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Fitness Practices For Boy Scouts: Opinion Essay

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Personal fitness plays a vital role in human lives. The ability to do daily activities and endurance are highlighted in fitness. Flexibility, muscle strength, and perseverance are essential components. Indeed it is not limited to a certain age. All the age group members require physical fitness. Immunity, nutrients, and mental well being are also helpful in physical fitness.Interest in Physical fitness shows massive growth since the near past. Therefore obtaining merit badge is a hype nowadays. It’s a great way to imply fitness practices to scouts. Boy scouts’ physical fitness achieves not only the fitness merit badge but also healthy citizens.So let’s dive in and find out more about the fitness merit badge and benefits.What’s the boy scout personal fitness badge? Things you should know

The merit badge assures physical well-being. A series of physical exercises done for 12 weeks. Indeed the durability, endurance, and strength are essential requirements. The fitness merit badge boosts the target of the eagle award. the main aim is providing health awareness. So the scouts get knowledge on good health practices and what to avoid. The personal fitness merit badge pamphlet is a clear guide source. All the essential tips are included there.The physical test series begin after this. Exercises like push-ups, sit-ups , pull-ups and running take place.

Top five Benefits of personal fitness merit badge

Speed up the goal of eagle award

A merit badge is a great way to reach the eagle award. Some become unable to achieve as they are weak in physical wellbeing. Therefore achieving the fitness merit badge depends on hard work and practice. So remember to be mentally and physically fit.

Increases physical fitness

It’s an indirect benefit of the physical fitness merit badge. Regular exercises keep you away from diseases. It also increases durability, muscle strength, and flexibility. Furthermore, prevents non-communicable diseases like heart attacks and high blood pressure.

Developmental wellbeing

Physical wellbeing is the key to mental wellbeing. Being physically fit keeps away stress, anxiety, and depression away. So indirectly affects on mental health while shaping physical fitness

Develops self-esteem

Strengthens the mental state while developing self-esteem. Tend to face challenges and solve them. Also, build leadership qualities essential for the world. Physical activities help to unleash leadership qualities.

Practice good health habits

Teen Scouts practice and learn good habits essential for life. Health practices become part of their lives. Therefore it would make a positive impact.

Personal fitness merit badge requirements

Personal fitness pamphlet includes all the needs. Awareness of nutrition, physical fitness, and adverse effects are highlighted. Personal fitness requirements check the physical feasibility.It gives a clear idea about mental and physical wellbeing. Also, advice to prevent liquor and tobacco. Indeed conveys a strong and compelling message to avoid addictions as teens.

After that, physical sessions begin. Perform a series of physical activities to measure physical strength. The followings are the tests done. They are,

Aerobic test

  • Running for nine minutes.
  • Run a distance of 1 mile

Flexibility test

  • Perform the exercise using a sit and reach the box.

Strength test

  • Perform sit ups, pushups, and pullups

Body composition test

Perform a BMI test

  • Measure chest
  • Circumference of abdomen

Importance of the personal fitness merit badge pamphlet/ workbook

A merit badge workbook aids to get a clear idea about the process. The personal fitness pamphlet contain clear instructions and guidance. A personal fitness workbook even works as a resource book. Furthermore, a merit badge worksheet would aid to record the improvements. A personal fitness merit badge workout plan aid in efficient workouts. As a result get exercises to the whole body without adverse effects.

The personal fitness worksheet helps to identify weaknesses and improvements. So remember to mark all activities in the personal fitness log. The coaches and trainers would determine your functioning. Certainly

Keep these habits away

Smoking, liquor, and drugs are bad for physical wellbeing. Certainly boy scouts are believed to be strong and fit, avoiding such bad habits. Indeed, the main aim of promoting physical fitness is shaping a healthy citizen. As a result, they get rid of both communicable and non-communicable diseases.

Personal fitness merit badge 12 week program

Indeed a series of physical activities and essential knowledge gaining takes place. Also, boy scouts learn to avoid adverse health habits. The strength, flexibility, and endurance tests perform for 12 weeks. Indeed the scouts will not be at a camp for three months. They will practice some activities before the camp. Therefore it’s beneficial to the scouts. As they have previous experience.

What are the resource materials and guides?

There are plenty of sources as you browse the internet. Indeed the counselors and coaches are ready to help you. The personal fitness workbook answers are available in scouting websites. So no need to crawl to find answers. And also easy to gather extra scouting knowledge. find a personal fitness goals worksheet to mark the progress.

Let’s find out best resource materials and study guides that help. Certainly most of these are available in internet and free to download.

Here comes the list,

The personal fitness merit badge counselor guide

BSA personal fitness merit badge pamphlet

Boy scouts personal fitness merit badge exercise log

Spreadsheets, personal fitness merit badge spreadsheet

Tracking sheets,personal fitness merit badge tracking sheet

Charts,The personal fitness merit badge 12 week chart

PDF files,The personal fitness merit badge pamphlet 2018 pdf

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Workbooks,The personal fitness merit badge workbook 2018


Best Tips To Achieve The Personal Fitness Goal

Best tips to achieve the goal

Engaging in daily activities is essential.

Activities like walking, jogging, and cycling would be helpful for adolescents.

Also, consume food rich in nutrients to regain energy.

Proteins and fat intake will be beneficial over carbs.

Avoid carbs and energy drinks

Consume at least seven glasses of water as Physical activities may lead to dehydration.

Remember consistency is the key to success

Obtaining the fitness merit badge isn’t rocket science. It totally depends on your knowledge and physical wellbeing. Some scouts are unable to reach the eagle award as they fail in fitness. Therefore spreading awareness on fitness and health are important as scouts. The fitness merit badge is a part of the scout’s oaths to stay strong and fit. Therefore work smart to achieve the fitness merit badge.

The article in a nutshell

Indeed fitness is the ability to perform physical activities properly.

Emphasize endurance, flexibility, and strength of the body.

The fitness merit badge helps to achieve the eagle award.

Fitness training takes place for 12 weeks.

Flexibility, endurance, and strength exercises take place.

And also cultivate ethical, moral values and make them knowledgeable.

Avoid smoking, tobacco, and liquor for a fit and healthy body.

Merit badge worksheets, charts, workbooks, and pamphlets are helpful.

Get the required nutrients to rejuvenate the body.

Drink adequate water to prevent dehydration.

We hope you learn many things about personal fitness from the article. Please visit Fitness section to see more articles on your fitness.

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