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The Five Pillars of Islam As Way of Understanding Muslims' Way of Life: Analytical Essay

It’s apparent that Muslims are everywhere in the world. Muslims are very holy people who see themselves as coming to god with great humility and submitting to god, creates a sense of equality. The Quran, which is the most sacred text for Muslims, in which they believe is the direct word of god reveal by god messenger, Muhammad. In the Quran, there are words recited frequently in daily prayers and it is used in different sorts of religious occasions. Islam...
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Analytical Essay on the Qurān: Five Pillars of Islam and the most Important Muslim Practices

Islam is an ancient and highly notorious religion that began in the Middle East and has spread rapidly around the world. It has attracted a following of 1.9 billion and is the second largest religion in the entire world. What do Muslims believe? The term “Islam” literally translates to “surrender” in Arabic and exhibits Muslim belief that humans are to surrender to Allah. They believe that Allah is the one true God and his will is made known through the...
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Concept of Surrender Referring to a Muslim Abiding by the Five Pillars of Islam: Analytical Essay

Background- Conversion or Reversion Some Muslims only use the word ‘revert’ not ‘convert’ when someone joins the religion, believing that everyone is born a Muslim, though their parents can choose to deviate them from this path. This would mean that people who join the faith are reverting to their original faith, born on the religion of their nature. The Testimony of Faith All a person has to do to convert to the religion of Islam is to say a sentence...
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Achieving Personal Peace in Islam

Personal peace in Islam is known as the greater Jihad, this should be an individual submitting to God, Allah. This is expressed in relationships with the individual’s family and society and obedience to Islamic law and peaceful relationships with society as a whole. The belief of God in Islam leads to the knowledge of God, this knowledge leads to the love of God which ultimately enables Muslims to happiness and inner peace. In Islam, peace is only possible when the...
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