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What Are The Problems With Animal Factory Farming?

Animal factory farming of chickens is a rapidly growing global problem. In the US alone an estimated 9 billion are consumed yearly(ASPCA). To put that into perspective our planet is estimated to have 7.7 billion people, so right now we are eating more chicken yearly than there are people on the planet. Because of our rising numbers more factories have to be made to compensate for the demand of the bird, But the rise of these factories has started to...
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Harming The Environment: Factory Farming In The United States

When discussing global climate change and the factors that contribute to it, most people like to point to the easy factors to blame such as fossil fuels which include oil, coal, natural gas, etc. but what usually flies under the radar is how bad livestock contributes to global climate change and how bad it is for the environment. According to the article “Factory Farming Is an Environmental Hazard” the author Wenonah Hauter states that factory farming as a whole is...
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Animal Farming As One Of The Primary Contributors Of Major Problems In The World

The production of livestock is among one of the most ecological detriments for all human needs (Abbasi et al., 2015). Firstly, it is inevitable to say that the human population is increasing, and towns are extending to mega-cities (Abbasi et al., 2015). while the request to produce more food will continue to grow, and agricultural land will continue to decrease (Abbasi et al., 2015). Within the mid-20th century, the era of industrialization fostered the explosion of natural resources to produce...
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Ethical Aspects Of Factory Farming

“There is no morally relevant difference between torturing puppies as described in the “Fred” thought experiment and buying factory farmed meat.” Is this a plausible claim? In answering this question, begin by (1) clearly explaining what Norcross means by claiming there is no morally relevant difference between torturing puppies (as laid out in his thought experiment) and supporting factory farming by purchasing factory- farmed meat. Then, (2) explain how one might object to Norcross’s claim on the basis that “agribusiness...
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Should Factory Farming Be Banned?

All auto mobiles, planes and factories combined are no match to raising farm animals for food when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions. As demand for meat has grown the animal agriculture has gobbled up more and more of water, energy, crops and land. For the last decade, vast expanses of native environment have been cleared to grow crops to feed the farm animals in factory farms. It is estimated on average they feed 6kg of plant protein to get...
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The Link Between Factory Farming And Climate Change

Climate change is inevitable. Between the usage of fossil fuels and the misuse of agriculture, professionals anticipate that the damage of climate change will be irreversible within seventeen months. Specifically, one of the leading causes of global warming is factory farming. Not only is industrial livestock production inhumane and deeply disturbing, but it affects methane contribution, resource usage and is intensely concerning to public health. Because of the damage that factory farming is doing to our environment, climate change is...
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Environmental Impact of Dairy Farming in New Zealand

Dairy farming in New Zealand is the intensive production of milk. Milk must go through a process to meet the specific market requirements before it is eventually sold as a dairy product. For farmers to have an optimum yield of milk produced, they will need to ensure their pasture is fertilized. Cows eat grass which is mainly made up of nitrogen and when a cow eats grass, it eats all the nitrogen. Some of the nitrogen stays in the cow...
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Factory Farming: Development And Its Major Environmental Problems

Farming and raising animals for food have been an integral part of human culture for decades. Animal farmers often keep animals in an intensive area and using industrial devices to boost the process of production. Products of such farms are often meat, milk, and eggs. Animal farming is also known by its critics as animal factory farming or CAFO (concentrated animal feeding). Factory farming which has been defined in Merriam-Webster dictionary as “a large industrialized farm” has been designed with...
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Actual Problems in the Current System of Animal Agriculture and the Inability of the FDA and USDA to Solve Them

Food production has drastically changed over the course of human history. The process of cultivating food from raw materials to the preparation of cooked dishes has transformed entirely. Animal husbandry first began more than 10,000 years ago during the so-called Neolithic Age when humans began domesticating animals such as dogs and sheep. This concept is a branch of agriculture concerned with the domestication of, care for, and breeding of animals such as dogs, cattle, horses, sheep, goats, pigs, and other...
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Can The Human Body Benefit From Eating Vegan Or Are We Meant To Consume Animal Products?

This has been a complex and sometimes controversial issue. Veganism is a diet that excludes all animal products and byproducts. People become vegan or a variety of reasons, sometimes for ethics or maybe for health benefits. Our planet has about seven billion people with many different beliefs and cultures. They eat various types of diets, including vegan. There has been an ever-growing list as to why meat free eating would be beneficial to our planet and our health. Counterclaims to...
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The Effects Of Factory Farming On Our Environment

Ever since the 1960s, in an attempt by scientists to maximize efficiency and production of animal products, factory farms emerged and continued on to be the main source of animal products in the world. Factory farming is defined as a large-scale, industrialized, profit-oriented agricultural operation that produces meat, dairy, and egg. Throughout history, there have been many debates over outlawing factory farms concerning the negative effects it has on the environment. Some argue that there are many great benefits that...
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Farming Today, And What It Means For Our Tomorrow

The year 2017 was about one degree Celsius warmer than an average year on Earth, and from now on, each year is only going to get warmer (NASA). This is what scientists have dubbed climate change, and it has been happening for years. Climate change is often associated with greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. The phrase greenhouse gas is misrepresented in the media, making it seem like something that is released from the most toxic of chemical spills or from...
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Aristotle, Mills And Kant's Views On Factory Farming

I will argue that factory farming is not ethical because the act is not virtuous, promotes the reverse of happiness, and disregards moral act of duty. Then explore and explain the philosophical views and theories of Aristotle, James Mills and Immanuel Kant. Through the lenses of their arguments, I will deduce whether they would consider factory farming as an ethical practice or not. Factory Farming Factory Farming can be defined as the raising of farm animals in poor and often...
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Factory Farming One Of The Worst Crimes In History

A considerable number of the United States population are unaware of the misdeeds that take place within the meat industry. Some believe the pictures depicting a traditional family farm on the packages of meat products are legit. Others fall under the impression that meat advertised as “free of GMOs” or “grass-fed” makes it is safe to eat. Actually, the truth could not be further away from all these things, which are just diversions to sell. The meat industry uses money...
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