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Features Of Science Fiction Ready Player One

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Well, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is a science fiction based on its systematic connotations of possibilities and breakthroughs in technological advancements. Science fiction in its entirety entails living the future in rather unimaginable conditions of the present that can only guarantee any such future achievements based on grit. It is therefore a logical projection of the future informed by the desire to advance in knowledge and technical understanding on a specific subject of interest (Sam Moskowitz).

Ernest Cline brings out this aspect of science fiction in his book through the one Wade Watts; a thirteen-year-old teenager who sets forth to unveil the hidden Easter egg in the OASIS that was created by James Halliday prior to his death. With the promise of inheriting the immense powers and control that the successful venture of hunting for the hidden Easter egg would bring, the task, though bound by all manner of impossibilities, hardly blinds his efforts to pursue the course. As underpinned in science fiction that puts more emphasis on the power and capacity of intelligence, wade comes in as the epitome of knowledge in the promise of a better future (William G Contento).

Given his poor background that would perhaps hinder his progress, he goes on to break the chain of such circumstances through his visions and dreams of a better future. Just as science fiction persists within the trials and storms of time, the five years of unsuccessful hunting for the hidden Easter egg had no place in the plot. The possibilities of ultimately breaking the ice birthed by the desire for knowing more dominated the progress of the course (Tymn Marshall).

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Likewise, science fiction portrays a case of progress within an intricate web of challenges and impossibilities. It also thrives on a backward environment that forecasts no possibilities of achieving the set goals. In his case, Wade had hideouts within the overcrowded trailer that served as his habitat. This is where he escaped the wrath of his thieving aunt as well as the bullies that would often pull him down. He also grabs the opportunity to attend a virtual high school in programming within OASIS in his quest to find the Easter egg. This clearly brings out the aspect of science fiction in thriving within the desire to go an extra mile in fruitful undertakings (Joe Sanders).

The progressive nature of science fiction is well manifest in Wade’s hunt for the Easter egg. On his first breakthrough in emerging the first in decoding the first clue that subsequently finds the first key, he sees the light of the day that births the impetus to press further in realizing the other keys. He thus depicts the notion that possibilities are not limited to a reserved few who seem to possess stronger financial muscles like the innovative online industries that held the monopoly of technology of the time. The innovative online industries too record their progress in finding the second key in a highly competitive progress (Green, Scott E).

Based on envisaged possibilities, science fictions present a tendency to end blissfully. Characterized within a chain of experiential achievements and challenges alike, the power of creativity in navigating within such systems is well brought out. As Wade ends the plot in finding the third key through creatively choreographed plans and decisions, his story is one of artistic perplexity based on discernable evidences. Wade employs a powerful blend of various elements of science fiction in his plot to realize more (Sam Moskowitz).


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