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External Beauty and Its Influence on Teenagers' Self-Esteem

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It is people’s instinct to like to be beautiful. On average, time spent on appearance contributes 7.7 hours of young girls’ week time (Dahl, 2014). This phenomenon reflects teenagers’ high attention to external beauty. The standard of beauty changes with the elapse of time, and under the influence of appearance-based phenomenon, it is more important to have a captivating appearance. Modern people generally establish their self-image by their looks as people notice about someone is how they look. Having a breathtaking semblance can build self-confidence and affect a relationship. This essay will investigate how social value system and peer relationship influence the view of physical appearance and argue that exterior beauty enhances adolescents’ self-esteem because it helps teenagers approve of themselves and be acknowledged by others.

Under socialization, external beauty enables teens to earn recognition and get a sense of security and satisfaction, which can increase their self-esteem. In today society, the message of having good looking is always reinforced by traditional and new media. Teenagers not only are encouraged to be thin and radiant through the advertisements, but also asked to get more followers on social media platforms. They are easily influenced by mainstream values and accept the concept of being thin and charming. One study found that women can gain their body satisfaction when comparing their body with those social ideal images (Hogue et al., 2016). Another study showed that 80% of girl are assertive because of spending the time to groom themselves (Dove, 2016). These reflect that physical appearance is positively correlated with self-assurance. In recent years, the media has vigorously promoted the slimming culture. There would be grave consequences on the evaluation of themselves. If adolescents think that they do meet the beauty requirement, they are prone to be secured about their self-image. The social media has constantly shaped different images of men and women. Comparing with the approved images is a process of building pride by influencing adolescents’ perceptions and expectations.

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A good external appearance improves self-image as teens get a good evaluation among peers and expand their social lives. Peer pressure is an immense force in one’s life, especially youngsters. Acceptance of peers becomes an important factor in affecting youths’ self-esteem. Outward appearance is one of the first things people note when they catch a glimpse of somebody. Teens use this judgment to make out a person they have never met before. People with better outward phenotype usually have better peer relations and result in better body satisfaction (Holsen et al., 2012). Young people put a premium on the recognition of peers. It is apparent that physical beauty increases the chance to meet new friends. An advantage of having a stunning looking is that it is relatively simpler to enrich social life, which has a positive impact on teens’ identity development. Security, selfhood and affiliation are three components of establishing self-esteem. Receiving positive evaluation from peers makes teenagers be secured as they know there are people they can rely on. Moreover, external beauty makes them feel individual and approved of. With the sense of belongingness and acceptance, youngsters can better establish self-confidence due to physical beauty.

Some people think that teenagers pursue external beauty to meet the aesthetic standards of society will ignore and stifle self-development. It ultimately affects their uniqueness, and hence self-esteem. However, the pursuit of external beauty and the development of internal beauty are not contradictory. While paying attention to appearance, adolescents can also improve personal characters. Transcendent beauty consists of external beauty and internal beauty. As teens are influenced by social phenomena, they are willing to develop personal traits after attaining the standard of physical beauty. People appreciate their value for both their outward appearance and internal life in the process of affirmation (‎Burns & Monro, 2015). This results in raising awareness of developing good characters. At the time that youngsters are seeking exquisite looking, they pose an emphasis on the importance of inner beauty. Owing to this mindset, outstanding character traits and behavior can be developed. It is no longer tenable to say that they limit their self-development as youths prefer both internal and external beauty to establish a good image towards others. Self-image is improved as they can gain a sense of satisfaction when they attain their or social standard. On top of that, appearance has an inseparable relationship with personality. Characters can be judged accurately by looking at one’ semblance (Brogaard, 2017). Looking can reflect one’ characters and it is important to purse physical beauty before considering the inner beauty. The sense of uniqueness is not weakened, instead, physical beauty helps them to have a deep understanding of themselves. They can achieve both internal and external beauty, which is more beneficial to the development of self-esteem.

Physical beauty plays an important role in building self-esteem. Adolescence is in an important period for the formation of aesthetic consciousness. At this time, they are easily influenced by social value and peers. External beauty helps teenagers to evaluate their value and allows them to build up a relationship with peers. Self-esteem can be better developed, and it raises awareness of inner beauty. The ideal standard of physical beauty has changed throughout time. It is time for adolescents to be aware of the evolvement of the aesthetic basic. This is an opportunity for teenagers to get improvement. Changing oneself will also allow teenagers to appreciate themselves from the heart and love themselves.

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