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Operational Analysis of Zara Fashion: Strengths, Weaknesses and Recommendations

A. Introduction Zara, a fast-fashion retailer, is founded by Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera in Spain 1975. It is the world’s largest clothing retailer owned by Inditex. Zara operates in 2,238 stores across 96 markets and 48 online markets, reacting to the ever-changing business environment quickly. By having the core values of beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability, the company expanded through Porto, Portugal and globally. The headquarters of Zara is located at Arteixo, leading by the CEO Óscar Pèrez Marcotte....
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IT Technologies Used on All Production Levels of Zara: Challenges and Opportunities

Introduction After having a close look at the case and after a thorough research into the company, I learnt that ZARA has been performing exponentially well financially and has created a unique consumer base that is loyal and keeps coming back for more. The company has a very smooth Supply Chain and Production system coupled with unique style of design and manufacturing that makes its customers coming to the stores in every two weeks to check the new designs and...
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Operation Strategies Standing behind Success of Zara Fashion Brand

Fashion Retail in industry Canada profile provides excellent qualitative and quantitative summary information including market size (value 2013-17, and forecast to 2022). The profile also contains descriptions of the leading players including key financial metrics and analysis of competitive brands within the market. Crucial resources for data and analysis covering the Canada fashion retail market that includes market size and segmentation data, textual and graphical analysis of market growth trends, leading companies and macroeconomic information. The attire retail showcase incorporates...
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General Strengths and Weaknesses of Gap Inc.: Analytical Essay

A. Company Introduction: GAP Inc. 1. History and Brand Portfolio List of GAP Inc. brands as of 2018 GAP Includes GapKids, babyGap and GapMaternity Banana Republic Acquired in early 1980s Offer style from business formal to casual Old Navy Launched in the 1990s Positioned at lower price with casual apparel PiperLime Online fashion market launched in 2008 Closed in 2015 Intermix Boutique retail chain acquired in 2013 2. GAP Inc.’s global presence Gap Inc. is a global company with almost...
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Proposal for Solving Problems in Gap Inc.: Opinion Essay

`A proposal is a formal suggestion or plan that is put forward for the consideration by others in order to stimulate change. Proposals are mainly used by companies or organization to highlight the problems that the organization is facing and eliminate them or look for strengths that the organization could exploit in order for it to grow. The company that is our main focus is the Gap Inc. Gap Inc. is an American retail company that deals with accessories and...
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Evaluation of the Gap Inc.’s Working Conditions in Terms of Social Responsibility: Argumentative Essay

In this commentary, I will examine The Gap Inc.’s working conditions and will eventually come to a conclusion whether or not they can be considered as socially responsible in terms of the manual labour process The Gap, Inc, is an American multinational corporation which operates as an apparel and accessories retailer with international associations. Over the past 50 years, the company branched out, and grew to own six retailing companies: Athleta, Banana Republic, Hill City, Intermix, Gap, and Old Navy....
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Case Study of Gap: Current Market and Competitive Analysis

1.0 Executive Summary Gap Inc. is an American fast clothing and accessories retailer based in San Francisco, California, founded in 1969 by Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher. It is one of the largest global specialty retailers in United States. Gap Inc. has operated six distinct brands which include Gap, Banana Republic, Athleta, Old Navy, Hill City and Piperlime. Each of the brands are target to different customer and offers different styles to match. Gap Inc. Gap Inc. operates 3,727...
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Executive Summary on Strategic Direction at Gap: SWOT Analysis

Introduction As a team leader in the marketing department at Gap Incorporated, I have been tasked with assisting the company’s strategic direction over the following year. Gap Incorporated is a clothing retail company that has been in operation since 1969 celebrating its fiftieth anniversary recently. Brands operating under the Gap Brand include Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athletes, and Intermix which offer a variety of products that are family-oriented. It is located at 2 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94105,1905 United...
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SWOT Analysis and Strategic Approach of Adidas

Adidas is a German manufacturer that started in 1949 and now has 2400 stores worldwide, a revenue of 16 billion dollars with more than 46,000 employees. Adidas is the NO.2 brand after Nike’s NO.1 brand and one of the trio leading in the sports footwear in the World- Nike, Adidas and Reebok (in 2005 Adidas acquired British rival Reebok, for US$3.8 Billion), Adidas core brands are Adidas, Reebok, TaylorMade, Rockport, and Reebok-CCM Hockey. Adidas has several products such as apparel...
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Analytical Essay on Adidas As a Multinational, Decentralized Company: The Key Points of Human Resources Practices

1.0 Introduction A multinational company is a company that operates simultaneously in many different countries. In other words, it is an enterprise that operates in more than one country. There are four categories of multinational corporations which are: A multinational, decentralized company with a strong presence in the home country A global, centralized company with a cost advantage through centralized production wherever cheaper resources are available An international company building on the technology or R&D of the parent company A...
8 Pages 3564 Words

Structure, Performance, Strategies and External Environment of Gucci: Analytical Essay

Introduction This paper aims to analyze the structure, performance, strategies and external environment of Gucci, one of the most famous companies in the world. The company overview will give an insight into Gucci’s history and achievements. This section will be useful to understand the importance of this firm in its field and the position it has gained throughout the years. The paper will continue with the definition of Gucci’s mission and vision. A strategy analysis will be conducted to understand...
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Case Study of Gucci: Analysis of Luxury Brand Management

Luxury Market in India Overview Luxury adds to pleasure and comfort which is more than just necessity. Luxury provides satisfaction at two levels i.e. product and experiential. The products satisfy the functional aspects like craftsmanship, design, exceptional product capabilities, technology, etc while, experiential brings a reward of possessing a coveted item, association with hierarchical brand and status. Currently, the luxury market in India is valued at $18.5 billion which is expected to grow to $100 billion in next the 7-8...
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Plan to Launch a One-year Global Campaign #GucciFurNotCool!: Buying and Merchandising Operations Research Event

Gucci Canada: fur-free campaign proposal I. Executive summary Gucci is one of the winners among the top 100 power luxury brands when the global luxury market has grown at a staggering pace for many years until recently. In 2017, Gucci’s increased its sales to Euro 6.2 billion by 44.6% over the year 2016. Like the other luxury brands, however, Gucci faces serious challenges in the years ahead. Brands must demonstrate that more than just making money, they need to promote...
5 Pages 2449 Words

Essay on Gucci: Industry Analysis and Creative Process Overview

Gucci Gucci is an Italian fashion brand has nearly 100 years history in this luxury industry. It is now achieving the vision to become the leading luxury fashion house in the world with more than 13$ billion brand value. Not only succeed in its main corporate activities to bring their value through craftsmanship, this brand also is loved by its philosophy of sustainability. For Gucci, Social Responsibility is an important part of their global strategy and they want to be...
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Adidas and Its Marketing Strategy: Critical Analysis

Today Messages you send to this chat and calls are secured with end-to-end encryption. Forwarded Adidas AG was founded by Adolf (adi) Dassler and his elder brother Rudolf Dassler in early 1920s in Herzogenaurach German. The name Adidas (as written on their products “adidas” by the company) is an abbreviation of the name of founder Adolf (“Adi”) Dassler. The Dassler Adidas manufactures athletic shoes and apparel and other sporting goods. In the 21st century adidas emerged as the largest sport...
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Gucci Target Market

Executive Summary Background Gucci (Guccio Gucci) by Guccio Gucci opened a leather goods company and small luggage store in his hometown of Florence in 1921. Gucci, along with his three sons Aldo Gucci, Vasco Gucci and Rodolfo Gucci, expanded the company to include stores in Milan and Rome and other stores in Florence. In 1960, a purse with shoulder straps and engraved decorations was introduced. The original Gucci loafers were updated in 1966 with unique decorative ornaments, and the ‘Rolls-Royce...
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Operations of the Transnational Corporation of Adidas AG: Transnational Corporation Research and Report

Executive summary: This report will focus on the operations of the transnational corporation of Adidas AG. The purpose of this report is to consider the following aspects of this business: features, operational processes, human resource issues, management issues, ethical issues and competitive advantage. 1. Features of Adidas AG Adidas is a global transnational corporation, founded and based in Germany, by Adolf Dassler in 1994. The global headquarters of Adidas is located in Herzogenaurach, Germany. This business, which is a household...
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Analytical Essay on Adidas: Organization Background and Industry Analysis

1.0. Introduction 2.0. Organisation background 2.1 History Figure 1 source: Adidas is German-based company started by two brothers Adi Dassler and Rudolf. Adi was innovative, he observed athletes, talked with them about their needs and problems and try to solve it while Rudolf concentrate on selling. Brothers are successful from the beginning. Adidas operating in Apparel and accessories industry and serves consumers at the global level with footwear, sportswear, sports material and other accessories. Today Adidas employ over 57,000...
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Nike Market Demand Analysis

The firm I have chosen is Nike so I decided to examine some key details in determining the market demand for my company. Some of the factors I will be using to show how Nike’s popularity affects their demand are populations and demographics, price of related goods, and taste. Nike’s mission is ‘to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete’ ( When looking at Nike’s target audience as...
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Business Analysis of ZARA's Company

Zara is a clothing and accessories retailer based in Spain. The company designs, manufactures, distributes and markets clothing and accessories for both men and women. Its product portfolio includes coat, jeans, knitwear, shirts, t-shirts, shoes, handbags, lower garments, upper garments, coats, jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers, cosmetics and complements. The company markets its products through its brand, Zara. The purpose of this report is to undertake a business analysis of Zara, based on the current position within the company. Zara’s story...
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Comparative Analysis of Zara, Raymond Ltd, Indian Terrain and Tommy Hilfiger

Zara Zara could be a Spanish vesture and accessories complete and could be a extremely recognized complete of the Inditex cluster. Few vesture brands invariably update with the information of the most recent fashion and continue with it. they’re of upper quality and nevertheless, affordable. Zara had ab initio started off as atiny low store in Espana and is currently the world’s largest merchant. Amancio solon, the founding father of Zara is that the fourth richest man within the world....
4 Pages 1701 Words

Nike's Company Business Analysis

Company Overview Nike manufactures athletic apparel and equipment. They produce tennis shoes, cleats, performance clothing, etc. Their main competitor, especially in North America, is Adidas. Some other competitors are Reebok, Under Armour, Oakley, and even Crocs. In Nike’s previous fiscal year which ran from May of 2018 to May of 2019, they brought in a total revenue of almost $36.5 billion and continue to increase their revenue every year. Throughout the entire world, Nike employs approximately 76,700 people. This means...
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Gucci: An Example of a Successful Diversity Management Policy

One of the moderators of diversity effects on performance is the organizational strategy. Research reveals that racial diversity is linked to higher productivity in firms focused on growth and to lower productivity in organizations that are focused on downsizing (Jackson & Joshi 2004). According to Gucci’s chief Marco Bizzarri, the organisation is pursuing a growth strategy through engaging in risk taking and changing the image of Gucci (The Business of Fashion 2018b). Thus, diversity would aid Gucci in becoming more...
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Business Model Canvas for Zara: Analytical Essay

Description of Zara’s Business Model Canvas Zara is one of the most popular and successful clothing brands in the world. It was the first brand of the Spanish parent company Inditex, which was founded in 1963. Inditex is now one of the world’s biggest clothing retailers owning several other brands alongside Zara. (Inditex, 2019) Besides Zara’s great success with their physical Brick-and-Mortar Stores, the company is now also massively expanding into the e-commerce sector with Zara online being available in...
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Competitive Advantage of Nike: Applying ole Models to Attract Consumers

Research Proposal Purpose of the Study The purpose of this research is to know the reasons of why Nike Inc. is successful, and why it’s chosen ahead of all others organization. In addition, what are the variables that give Nike a “competitive advantage” or a lead over other sport companies. Moreover, to figure out those factors that makes Nike Inc. the leader in its industry, and how do they execute their plans. Research Question Why do customers prefer Nike Inc....
7 Pages 3010 Words

Marketing Strategy of Zara and Its 9P’s: Analytical Essay

Zara is the most popular Spanish costume brand that uses a unique advertising method to fulfill its business objectives. Zara is known as Spain’s best-realized style brand. The organization was started in 1963 by Amancio Ortia Gaona. After 50 years, it has transformed into the fastest growing brand in the world and the maker of Spanish design dress. As of now, there are around 2000 stores in 77 countries, Ireland has 10 major stores and the number is probably going...
5 Pages 2271 Words

Management of Zara: Analytical Essay

1. Introduction of ZARA Zara belongs to the world largest fashion group and it is also the largest international fashion company. Zara is a Spanish clothing brand which is based in Galicia Amancio.In 1975, Zara is founded by Ortega. There are 2,220 stores in 88 countries where Zara operates. Not only it specialize in clothing but also it produces accessories, shoes, perfumes and others. Zara has a mission statement that they want to give the customers want in faster speed...
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Evaluation of Strategic Decision in Zara Company by Using the Theory of Pest, Swot, Market Segmentations and Positioning

Political Forces Government: An organization must be able to consider issues such as how stable the political environment is and what government regulations influence the policies that regulate or tax the firm. Zara having a global presence, they must take this into account when entering a new market. Zara is a Spanish brand, so it enjoys all of the benefits of operating a business out of the European Union. In a political context, one of the biggest pros of running...
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Marketing Strategy of Adidas: Analytical Essay

Introduction Marketing is a social incentive by which people and gatherings get what they want and need through creating, offering and uninhibitedly trade items and administration of estimation of others, marketing is addressing the necessities beneficial both of advertisers and clients. The point of advertising is to know how and comprehend clients so well that the items or administration fits him and offer themselves. Adidas is a multinational German company that designs & manufactures sports accessories. The group of Adidas...
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Poor Working Conditions In Nike’s Factories: Verbal Abuse of Workers

How would you feel if you knew that Nike factory workers in Indonesia are payed $1.60 a day for a 40 hour workweek? People who work in some of our favorite company’s factories are being mistreated everyday. One example of people being mistreated in Nike factories are the low wages. Another example is that workers are being abused by other workers and owners. Finally, people who work in Nike factories have unbelievably dangerous working conditions. Low wages is a major...
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