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Family Tradition Essay

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My inspiration in life is my family traditions. My family serves as a lifeline to whom I can run, whatever may be the situation I am facing. I can always depend on my family to guide me and give me the courage to overcome obstacles in life. My parents, being hard-working professionals, know how to manage their time well and with efficiency. Even if they’re busy, they still find time to spend quality time with me. My mother is tall, slim, with long straight red hair, and loves wearing bright, extravagant colors. Always smiles, no matter the circumstances, and that gives me strength and inspiration to face my problems. My father is tall, bulky, with short curly black hair, wears lots of dark clothing, and rarely changes his wardrobe. He is wholehearted and strict, but he has taught me self-discipline and self-control. My older sister Julie has long, frizzy black hair. Petite and prefers to keep up with all the new fashion trends. She is sweet as a peach, loyal, has a big heart, forgives everyone quickly, and is a pleasure to be around. My other sister Crystal is tall, has shoulder-length, brown straight hair, wears tons of black, and can be fierce when she wants to but makes you want to rip out your eyeballs when she annoys you. She is a pro at annoying me. That’s for sure. But that makes me love her more. My older brother Fernando has short black hair, is tall, and stocky, and enjoys wearing dressy clothes. Overprotective, he says he’s an introvert. He isn’t. He says, ‘I like my own time!’, then proceeds to talk to a random person. Fernando is more independent, and he thinks my sisters and I are too girly and annoying, but I understand because he’s the only boy sibling.

Growing up, my family always stuck together. My parents put my siblings and me first all the time. They sincerely care about us. If the food were to run low, they would sacrifice eating to feed us. That’s how much their unconditional love is for us. I believe that the love and care my parents gave me has shaped me to be caring toward others. My parents supported and motivated me when I was unable to do it for myself. I am grateful for their constant support, and I know that whenever it comes to events or emergencies, they would put aside time and effort to be there.

Life with my siblings was incredibly frustrating but also entirely entertaining. Fighting over silly things, always blaming one another, yelling about who gets to watch their TV show first. We have created a long list of hilarious stories. For example, when my sister Crystal tricked me into taking a bite of raw onion when I was about Five. Also, when my brother cut a piece of my sister’s hair. From fighting over the remote to having each other’s backs when trying to sneak out. We were trouble growing up, but it made us have a special bond. Now that we are grown up, we reminisce about the craziness and lively times we had. They motivate me to stay happy.

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My favorite thing about family is that as we get old, we can connect to the past through the memories that we share. One of my favorite memories I share with my family to this day is when we camp. It all began when the first time we took a road trip to Utah to visit Zion National Park. I remember it was around fall when the weather was a bit cool. My dad had rented an RV and convinced us all to go. At that time, we all never been camping, so we agreed to go for the experience. When we arrived, The scenery was beautiful. Everything was peaceful, pure, and vibrant. The air smelled delightful, the aroma smelt like rain, wet tree trunks, and flowers. The light of the forest played with the shadows and colors between the trees, making the view a lot more appealing. We were able to hike the trails, be in touch with nature, and at night we were able to stargaze. At that moment, everything was perfect. There was laughter, joy, and happiness that filled our hearts. There was good energy flowing through all of us that day. From then on, we always go back to that park to spend time together. Going camping has become a tradition, and I believe family traditions nourish a family connection, giving us a sense of belonging.

I would compare my family to the movie “Home Alone” because of how big their family is and how the siblings hate but love each other, and the parents will do anything for their children but discipline them when they have to. My family is precisely like that. Kevin, the main character, is similar to me when I was a child, I was irritating, and the youngest in our family. Even though we had tough times, we were able to forget and move on. Just like the boy in home alone was able to forgive his family for leaving him alone.

The influence of family traditions has affected my life enormously. What I am today and what I will become in the future involves the support and affection of my family. They have made me disciplined, dedicated, and sincere. My family fills sweetness in my life. From childhood, I have taken their advice and learned from their mistakes. They have shown me all aspects of how I should live my life through their experiences, like education and work ethic. I know for a fact that they will always be there for me when I need them for company, comfort, or to laugh and to reminisce about our life.

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