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Forensic Psychology: Personal Statement

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This is the final year of my psychology undergraduate program at the University of Roehampton. This course has given me the opportunity to expand my knowledge and delve deep into areas of psychology that require critical thinking and deep analysis. An example of an area in psychology that requires this is the forensic psychology module that I studied during my tenure at the university. This year-long module helped refine my skills as an aspiring psychologist giving me the ability to introspect and observe from different angles. The criminal and forensic psychology module was a catalyst in doing further research and studies on this topic leading me to ultimately choose it as a master’s degree. The mental motivation of criminals has intrigued me and given me an extra nudge to pursue forensic and criminal psychology as a master’s degree. Throughout my degree, I have strived to attain a deep understanding of psychology and how the mind works through a tunnel of perception in which I can better understand the various psychological differences that vary from person to person. This caught my attention when looking at forensic psychology and the aspect of criminals; what is the motivation that ensues such actions? Upon researching this topic I realized that the definition of forensic psychology is skewed by the influence of the media when in actuality forensic psychology is a branch of psychology that focuses on the assessment and treatment of specific individuals within a legal framework. I believe Glasgow Caledonian University is the right place for me to pursue my master’s in forensic psychology because of the amazing facilities and the high praise past students have associated with the university. The program of study delivered by Glasgow Caledonian University offers expertise within academia and the opportunity to work with active practitioners in order to gain knowledge on the application of both theoretical and conceptual frameworks within mental health and forensic and criminal psychology. The benefit of practical application will really enhance my knowledge and give me a deep understanding of the field. Learning from world-class researchers as well as active practitioners is essential to this field of psychology and the program offered by this university is a unique and accredited program that is top 5 percent in this field with cutting-edge research such as new developments of research within this field. Forensic psychology is a growing area of psychology and I hope to be part of this progressive discipline. This program is ideal due to its practicality and I believe it is a program of study that is engaging due to its utility in various methods of teaching.

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Another motivation to study forensic psychology at a master’s level is the opportunity to have completed an accredited mental health first aid training remotely at the University of Roehampton, this four-day course was delivered by Mental health first aid (MHFA) England. The intent of this training is to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills to act as the first point of contact for individuals experiencing mental health concerns, by recognizing the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis. Mental health plays a significant role in forensic psychology due to its prevalence among offenders. This training was invaluable as it further developed my knowledge of mental health and whilst conversing with the delegates in my training group, I realized how prevalent mental health is and its manifestation in everyday life, and the impact it has on individuals. It is important to manage those with mental health concerns, especially among individuals in contact with the criminal justice system in order to reduce future criminality. During the mental health, and first aid training MHFA utilized an acronym which was ALGEE.

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