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Contribution of Florence Kelly, Jane Addams and Elizabeth Cady Stanton To Women Today

The Progressive era was an era in which many people were standing up for what they believed in and starting organizations dedicated to what they wanted to change. Problems were being addressed mainly in the labor work force, women’s suffrage and in African Americans lives. Thankfully a lot of great women were in this era, and made such great impacts on women today. Here are just a few of women who impacted us and our lives. Florence Kelley was born...
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The Embodiment of the Ideology of Republican Motherhood in the Women's Movements of the Gilded Age

In the time period before the Civil War moral reformers and the state of the working financial industry combined to lead many Americans to imagine separate spheres of activity for men and women. Most women of European descent lived lives similar to their European counterparts. They were legally and socially subservient to men they were stuck in a society with a daunting patriarchal structure. The exception, however, was working-class women who were more equal to men of their classes, but...
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The Tragedy of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory and Its Impact on Workplace Safety Legislation

The industrialization era brought many types of technology that made farmer’s lives much easier but in the progressive era we try to help workers from factories and children from mines make their lives safer, by giving children an opportunity to go to school and my adding safe fire exits for workers. The horrific tragedy occured on March 25th, 1911. The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory the fire broke out on the top floors. It was burning and the fire spread quickly, the...
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The Progressive Era and the Elimination of the Problems of Industrialization

Because the world developed, the industry in the United States had to change to catch up the development of the world. Thus, the industrialization era appeared and revolutionized the old industrial ways. However, there were many problems occurring in the process of the industrialization. The problem was closely related to the workers during their jobs. Therefore, the progressive era fixed these problems that the industrialization brought and made it better. The first point that was mentioned is that the progressives...
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Women's First Steps in the Struggle for Equal Rights and Freedoms

Women were not as free as today, in the United States, compared to the 19th century. Women had no freedom to do anything of their own and were considered as someone who would is expected to provide service and pleasure to men while taking on a domestic lifestyle at home. They were restricted to their rights and limitations compared with those of men. The domination of a male-driven society angered a handful of progressive women who believed that women should...
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The Significance of the Feminist Theory for Women

Contemporary Feminist Theory is a generalized, wide-ranging system of ideas about social life and human experience developed from a woman centered perspective. Working to describe and critically evaluate the world from the distinctive vantage points of women, Feminism investigates the various situations of women in everyday society. With a history of influencers including Jane Addams, Florence Kelley, Marianne Weber, Harriet Martineau, and Patricia Hill-Collins, women in history were labelled as activists rather than sociologists. Intending to discredit their education as...
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