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Fabrication Of Hydrogen Fuel Engine

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The high fuel conception and climatic change due to the effect of petroleum products are one of the major threat that are faced by researches and meteorologist. In different country’s governments are initiating several steps in order to reduce the usage of fossil fuels, also try to implement different innovative ideas. In India government has banned usage of diesel engine due to the high level emission of carbon monoxide (CO), hydro carbon (HC), particulate matter-PM & Nitrogen oxide (NOx). This crisis where overcome by introducing of Hydrogen fuel which is a zero emission fuel when combust with oxygen.

A Hydrogen vehicle is an alternative fuel vehicle that uses hydrogen as it’s on board fuel for motive power. This work deals with the fabrication of hydrogen fuel engine, effect of hydrogen addition on petrol fuel engine were carried out to identify the effect of hydrogen use in internal combustion engine. In this work the Hydrogen production is carryout by electrolysis process and mixed with petroleum fuel. At the end of study it is observed that the fuel consumption rate is found to be less for hydrogen petrol engine, Brake Horse Power (BHP) and efficiency get increased also the exhaust gas analysis shows the reduction on the harm full emission of NOx, CO and HC


The use of fossil fuel has been increased in a large amount since the evaluation of it due to its striking behaviour such as high calorific value, cheap source of energy, complete stability, and massive economic benefits. The consumption rate of fossil fuel is increasing day by day that’s why it is consider as “man’s best friend” After several research and study conducted in different parts of country it is found that the use of fossil fuel producing high level of emission which causing global pollution & environment problems such as ozone layer depletion, acid rain, greenhouse effect. Therefore because of these side effects International Organization takes different steps to minimize the production and usage of fossil fuels. To reduce current pollution level researchers and scientists are trying to develop renewable source of energy like solar, wind, geothermal and fuel burning techniques. Government are increasingly accepting renewable energy source even though fossil fuel are still the world supreme energy source because of their high energy density. The emission of NOx, CO, CO2 and unburned hydrocarbon are the main negative effects on the environment by the combustion of fossil fuel.

There are various possible solutions to diminish the problem of using fossil fuel. One method involves burning of hydrogen gas along with hydrocarbon fuels in engine. Hydrogen been accept as a fuel having some unique and beneficial properties like high flame speed, minimum ignition energy, higher calorific value, high auto ignition temperature and it may be consider as the best alternative to be used as fuel in IC engine. The hydrogen engine results in the reduction of CO,HC,CO2&O2 which are clamp to climatic change and global warming, Due to the hydrogen burning results higher burning temperature occur inside the engine a small scale of Nitrogen Oxide are still exist in exhaust gases.



The hydrogen production which is needed for the work is done by electrolysis process, KOH solution along with the help of cathode and anode terminal is used. A 12volt battery is connected to the electrode, by the chemical reaction hydrogen comes from the negative terminal tank. The output hydrogen gas get dunked into a water tank (in order to avoid backfire) and gas is collected via a nylon tube and provide to the engine where hydrogen is mixed with petrol.

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A frame of length 35inch width 15inch and height 46inch is fabricated by using L angled mild steel through different mechanical process such as Metal Cutting, Welding and Drilling


A 3L capacity tank is made by using PVC pipe of length 1feet and 5” diameter. Stainless steel of thickness 1mm is used as electrode and they are placed by maintaining a gap of 30mm. 2litre of additional water is used to detect hydrogen and also to avoid back fire. A nylon pipe with 12mm outer diameter and 8mm inner diameter is used to transfer the hydrogen produced.

The Hydrogen fuel engine undergo for the pollution control test and certified that the engines Hartridge Smoke Unit (HSU) emission level conforms to the standard prescribed under rule 115(2) of CMV Rule 1989


The usage of fossil fuel will results some adverse effect in environment so in future it is essential to replace this usage and consumption of fossil fuel to a renewable energy sources or by the usage of hydrogen fuel for engine combustion processes which will not affect to environment. It is sure that the hydrogen fuel will rule the market in future and in next coming days can be act as best alternative to the conventional fossil fuels as it is cleanest and renewable fuel

From the above research we can conclude that the effect of hydrogen will bring a diverse effect in internal combustion engine. The flow rate observed on hydrogen engine after the study is 9.48 x 10-5 m3/s Hydrogen with petrol fuel in the combustion process of the petrol engine resulted in, drop the fuel consumption and reduction of all engine-out pollutants such as CO, HC.CO2&O2. Also smoke emitted by the hydrogen engine is less than 65 Hartridge Smoke Unit (HSU), so pollution board certified engine as non-polluting.


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