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Fear Of Failure As The Part Of Business

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We face difficulties from the very beginning of our life. It may sound funny but the period when a small child is learning how to walk seems to be quite challenging. He/she sees that everyone around him/her is walking but it still is something beyond his/her possibilities. All of us can observe the process and result: thousands attempt to stand up, hundreds of them finishing with falling, taking a couple of steps and finally the desired, probably not that confident, but walk that makes feel happy. Success is achieved. Of course, it cannot be compared to the real-world problems, therefore the reasons why failure leads to success are going to be considered.

First of all, failure is a great tool for learning. People who make mistakes often learn faster. When you fail, you learn what works and what doesn't. Recovery and regeneration from failure is a function of distinctive learning processes that prosper a range of higher-level learning outcomes.(Journal of Business Venturing . Volume 26, Issue 6, November 2011, Pages 604-623. Entrepreneurial learning from failure: An interpretative phenomenological analysis). Venture capitalists are known to invest in entrepreneurs who have suffered several business failures. They believe that an entrepreneur who has never failed is untested(Chris W. Dunn,2016). Making a mistake is an easy way to find out the field where you are lack knowledge and it helps to consider details that should be improved afterward. Examining the whole process from the beginning untill the moment it collapsed is vitally important. This procedure allows to check each step and to find that tiny part when something went wrong. Experience and knowledge gained from each mistake make it less likely to fail next time. Along with history, there were plenty of scientists who came up with significant inventions after a certain amount of fails. One of the most influential inventors in our history Thomas Edison, after finishing his work on lighting a light bulb, was asked about the lack of results. The answer to this was outright, he said: ‘I haven't had a thousand unsuccessful attempts to light a light bulb. It's just that I took 1000 steps to invent the electric light bulb”. The experience of failing is truly priceless. It completely alters person’s frame-of-mind through the inflow of pain. It makes us ponder about the real nature of things and their importance in our lives, transforming and improving our future-selves. However, such learning can only be done if we set our emotions apart.

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It follows that mistakes tend to influence a persons’ resilience. This characteristic can help us in many ways in life. Resilience aids to develop success and set up the game to win. The belief that everything would happen quickly had gone, but the expectations that great success will come through an enormous amount of work and effort appeared. It is also approved that the level of optimism can affect your tendency to failures. Using results from a representative survey of 576 entrepreneurs in Great Britain, it was found that experience with business failure was associated with entrepreneurs who are less likely to report comparative optimism. While sequential (also known as serial) entrepreneurs who have experienced failure do not appear to adjust their comparative optimism.(Journal of Business Venturing Volume 25, Issue 6, November 2010, Pages 541-555, The nature of entrepreneurial experience, business failure and comparative optimism). Failure is necessary to create valuable character traits for entrepreneurial success. Character traits such as perseverance, insistence and flexibility are vital to any type of long-term success. Success usually comes to those who are ready for it. Creating some values day after day requires certainty, a set goal, and, of course, the presence of such an important feature as a character. Failure is much better educates the character than any statement or fleeting goal. While every successful action will move you forward a little, failure will harden your personality like nothing else. The thing that you should keep in mind is that real work is always rewarded.

Last but not least lesson that we can learn from life’s collapses is the necessity to create and spread an extremely high amount of value. In fact, value lies at the base of success and a lack of value is a fundamental reliance on failure. Starting to appreciate the things you have achieved, you also begin to value yourself for being brave. As long as you are afraid of failure, you are also afraid of taking risks and growing up quickly. Fear of failure limits you. Fear of failure limits your growth. Frequent failures create some kind of immunity to the fear of failure. When you are not afraid of failure, you can accept any criticism and comments from your partners and clients. Unless one is convinced of one's ability to endure problems and trials, one will not question stereotypes and push the boundaries of one's abilities in all spheres of life. Failure forces a person to hold on to the well-established principles. The value of failure–the value of reaching for something far beyond ourselves and how, even if we stumble, it stretches us beyond our prior dimensions and encourage us for the unpreventable challenges ahead. However, at this point, we can notice the clear connection between failure and success. In many ways, this complex relationship between ‘up and down’ period is a characteristic expression of the Chinese concept of balance, expressed most ordinarily in yin yang.(Hillson, D.2010). This suggests that seemingly unconnected or opposing concepts are interconnected and interdependent in the real world, giving rise to each other in turn. It is important to recognize this complex relationship between failure and success, rather than simply concerning them as opposites or antonyms. The fact that we should expect continued success to lead eventually to failure will shape our behavior, as will the understanding that in most cases we should be able to push through failure to find new success.(Hillson, D. 2010). When you can remember the humiliating moments of failure before you succeed, you value success much more. You also do not take success for granted, because you know how hard it was to achieve it.

In conclusion, failure is a great incentive for personal growth. They help to rethink the system of own values, which means growth and positive changes within themselves. By stopping a person on the way to the goal, failure gives him/her a chance to reconsider his priorities, to understand what is most important at this stage. A big win is impossible without minor defeats. Failure, on the contrary, is exactly what is needed to achieve the goal, no matter how paradoxical it may sound.The main thing is how we treat our failures because it directly depends on whether they will be a step towards success or disappointment on the way to achieve it. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to perceive any failure on the way to the goal as a step up.

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