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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Economy in Malaysia, Especially on the Food Supply Chain: An Essay

Food is a necessity and a basic human right. It plays a vital role in the promotion of health and disease prevention. However, as recorded in the 2020 Global Hunger Index the GHI score trend has increased to 13.3 by comparing to 2012 which is only 11.8 (Global Hunger Index Rank, 2021). In order to overcome the spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Malaysian government released the Movement Control Order (MCO) that effective from 18 to 31 March 2020, later...
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Crisis of Civilization: Analysis of Environmental Catastrophe, Energy Depletion, Food Shortages, Economic Instability and Terrorism

Introduction What was first initially viewed as an ideal place to live has now come confronted with a noteworthy crisis. This crisis is known as the Crisis of Civilization. This paper will investigate the five crises discussed including environmental catastrophe, energy depletion, food shortages, economic instability and lastly, terrorism as well as what things have changed and has stayed the same. Though some things have been improved overtime, I will agree that neoliberalism is causing a crisis of civilization and...
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Wrong Policies Caused Food Crisis in Venezuela: Inflation, Urbanization and Food Shortgage

Around 9.3 million Venezuelans, 32% of the total population, are food insecure and are in need of assistance. Of these, 2.3 million are considered severely food insecure and 7 million are moderately food insecure. The majority of Venezuelans (60 percent) are marginally food secure, meaning they have acceptable food consumption, although, over ⅔ of the population engage within hunger-coping strategies and 98% are unable to afford many essential food items. The causes of Venezuela’s food crisis are commonly divided into...
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Potential of 3D Food Printing To Be Used In The Imminent Crisis Of Food Shortage: Opinion Essay

Since the beginning of the 20 century, printing has been revolutionized from improving the rate of printed production to the involvement of digital technology into printing. Even into the 21 century, printing has been innovated to the point where people are able to print not only materials but food as well. Thus, becoming a new trend in society today. 3D food printing has an interesting beginning, is helping people in the food industry, and has the potential to be used...
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Extent of NGO’s Success in Reducing the Impacts of the Food Shortage in the Yemeni Famine Crisis: Analytical Essay

Research Question: To what extent are NGOs successful in reducing the impacts of the food shortage in the Yemeni Famine Crisis? (GPC of health) In 2011, the Houthi rebel group took advantage of instability in Yemen and tried to take control of the country, which was then under the control of Abdrabbuh Hadi. Saudi Arabia along with 8 other countries were concerned this rebel group were backed militarily by regional Iranian Shia, and attempted to bring Hadi back to power...
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Food Insecurity and Inflation: Shortage of Food Supply and Policy Gaps in Pakistan

Increase in Food items Prices as per Pakistan Bureau of Statistics: Pulse moong (19.74%), Pulse gram(18.2%), Chicken (17.53%), Eggs (14.28%), Wheat(12.63%), Besan(12.09%), Fresh vegetables(11.7%), Pulse mash(10.29%), Gur(9.49%), Beans(8.09%), Wheat flour (7.42%), Pulse masoor(7.33%), Condiments and Spices(7.15%), Gram whole (6.68%), Sugar(5.07%), Fresh fruits(3.93%), Mustard oil(2.87%), Wheat products(2.64%), Vegetable ghee(2.18%), Rice(1.2%), Fish(1.19%) and Dry fruits(1.09%). Decreased: Onions (18.37%), Tomatoes (8.36%) and Potatoes (3.69%). Tomatoes(157.72%), Onions(125.32%), Fresh vegetables(93.6%), Potatoes(87.3%), Pulse moong (79.12%), Pulse mash(48.61%), Gur(43.31%), Wheat(36.13%), Pulse gram(27.31%), Sugar(26.29%), Condiments and Spices(24.43%), Wheat...
2 Pages 821 Words

Critical Analysis of The Government of Germany’s Formal Position and Recommendations on Combating Global Food Shortages

For the People: The Government of Germany’s Formal Position and Recommendations on Combating Current and Future Global Food Shortages In recent years many factors have contributed to a global food shortage, and more specifically a shortage in lesser developed countries. As the United Nations reports, “the number of undernourished people in the world has been on the rise since 2015, reaching an estimated 821 million in 2018” (SOFI 2019). Environmental change, war, and corrupt government, are a few of the...
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To what Extent is Poverty a Problem in Scotland? Essay

Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree’s 1899 study in York established that poverty could be measured through the use of a poverty line (Llewellyn, Agu and Mercer, 2015, p.44). The poverty line is defined as ‘a level of personal or family income below which one is classified as poor’ (Definition of poverty line, 2020). In 2017/18, after housing costs, 1.03 million people in Scotland were surviving below the poverty line (Overview of Poverty, 2019). There are different forms of poverty in Scotland, relative,...
4 Pages 1710 Words

Impact of Instability of Food Production, Soil Degradation and Other Stressors on Food Shortage in Nepal

Overview Nepal is a small (147181 sq. Km) landlocked country situated between China in the north and India in the south. Nepal has got a diversified geography. Its topographical feature ranges from low land tarai (60 m) to the highest point (Mount Everest, 8848 m) in the earth. Agriculture in Nepal provides employment opportunities to 66 percent of the total population and contributes about 39 percent in the GDP (‘National Strategy For The Development Of Statistics – Central Bureau Of...
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