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Facebook: Pros And Cons

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In this digital age, everybody is familiar with Facebook, Linkedin, twitter or many more social media sites and though it increases the chances to be addicted to one of these social media sites. It seems no problem of using social media websites like Facebook for getting information and entertainment purposes but the problem arises when someone wastes his time and become addicted towards it. In simple words, addiction means a compulsive behaviour that leads to negative effects in one’s life, as, Facebook Addiction Disorder. Which means in this disorder, an individual continuously looks at the updates and notifications on Facebook or chasing others for hours in a single day. This essay argues about the impact of Facebook addiction disorder in one’s life. This essay will firstly discuss the symptoms of Facebook Additicion disorder than its consequences. Finally, this essay will suggest the preventions and cures get rid of this addiction.

There are numerous signs and symptoms of Facebook addiction disorder which are clearly divulged. First and foremost, addicted persons have a routine of checking and irrationally investigating through what they have skipped on Facebook in the sleeping hours. Secondly, human beings are simply wasting their valuable time looking at nonsense and procrastinate. Individuals spent a lot of time at looking over news and updates that have no significance by any means. Moreover, constantly monitors like and shares on Facebook could be another sign of Facebook addiction. The award of getting ‘likes’ from an image posted on Facebook implies a great deal to an online life fanatic. They are a type of acknowledgement and immediately become a propensity to need to check who respond to your post. Also, there are other symptoms of FAD is the yearning of connecting to the internet, if it is not available. Even though less satisfaction and happiness in one’s life can be a sign of addictive behaviour towards Facebook because they feel jealous of the friend who is superior to him in any term. Likewise, this can raise the anxiety level which affects the well-being of an individual.

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This paragraph will discuss the consequences of FAD. Numerous studies have discovered that the more individuals draw in with web-based life, the less the individual ready to concentrate on his work. It prompts decline profitability and increment in lingering. Facebook Addiction Disorder leads to fatigue and stress because spending too much time on checking updates on Facebook instead of giving rest to the brain, will make the brain tried. Another ramification of FAD becomes the reason for an increase in the anxiety level due to social comparison with peers, friends and family members. Moreover, this type of feeling gives the upsurge of negative feeling such as jealousy with others. Furthermore, sleep deprivation, blurry vision and headaches due to spending a lot of time in front of the computer or mobile screens and Carpal tunnel syndrome, impulsive decision making are the upshots of Facebook Addiction Disorder.

There are a myriad of solutions on how to cure this disorder if someone wants to get rid of it. The pivotal cure for FAD could be simply turn off the notification of facebook which constantly distracting people every time. Another effective way to seriously get rid of social media is to delete the Facebook application from the phone and computer is the only way to access Facebook which is less convenient. Besides this, one can do is limit his time spent on Facebook while at the office or having meals at the home. Moreover, getting busy in another leisure activity becomes the other cure for FAD. In addition to this, not taking smartphone into the bedroom while going to sleep and disconnect from the internet can be another remedy of healing Facebook Addiction Disorder.

To conclude, as we all know everything has its pros and cons. Hence, social media is an essential part of our lives in this digital era, which provide us with a great way to connect with people at the global level for numerous purposes. It is our responsibility to understand technology will assist us to move forward, not made to squander our time and make us less productive. Being connected through Facebook can be an incredible method to interface with individuals, yet you should not disregard the significance of physical communication with others as well. Never let these online social media platforms remove your valuable time or control your life, you ought to be the one that controls them as an apparatus.

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