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Facebook: Opportunities, Problems, and Ambitions

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Facebook is a multi-billion-dollar social networking company that connects billions of people globally. Behind the scenes, and from the help of global marketers, the company uses a powerful strategy to acquire subscriber’s personal information. The company uses unique advertising techniques that coerce people into revealing more information about them, then they realize. Moreover, in-return, Facebook profits from it. This leaves critics concerned and asking questions about how the company will handle user’s information and who has access to this personal information. By applying improvements like Groups feature and Places feature in response only raises more questions about the company’s motives regarding users’ data, the company’s privacy policy, versus more ways of generating revenue.

Facebooks approach to privacy management can adversely affect users signing up or already using the company’s services. However, a lot has to do with the user’s awareness of the issue and exposure for someone to probably care. Facebooks tactful way of forcing you to ignore the lengthy fine print of its privacy policy and assume you are willing to provide as much data as possible without making you aware that you have to go in and change the privacy setting yourself constitutes deception. Users that educate themselves can quickly go in a change the privacy settings to their liking. Critics and users have agreed that the company has used unethical behavior and has done little to change its ways. In response to critics, Facebook made a public post about changing privacy information and users having access to their information. However, little has been done to change that policy or business strategy.

Advertisement revenue at the expense of the user is more important to Facebook than the privacy of the users itself. In response, and instead of changing the policy, Facebook released two new features, Group, and Places features. The features allow friends to have the ability to add people to groups on their behalf and give online friends the ability to check someone into a location without that person’s permission. Which has received backlash from critics because it does not answer or fix the issues of privacy/personal data but adds fuel to the fire and opens more doors to see behind the scenes. Furthermore, it is the opposite of what total quality management means. An increase in privacy-conscious users have taken control of their privacy on Facebook and have changed settings or deleted Facebook all together. Deciding not to wait for the company to change their relaxed policy or continue to tiptoe around what critics are arguing about.

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As a user, it startles me about hearing what Facebook is doing with my data. At the time of me signing up for a Facebook account, I was unaware that my data was going to be used. I believe the cause of recent backlash, managers at Facebook are considering personal and environmental factors so to understand what the users of Facebook are feeling uneasy about. Of the three challenges companies face, globalization, workforce diversity, and ethics. The latter runs parallel with the company and the way they handle the privacy of users. Managers at Facebook are quickly educating themselves about how to conform to the issues arising with the increase in the amount of available information the company is gathering. When the company decided to take on this new business trend in 2004, I doubt they understood the full ramifications of what risks could occur, becoming a global competitor. Periodically I use the social media platform, and when I do, my security settings have been adjusted to private or friends of friends, depending on the information. Personal information is also kept to a minimum or nonexistent. Occasionally I will take a break and deactivate my account for a certain period as well.

Facebook has dominated the social media market for over 16 years and has made it where every industry is being rebuilt around social engagement. Industries such as retail, commerce, aviation, health, finance, and news all are benefiting and capitalizing on the Facebook platform. One of the company’s revenue streams is advertisement. Facebook gathers the information you willingly provided, and based on your demography interest, web search history, and social behavior create advertisements and broadcast that to every user’s Facebook feed. By using one’s data and tracking social behavior, Facebook is using a form of marketing that benefits themselves and other companies, which could lead to partnerships or buying out other companies based on users’ likings and usage. Features of a business that can offer something valuable, but Facebook cannot most likely become a part of Facebook. This happened with the social media site and cross-platform messaging application Instagram and WhatsApp.

Zuckerberg’s vision to revolutionize businesses through his company has my full agreeance. Businesses and whole industries have already been and will be rebuilt around social engagement like Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook Chief Operating Officer mentioned. A lot of small startups, mom and pop shops, and medium-sized businesses use social media for work too. Many users benefit from the free marketing tool and use it as a resource for finding information, jobs, entertainment, shop, organize functions and meetings; may that be for work or pleasure. Concerns with Zuckerberg’s goal is still the use of personal data, selling that data, safety for all users, is big brother watching, and how will the company go about protecting its users and information.

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