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The world we live in today is most definitely not the world that we lived in decades ago. If I was to describe the world we live in today then I would most likely use the term “Feelings”. The term feelings is a broad term but I will more than likely explain it. As mentioned, decades ago we lived in a world that was not the best but it had order and rules! As time went by, we let feelings control our views on laws that were already set, and now those laws are being overridden or broken. The main rule that is being overlooked by feelings comes from the bill of rights and to be exact it is the first amendment. The first amendment definition states that congress shall make “no law” respecting an establishment of religion, freedom of speech, or freedom of assembly. This is the most essential to America’s society because it is impacting today’s generation along with future generations.

My first point and main point is that people who are homosexual (preferably the LGBTQ community) are attacking this amendment and winning the battle. I believe it is sickening to the types of laws and courts people are winning. For example, cake shop owner Jack Phillips ruled that he illegally discriminated against a same-sex couple. The couple’s names were David Mullens and Charlie Craig. They went into Jack’s shop back in July 2012 asking to buy a cake for their wedding celebration. Jack’s response was polite and well within his rights considering he is the owner of the shop. He told them that due to his religious beliefs it was within the store’s policy to deny service to customers who wished to order baked goods to celebrate same-sex couple weddings.

Furthermore, in the defense of the same-sex couple, the state of Colorado has a state law that prohibits businesses from refusing services to customers despite race, sex, marital status or sexual orientation. This law is in place, but this is why the first amendment is essential. The first amendment applies to a person’s religion or beliefs. Discrimination against race or sex is obviously an issue, but the US constitution has already put a law forward to protect people such as Jack when it comes to their religion. This is why jack appealed the decision after the civil rights commissioner determined jack unlawfully discriminated against Mullens and Craig. The commissioner even went on to tell Jack that he should change his policies and train his employees better. This couple was protected because of their beliefs, but the state did not care for Jack well being even though the first amendment has been in place before the state even thought about their law. When this story broke headline news then automatically Christians everywhere were in an uproar about the case. Pastors in particular were upset because same-sex couples are fighting to make pastors marry them even though it is against their religion. In the end, Jack won the case at the Supreme court level, but he is now still being targeted since that very win.

Despite a state’s law, the first amendment is the right of everyone. You cannot bend the rule nor break it to satisfy one’s emotions or feelings, but the LGBTQ community is fighting for this very purpose. In fact, the law to marry same-sex just became a rule that passed recently over the years (2009) and now has spread throughout the states. This topic has been trending in today’s society and causing a lot of disputes. If the first amendment is not being enforced, then why is the rule in place? I don’t know if anyone ever served jail time in this manner, but in my eyes, many individuals are not free in this so-called land of freedom. It is said you can do anything you want, but in reality, you can only do so much before someone is challenging your authority. If I am a pastor, a Christian, or anything related to God then I am being forced to limit my religion or beliefs because of a certain group. Once again, that does not sound like freedom to me.

In addition, this very issue is impacting society so much that homosexuality is being pressed upon everyone. How is this being done? Of course with the help of television. It does not matter if you are watching a movie or a television show because homosexuality is being presented; even in kids’ programming. In fact, a study found that 58 out of 901 regular characters broadcasted on TV were identified as LGBT. Far as for cable TV, the number of characters increased from 92 to 103. The lifestyle that people choose is not the problem, but it is the impact it is having on society and the first amendment. The more this stuff is seen, the more people will try to normalize it. I know for a fact I do not want my future kids to see these things and think they are normal. All change in America is not good to change; this happens to be one of them.

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