Features Of Work And Safety In Mechanical Engineering

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It is very important to choose one career that you enjoyed. Field of Engineering gives satisfaction. There are a lot of career in this field like electronic engineering, computer engineering, civil engineering, biomedical, and mechanical engineering . Engineers face many challenging problems face to face. This field improving your brain continually and helps to think logically to solve the problems. These skills are help them in their job and their daily life. Engineers can choose good projects. That will help in transportation systems, clean the society, find new sources of energy and developing the standard of life. Engineering is profitable career. They got good starting salary. It is respected profession. It gives great prestige among the society. They work at the professional atmosphere. They get some freedom to choose work and get respect from others. There will be many chances to learn and improve your knowledge and to show your talents. Engineering is a creative profession. Now we are in a technological world. Creative mind is very essential to the job. When you become qualified and expert in your field then you are one of the gem of world. You can solve the problems which are mainly faced by people now a day like food, water, energy and climate change.

Safety in engineering is very important. It helps to prevent or minimize accidents. Accident can happen at workplace. Machineries, tools, chemicals and hazardous elements are used at working place. When considering a particular year there are more than thousands of accidents are happen in fields related with engineering . Between 10% to 15% of accident happened by improper uses of machineries.

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Mechanical engineering professionals compile and use both science and maths in order to develop equipment, tools and machinery works to deal with powerful tools, motors, heavy apparatus and technical instruments in order to generate, test and perfect automatic tools frequently. Their working environment is at risk due to fireflies, collisions, structural breakdowns and Manufacturing of instrument. So safety is an important scale to a mechanical engineer’s work success. The main responsibility of a mechanical engineering professional is to sketch and develop the mechanical solutions for variable problems.

A practical study regarding the right workplace is sufficient to reduce mechanical risks. Equipment operators must receive practical study which includes the following matters. Dangers related to the practical machines, knowledge in hoe safety precautions provide protection and how the safe guards protect from the dangers for which they meant, knowledge on how to and why to use safeguards, how and when safeguards can be dismissed and by whom it is done, knowledge on what action to be taken if the safe guard is damaged, missed or not capable to provide the sufficient protection.

When we consider the working area of mechanical engineers, most of them commonly having duty in workplaces. They shall rarely visit the work zones where a trouble or a part of any tool needs their company for personal care. Mechanical engineers mostly having work on engineering services zone, development and investigation region and manufacturing client.

Being a responsible engineer for mechanical systems make sure that systems are designed against specific needs including demo, station that the design come together with suitable health safety and environmental and particular nuclear safety needs.

Developing and examining the mechanical samples is such an interesting portion of the work. It frequently includes hoe the equipment, instrument and works related with machinery field. Mechanical engineers should examine the equipment and ensure that it has safety scales, working properly and ready for the use.

According to the department of hard worker statistics, mechanical engineers use electric generators, internal combustion engines, instruments which are produced from industrial sector, powerful tools, elevators and conveyor mechanisms to modify and examine the engines and component of machine. Certain instruments and tools such as sharp blades, running belts, high-powered instrument, metal cutters and drills cause injuries and risks for mechanical engineers on work.

The department of mechanical engineering inspectors has provided resources to the issues which have caused great misfortune results are identified to help the industry for minimizing the number of accidents that may occur in future.

Some of the risks areas identified are curving equipment, diesel engine system, conveyor belting material, welding and cutting, high pressure hydraulic equipment, bolting and drilling systems, movable and transportable equipment and lifting equipment.

Other risks areas for mechanical engineering are be in touch with moving or rotating machineries, approaching the mechanical machinery and structures, insufficient of energy waste away and separation, incidents leading to un governable fires, combustible and bursting substances setting on fire, fire blazes or explosion begun by machinery in or near dangerous areas, managing, transportation and use of hazardous goods, putting in danger to dangerous and poisonous substances, putting in danger to noise, vibration and temperature.

Although production and capability can be developed by the machine meaningfully they too come with issues. The movable or transportable parts or equipment, sharp blades and edges and hot surface bodies cause harmful risks to workers. Most of the risks related to the machines can be reduced by the right use of protection. It is very significant to know what risks may occur when dealing with machines and what can be done to bring favorable protection practices.

Accidents frequently happen at the zone where work is done with the material. This includes performance like cutting, shaping, drilling or generating of stock. In spite the type of work, the view of the procedure of the work should be protected. The input mechanism and the secondary parts of the machine must also be taken under consideration. The areas between two rotating parts, between rotating and tangential parts, between rotating and firm parts which shear, press down, or abrade are the areas which liable to accidents.

Mechanical engineers sketch, promote, build and test mechanical and thermal sensors and tools, equipment, engines and machines

Conduct and control one or more technical design packages agreeable views, controlling the technical teams generating the designs and forming set apart technical management responses.

Make sure that the design documentation covers the range of operations wanted by the project manager and is generated to consent standards, list and budget.

Contrive for favorable project implementation, recognizing the factors and conducting the projects technical contriving process.

Making sure that favorable quality management adjustments work and give through compliance with business management system and technical manual.

Make sure that the processes and activities being controlled are suitably documented with suitable documents kept and configuration and quality controls applied.

Make sure that staffs and contractors are well-known towards the dangers and risks related with the work carried out by the representative engineering team through favorable control and communication of the risk assessment.

Mechanical engineers do not work only in the laboratories. Some time they have to show their work at a place which is unsuitable to the job demands. Mechanical engineers have to responsive about structural errors, leaky holes and dangerous situations.

Mechanical engineers design equipment for many industries like building construction, bio technology, aircraft development, fuel processing transportation and energy production. Most of these industries are joined with the use of electricity. Gases, flame and heat. Engineers must use protecting eye wear, face masks, flame proof suits and gloves to make sure that they are safe. A small mistake will make a burn, gas inhalation and etc. mechanical engineers works with flammable or potentially explosive materials, internal-combustion engines, fuel-handling devices or alternative fuel sources. Machines can over heat during its works or tests. Then it makes fire. Diesel and gasoline are almost used to run machines and equipment. These gases are dangerous to inhale. When engineers work with engines and generators they should use masks. Carbon monoxide gas will leak. It is very poisonous.

Mechanical engineers work in different industries. Sometimes they have to go to the site to repair equipment or design a new equipment. They slipped at the wet floor or falls from the ladders. So they have to be trained for any situations.

Mechanical engineers use machines and equipment often. Moving parts of a machine is very dangerous when it connect to the body or clothes. Some equipment is heavy, awkward and have unstable structure. They might injure their faces, heads, eyes, toes and backs, crush their hands and fingers when they don’t have a protective equipment. Mechanical engineers used computer aided design software and technology. Pinch happens when two parts of machines move together in a circle form. This often happen at power transmission system like belt drives, chain drives and gear drives. Keep guards will help to avoid these kind of punch. Hedge trimmers are a good example for shear point. Shear point means two edges of machines move close enough to cut the soft materials. Protect a person from agricultural machines is very difficult. The solution is shutoff the machine before its breakdown.

Machines can cause harm to environment and damage to the property. A person who wears loose clothes do not operate the machine. If you have long hair you must wear cap which is provided. Individuals can have caught in the wrap point by their hairs and clothes. So attention on hair and clothes.

Machine safety guards like motor guards and belts guards must always stay in their position. Workers will not fail to follow safety. No one can remove a guard from a machine without any proper reason.

Don’t handle the work piece with hands. Always use clamps. You may get advice from trained technical staffs. Don’t take any risks. At last, place the drill bits in the proper holder.

Use the correct size of a hand tools like spanner and screw driver.

Cutting hand tools are sharp. It will cause injury.

Keep clean the tools and machines. Some environment makes unnecessary noise, vibration and temperature. It affects engineers potentially.

Everyone must clean the machine after their use and make sure that the machine is in a good condition for the next person’s use.

Cutting- mechanical engineers handle with sharp things. The seriousness of cutting is variable. It depends on a damage to the skin. Crushing and shearing will also occur. These are the most painful and difficult to heal. Breaking- some awkward machines break the bones. This called fracture. Some objects enter into the body and makes a wound in the shape of an object. Sprains when muscles are overstrained is a strong and powerful pain. When engineers repair a machine they must stop its function and must be secured while fixing.

Safety guards are very important for the mechanical engineer. They help to reduce hazards and minimize the accidents of machine. Some accidents occur by breakdown machines. Guards also protect people. Any point of task that may direct a person to injury. Sharp blades must be placed in the frame.

Guard yourself from falling objects and make sure that no any objects can fall into the movable parts.

Be secure to machine firmly and not easily dismissed.

When they drill, cut, shear, punch or grind a tool they must wear safety glasses.

When mechanists operate the machines they should wear safety spectacles, face shield specially designed for proper machine, work shoes, thick gloves and also follow prescription. These are very essential for their occupation. Safety shoes with soles are used at heavy works.

Do not wear rings, watches, bracelets or any other jewelries when you work on moving machineries. Do not wear neck ties. Always remove the gloves before turning on or operating the machine.

Workers should clean the table before the work. remove tools and cutters from the table. Everyone must control the machines very carefully. Don’t adjust the machines while it is in operation. Do not attempt to oil, clean or repairing while it is running. Turnoff the machine and keep the plug switch in off position then repair the machine. Keep hands away from the machine while it’s working. When workers work with the flying chips they can use a screen to protect other employees working nearby.

Grinding wheels are working in a high speed. Do not wear glove while working with grinders. Mechanical engineers must test the wheels before its use and They must test the wheel before it fixed with the machine. Allow wheel to develop full speed at least one minute. Do not use the machine faster than R.P.M which is mentioned in the label. Stand at one side and protect yourself. Wear eye protective equipment with side shields. Keep wheel guards when wheel is in operation.

Keep clean the walkways. Oil, grease or any other liquid may leak in the floor. It causes hazards. Clean up slipped liquids immediately.

Do not meddle up and create no interference. Therefore, should not obstruct the worker from doing his work swiftly and conveniently.

Prevent from creating new risks. Therefore, should not have shear points, jagged edges and incomplete surfaces.

Permit safe lubrication, if possible, be able to lubricate the matching without moving the protection.

Given below are some types of problems that can be also considered.

Automation solutions for a gathering process to make better time for production. Something like robots and sensors based actuations.

Introducing developments in a product’s design by developing load bearing capacity, light weighting, minimizing cost and altering for better assembly.

Development in machinery or infrastructure by introducing changes in machinery arrangement to increase up and minimize power utilization.

Introducing substitute manufacturing process or assembly methods using lesser power and lesser tools.

Improving the efficiency of machine operators by motion study.

Designing fixtures and jigs for particular needs.

Common rules of laboratory

Before you begin any experiment read and fully understand the lab way of doing experiment as in the lab hand book in order to be prepared.

Work carefully and no tough handling.

Never work alone. All students should be over seen.

Before you begin any tests the laboratory instructor may view particular safety risks on individual experiments in order to make you aware about the dangers of any substances or machinery you are working with.

Safety goggles must be worn anytime when any laboratory experiment is being done. Al students must wear suitable safety equipment according to the particular experiments needs.

All workers must wear suitable laboratory dress and avoid open toed shoes, loose fitting clothes, jewelry and long hair must be tied back.

Foods and beverages are prohibited in the laboratory.

Ensure that you know the emergency exits and emergency phone locations.

Complain any spills, malfunctions of equipment and any injuries to your laboratory instructor or a staff member immediately.

Always maintain your working are clean.

Unsuccessful to follow any of the above rules will not be allowed to engage in laboratory experiments.

Machine protection includes guards and devices as the main methods. Guards are known as obstructions that obstruct approach to danger areas. In common fixed, interlocked, adjustable and self-adjusting are the four main types. Meantime, protective devices help to protect the workers in various hazardous situations such as, stopping a machine when a hand or a human part access the danger zone, preventing the worker’s hand from the danger zone, preventing the worker’s hand from the danger zone or request the worker to use both of their hands.

Responsibilities dealing with machine protection are all hold by the management, overseers and employees who work there. The responsibility of the management is to make sure all the machinery is protected properly. The responsibilities of supervisors are to instruct the employees about the particular guard rules in their working area, make sure the machine guards are functional and make right machine guard storages instantly. The responsibilities of the employees are to not to remove the guards if not the machine is locked and tagged, inform the safety problems to the overseers immediately and not to operate equipment if not the guards are in the zone.

Mechanical engineering is a good occupation to each one. Learn all safety methods and be safe and secured. Improve your knowledge continually, think widely and help to the world in a useful method.

Safety engineering is a very important thing to each engineers’ life. Learn all about the risks and be prepared for any hazardous situations. There a lot of ways to occur hazards in mechanical industry. Use machines and awkward tools very carefully, read all rules in the workplace. Workers are responsible for their own safety. Employers are responsible to train and teach all hazards to employees. So use your knowledge efficiently and be safe in your field.

Finally, by the help of safety engineering major hazards and risks can be minimized in engineering field. As engineering is considered as one of the well renowned and prestigious occupation. Identify the hazards and find solutions for it are very important. So it’s obvious through proper analysis about safety engineering it’s easy to manage the hazards.

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