds on to their gadgets to communicate on these social sites neglecting the people around them. Everyone holds on to their gadgets to communicate on these social sites neglecting the people around them. This happens in our homes, schools, bus states, train stations, our churches, mosques and anywhere you find a group of people gathered. The effect of social media’s affecting our ability interact with each other is visible in every aspect of our society, so the question is what has this done to interpersonal communication? That is what this study hopes to answer.

While working on my academics, I have also the opportunity to do a couple of part-time jobs in very organized environments where communication systems have been the focal point of the jobs. I have worked with ENDA as hostess and with CaLP as a note-taker, with GetOn! Africa as an administrative intern at and currently a secretary of YAM, these experiences have made me gain a successful track record of problem-solving, communications and decision-making skills. My current volunteer and part-time jobs have given me about 5 years’ part-time experience in communication & administrative jobs. As the secretary of the Young Adult’s Ministry in my church, I have learned significantly how to communicate clearly and friendly with people. I have also learned to effectively help resolve problems; handle complains that are lodged. I also hand over received requests for review and negotiates on behalf of the ministry. In addition to that, I also take accurate minutes of meetings. My position as the secretary of the Welfare Committee has also given me the opportunity to successfully incorporate my solid communication skills to effectively interact with people from different cultures. My duties include receiving requests of needs from people and communicate to the team so it can be resolved. Throughout this role, I have demonstrated impeccable patience, care, and support while serving people with different needs.

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This study will be done using online surveys and interviews to examine the influence that the use of social media has on communication skills. The study will target youths because they are the ones who are mainly affected by social media addiction. The study will also determine how the influence of social media on communication skills can be countered. This study will be assessing the barriers that exist in non-verbal communication. The study will also examine the effectiveness of such communication in a business setting. Following this research, recommendations shall also be given on how the existing barriers to non-verbal communication can be eliminated. I will also use a wide range of resources from online sources and books to enable me to an exceptional thesis.

I am currently an employee of Directly. An Online Support Automation Company. I am a OneDrive & Microsoft advisor. I am responsible for providing customer support, through directly expert community, identifying issues and communicating the support process, navigating systems to solve the customer’s problems & Delighting customers with positive and encouraging interactions. My current customer service job with directly as a Microsoft advisor I believe gives me a better disposition and a good exposure to pursue further studies.

I am passionate about communication theories. I particularly became interested in communication studies after I completed my first project work for my diploma in French studies where I had to do a literature review on ‘Awa la petite marchande’ (Awa, the petty trader). While working on gathering information on the Lebus and compiling my findings. I noticed my passion for social media management. After that, it was confirmed again when I was given the opportunity to manage a couple of social media pages through which I developed some leadership skills, social media management skills; the management of the ministry’s Facebook account and page, Instagram, and database management: the use of google drive, box and other cloud storages to store the ministry documents, etc. I also have had the opportunity to oversee the ebsite and social media management, Google Drive & Google Plus pages and accounts management of the Son of Solomon Ministry. In all these roles I played, I have received excellent performance evaluations from my heads and my contributions have been formally recognized and I hope to apply all these communication skills during my studies. I am also a bilingual person.

I believe my background and exposure to social media and having the opportunity to come from a family and country that values the relationship and that aspires to place huge importance on interpersonal relationships and hospitality. I am convinced the School of Communication at Simon Fraser is the best place for me. It’s an international reputation for its critical scholarship on urgent social and political problems affecting contemporary societies, locally and globally will give me a conducive environment to execute my research studies. I also studied French for three years in a language school before starting my bachelor’s degree, and this has given me some good knowledge of using the French language very well. I believe this will also be a great asset since Canada is English & French-speaking.

I look forward to earning my Master of Arts in Communication with the understanding that I am still leaving my options open in a broad field. For this reason, I have researched some of the opportunities at SFU. My desire is to be part of the research that will narrow the scope of my degree without disregarding the immense world of SFU. Ideally, I would like my graduate research to help rebuild interpersonal relationships around the world. I would like to request that you consider me as a graduate school application. Furthermore, because of the good reports that I have found about SFU, I am excited and look forward to being part of the communication program in any case. After my studies, I hope to gain rigorous training in the critical foundation of communication theory, the study of culture and media, and technology. It’s also my hope that my master’s in communication will help me develop my strengths further and permit me to be more useful and very knowledgeable in this chosen field. My past experiences have helped me develop a high level of discipline and good organization skills in handling all my studies and job-related tasks and I hope to go to apply every single positive attitude during my course if accepted. I want to pursue my masters not only because I would like to actively pursue grant opportunities and direct research at a higher level, but also because I know I would benefit personally from the increased depth and breadth of knowledge and experience I would gain from the process. After earning my master’s, I would like to pursue careers in academia, government, NGOs, cultural institutions, communication industries, and the media after completion. I hope you will give my application a sincere consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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