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Facial And Body Language: How To Define A Liar?

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The topic of my essay is murder. My essay goes over the case of Chris Watts, a man from Colorado who was sentenced to life without parole after pleading guilty to murdering his pregnant wife and their two young daughters and dumping their bodies on an oil work site, on November 6, 2018. The main focuses are the first trial and the final verdict trial where he is a sentence.

In the video of the case on the first trial we see watt’s facial expression which he had many of them, he looked angry when the judge would say certain things, then he’d shift between looking lost like day dreaming and uninterested like the look where he’s thinking he has better things to do then being in court, on occasion he gave eye contact. Watts had been moving his lips licking them and biting them, through the first trial like what you do when your nervous, watts would also shrugs his shoulders.

His facial and body language was totally different in the final verdict trial. When Watts got to the court, he didn’t give any eye contact and he looked down at his lap the majority of the trial. When he would look up he would bite his lips and take deep breaths like he was stressed and needed to breath out. Watts body was slightly shaking as well he was shaking his leg which we can take that as being agitated and when the gave the final say he was hunched hover leaning on the table slightly with his head hanging low. And when he looked up he had a contempt look on his face like he just gave up and is just taking it for what it is.

The majority of how we communicate is through nonvrbal communication like body language and tone of voice, since the 1967 when Professor Albert Mehrabian found that only about 7% of our communication was not actual words, people have been interested in understanding body language.

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Body language is a type of a nonverbal communication.when using body language a person uses physical behaviors, as opposed to using words to communicate, body language can be used to express or convey specific information. An example could be behavioral which could include facial expressions, body posture (slouching, hunching over, twisted), gestures (hand movements), eye movement (looking side to side, eye contact, no eye contact), touch (tapping or fidgeting with an object) and the use of space.

There are many interpretations of body language, to go into a little more depth, nonverbal communication can play three key roles. The first one would be Repetition: It’s said that using repetition most often then not, strengthens a message you’re making verbally, for example when you are a teacher and you want your students to know a key [piece in your lecture you would repeat it 2-3 times with more emphasis on the words so that you can show its importance.The second key roll would be contradiction,to contradict the message you’re trying to explain to someone would be showing to your listener that you may not be telling the truth, and example could be, when you tell your friend why you didn’t show up to their party was because you had a doctors appointment , then you say later on the reason was because you had chores, that contradicts the first thing that you had previously said.

The third key role in nonverbal communication would be substitution: a form of substitution for a verbal message could be facial expressions that an individual would give, For example, your facial expressions often express a far more telling message than words ever can that why some people would say “its written all over your face” or “The face is like and open book, i can see right through you” and this is why. Another example could be, a person is going for and interview for a job , and they know perfectly well that they aren’t qualified but they try it anyway, when they show up and the boss asks whether or not you know how to do that specific job task, and you lie and say yes you do but the boss looks at your face and they can tell you’re lying so they tell you that they would call you back and never do, that is because they say your facial expressions and knew the truth,

The main types of nonverbal communication are Facial expressions,Body movement/ posture,gestures, eye contact, touch and vocal. As humans our face is highly expressive, on an everyday basis we are able to show numerous emotions without even having to say anything. Facial expression is unique because “unlike some other forms of nonverbal communication, facial expressions are extremely universal”. Our facial expressions can show “happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust which are mostly the same across many different cultures”. When looking at body movement or posture, in certain occasions, it can alter your perceptions of how people see you, just by the way you walk, talk, sit and even carry yourself shows how people would assume about you. (

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