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Narrative family therapy Proponents of narrative family therapy believe personal experience is ambiguous and reality is shaped by language--the reality is a subjective, socially constructed truth. Narrative therapy focuses on the effects of the client’s problem, not the cause, and dissects how the problem impacts the family at large. Narrative therapists view the client’s problem as the focal problem and view the client as secondary to the problem--the person is not the problem. (Gehart, 2014). Core concepts. Dominant Narrative--a person’s...
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Strategic theory and interventions strongly affect the founding of family therapy. Strategic family therapy focuses on affecting different family members through careful intervention planning and the publication of directives for resolving problems. These directives may appear to be in direct opposition to the goals of treatment. As we all know strategic therapy is one of the most widely studied approaches for treating family dysfunction. Families undertake complex interactional orders that involve both verbal and nonverbal. For example, posture, intonation, volume,...
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Family Counseling Approach Research Paper Abstract This research intends to identify leading figures, historical and current events, assumptions, development of the theory, concepts, and techniques related to Structural Theory. It will describe how integrating biblical scriptures and the writer’s own faith and family counseling approach to help the family that is in need. In the writing, the intent is to demonstrate the knowledge, concepts, and family approach to this theory and how it relates to other leading theories that are...
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Abstract When approaching the idea of family counseling, one must decide which approach would be best to recommend as well as an implement with clients. The structural model approach is a unique approach to counseling and is all about organization, family rules, and roles. Using this approach is about focusing on the constructs of the family and identifying solutions based on subsystems, boundaries, and organizational metaphors. This approach identifies functional and dysfunctional patterns through how the family responds to its...
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Introduction Research has shown that family plays a vital role in a person’s spiritual, emotional, and physical development. However, no family is perfect, and some families will encounter struggles, trauma, and disagreements. The key to having a strong family system is being able to acknowledge the needs of each family member. Family therapy can help families identify needs, changes, and behavior patterns in the family structure. Family therapy is a form of treatment that seeks to reduce discomfort and conflict...
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In the following essay, I have chosen to speak about the concept of engagement as I feel it is a very important aspect of family therapy if it is to be a success. In my work as a nurse in the self-harm team, looking after young people between the ages of 12-18 who are experiencing self-harm, suicidal ideation, and/or suicide attempts, I am often meeting with families in a crisis situation. This calls for a rapid engagement with the young...
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As one evolves throughout their career as a therapist, they may decide to work with clients individually as well as with the individual and their family. Understanding and know the different types of theories and techniques utilized in family therapy will help a professional in the mental health field be an effective therapist. A few theories that one may benefit in knowing and should be familiar with are Strategic, Structural, and Milan Systemic family theories. It is also necessary for...
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The McCoy Family Identifying Information The McCoy family consists of Ed McCoy aged thirty-six and his 3 school-aged children. The names and ages of the children are Tamara-10, Kayla-8, and Kyle-4. Ed was married to the mother of the children, Tina until her untimely death caused by a connective tissue disorder three months ago. Family Structure and Development The McCoy family structure is that consisting of mostly extended family members. Prior to the death of Tina, the McCoy family would...
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Drug abuse is a prevalent problem among Pakistan's youth, who account for 28% of the whole population of Pakistan (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2013). Addiction is a chronic disease characterized by drug seeking and use that is compulsive, or difficult to control, despite harmful consequences. Youngsters, both girls and boys, experiment with illegal drugs and other addictive substances (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2018). Family is the only entity that can make an addicted individual learn, see...
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