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Fiction As A Literary Genre

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Fiction is something that is created by the imagination of the author. A story is invented or formed by the author, characters are sketched, the plot and the dialogues are set and a work of fiction is ready to be read. However, a fictional work does not tell a true story. Rather, it immerses people in experiences might never happen in the practical world. A particular story introduces people with many types of characters and new types of places too where the reader can never go actually. A work of fiction inspires people, intrigues them, scares them and engages them with new ideas. It further helps to see the world in an interesting way.

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Usually, there are three types of fiction such as the short story, the novel and the novella. As per the views of the famous short story writer Edgar Allan Poe, a short story is rather a piece of fiction which can be finished within half an hour to two hours. Ort short story hardly runs more than 20- 30 pages. Since a short story has a limited length, it focuses more on the plot with minimum characters. On the other hand, a novel is also a work of fiction which contains almost 120 pages. Notably, novels are more complex than the short stories. A novel can be as long as its author wants it to be without any limit of the length. As a contrast, novella is longer than the short stories but shorter than the novels. The length is almost 60- 120 pages. The novellas have more typical characters and storyline than the short stories. Robert Louis Stevenson’s The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Jack London’s The Call of the Wild are good examples of novellas.

A short story is formed of few elements such as theme, characters, conflict, plot, and setting. A good short story can be read at a single setting. It must combine the poetic atmosphere and the matter-of-fact description. It shows a decisive moment of life.

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