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Factors Influencing Criminal Justice Personnel Behavior

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Discretion still today stands as our liberty to choose by what means a situation ought to be handled inside our criminal justice system. Discretion as we know it should give some sort of check and balance within the criminal justice system. The law has been pinned out precise and plainly as to what crime is and its penalties. When one look at the discretionary nature of the matter even though the move on control is one of their rewards, you would have to also consider the misuse of that discretion because it has the ability to truly destabilize the purposes of the law giving and harm community self-confidence in policing. The Thomson Reuters (2011)

For sure there is an importants that should be implemented so that the discretion can be accurately accomplished in relations of being sensible, authentic, honorable and reliable. This managing will only come about with sufficient preparation, strong rules and national consciousness. Some of the chief apprehensions of these public groups were upon the overview and delayed geographic development of the move on controls which was their possible opposing influence on a number of deprived groups like that of young people, homelessness and indigeneity people. It was through the reviewing that supported those concerns. It is a fact that young people and indigeneity people are expressively more likely to experience being moved on than any other group. The Thomson Reuters (2011)

We can also see signs that would support a plea to re emphasis the necessity to use casual methods to sidetrack people from the justice system, mainly in the setting of policing adolescents. Even though we contemplate that the police ought to maintain the move on controls, there is the concern by some of those conclusions and the absence of suitable direction providing operating police for the use of the move on controls, specifically in the exercising of discretion. There are a number of recommended operational changes and operational changes that would address some of those concerns. Of course there is a need to make known more rules on how police ought to exercise discretion, confirming the authentic space for discretion, in a variety of regions. Yes, in doing so this would simplify the steady or equal treatment of people and so improve a sense of justice, and apparent lawfulness of the police. The Thomson Reuters (2011)

The structure of a civilian oversight body certainly should model the needs of the community. But for that to succeed, civilian oversight should be approached as a partnership. It should focus not only on the agenda of the community, or politicians, or of law enforcement and its unions, or of activist groups. Such a partnership, within a structure of independence, would establish an impartiality that would garner greater respect and legitimacy from each group so that recommendations for reforms are not viewed as biased. The ‘Civilian Oversight’s Important Role in Police Reform – Governing (2016)

The argument in this paper will cover what role does a citizen misunderstanding group require in guaranteeing authoritative powers are not mistreated as it applies to (policies, procedures, liability, economic factors, and discretion)? Something can be done to help remove the pervasive ‘us-versus-them’ approach within minority groups and foster a better police-community relationship that we need more than ever? One crucial part of the answer would be that of the citizen misunderstanding of law enforcements. Efforts to carry out or increase the influences of citizens misunderstanding typically encounter strong confrontation. The ‘Civilian Oversight’s Important Role in Police Reform – Governing (2016)

What role does a civilian oversight committee have in ensuring authoritative powers are not abused as it applies to


Oversight agencies can help increase the public’s understanding of law enforcement policies and procedures. Oversight agencies can improve department policies and procedures. Policy recommendations can prevent issues by identifying areas of concern and subsequently offering options to improve policing. The ‘What Are the Benefits of Police Oversight? – National “(2016)

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Oversight organizations can improve department guidelines and procedures. Procedure recommendations can avert matters by detecting areas of apprehension and then proposing alternatives to improving policing. The ‘What Are the Benefits of Police Oversight? – National ‘(2016)


Oversights can assistance in holding the police or sheriff’s department liable for officer’s actions. Oversight organizations can help a jurisdiction in accountability managing and decrease the probability of expensive lawsuit by recognizing difficulties and offering remedial actions before a claim is filed. The ‘What Are the Benefits of Police Oversight? – National “(2016)

Economic factors


With all that has been shown here certainly has let us know that we have a right as a people to live free and be safe anywhere general population permit and not be afraid, not in our homes, on our jobs, this tells us that we don’t have to worry about our personal property being search without having the right to come in and do unnecessary searches, none of those things can be violated, unless they have explicit probable cause to do so. Now if probable cause is warranted, than and only then this would have to be follow up with community statements must be taken, the area in which the seize or investigation was being done must be clearly designate. The ‘What Are the Benefits of Police Oversight? – National “(2016)

No persons can be apprehended to answer for a capital, or otherwise disreputable crime, except on an act of presenting something, or the way in which something is presented in the court of law or to the grand jury. This is also good because there is no danger of any double jeopardy; involved meaning there’s no danger for the same offense twice simply putting it. The role of a civilian oversight committee has so many good things going for it, and at the same time one does not have to worry about unlawful cases where myself or anybody else would be eyewitness against, you won’t be allow to testify against your own self without due course of the law. Short of just recompense neither shall private belongings be earmarked for public use. The ‘What Are the Benefits Of Police Oversight? – National ‘(2016)


There is so much more to reveal about and determine about all the laws in Criminal Justice. Ethics is the very essence when it comes down to the perilous areas of the criminal justice system because the police are more than ever under constant assessment. We do know that sociological and mental failure can have a moral influence and dishonest actions. Dishonest actions do bring about calculating decision-making practices to misuse one’s authority despite the fact that you are standing in the trust of people. And yet it all cannot be blamed on the police because there are those who break the law who has to take accountability for what they are doing and how they do, so it is the taking into consideration the force that the public plays in how we defend, and give reason for those bad behaviors.

No doubt there have been some ethical morals that have been learned in criminal justice since the killing of Philandro Castile, and Alton Sterling, along with others during the year of 2016 incidents. There is differently a need for ethical problems to be dealt with Whereas qualitative and ethical literature are imperative to our knowledge of morals in criminal justice, there is also a demand for further research of a quantifiable nature. With more research of morals and moral problems faced by police, the influence to better comprehend the changing aspects that force a police officer into the dark side of policing and the causes that serve to excuse misbehavior.

It is beneficial to take into consideration the key domains that affect community trust and self-reliance in the criminal justice system, when it comes to the influencing of the criminal justice personnel behavior. Let me point out three things that should always be taken into account. Behavior and practices of the criminal justice system, you then have the changing of morals and expect standards of the society to help aid the system. Then you have the pictures of the system that would be accessible because there in an electronic media. It is the understanding that each of these areas can impact each one. The only way all three of those things will work there has to be an aligning of those three things to take place. There must be a creating of a more decent, democratic practice and standards. In bringing this about it would advocate that fairness has to shape trust in the criminal justice system which will also build trust that will shape conformity with the law. Fair is to be effective and being effective is to be necessary to be fair.


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