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Forms of Government Essays

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Influence of Corruption on Country's Democracy: Essay

What is corruption? This is a question strolling through many people’s minds. Corruption has come to be termed as the use of energy for personal gain. Corruption has been to speak of the century from again in the late 90s till date. Corruption has affected many aspects of the society. This has consequently led to the degradation of the society’s morals and values. Corruption has come in many varieties such as bribery, fraud and country seize. However, human beings still...
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Pros and Cons of NATO

NATO began as a counter to potential Soviet aggression in Europe following the post-WW2 establishment of communist regimes in central and eastern Europe. However, the end of the cold war followed by the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 and the subsequent demise of the Warsaw Pact left NATO with no obvious purpose. This ultimately brought about an existential question for NATO, because the threat that NATO had been set up to counter had vanished. NATO was still committed...
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Opinion Essay on Importance of NATO in 21st Century

An international organisation is an organisation founded by treaties controlled by international laws and owning its legal personality. John McCormick defines it as “a body that promotes voluntary cooperation and coordination between or among its members.” Member nations decide how the organisation is managed, cast votes within it, and finance it. The first attempt to create an international organization occurred in 1814 with the Congress of Vienna. To protect the deliberations of Vienna a kind of directory of the great...
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How Was Monarchy Practised in Ancient Greece

I am going to analyze Greece, officially the Hellenic Republic, and The Constitution of Greece. This constitution was adopted in 1975. Greece named the period between 1821-1833, when the Greek War of Independence took place, the First Hellenic Republic, and was ruled by an absolute monarchy from 1833 until 1843 when it gained independence from the Ottoman Empire. From 1843 to 1923, the constitutional monarchy existed in Greece. The kingdom continued its existence between 1935 and 1974, in the country...
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British Monarchy Essay

To what extent is the Monarchy still relevant and influential in contemporary British society? Over time, we have seen changes in the cultural, sociolinguistic and even political fields. Regarding this latter, that the perception we now have of a liberal and democratic society is much different from the one we used to have more than 150 years ago cannot be denied (Tyrrill, 2018). However, as Tyrrill (2018) suggests, a novelist, broadcaster and commentator on royal affairs, the perception of the...
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Athenian Democracy vs. American Democracy: Comparative Analysis

In global politics, mentioning of the Athenian democracy and American democracy is common. Interestingly, the world’s first democracy developed in Athens at a time when it was growing imperial. However, major differences and similarities occur between the Athenian democracy and American democracy. For instance, a ‘lot chose a leader in Athens’ while a leader in the US is elected (Athenian democracy 1). The major similarity between the two is that the legislative branch passes the law. However, the following discussion...
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America as a Symbol of Democracy: Argumentative Essay

America has become a nation viewed as a symbol of democracy. In particular, its core beliefs of liberty and freedom have made America obtain a unique “mission” to spread democracy globally (Bouchet 2013, p. 33). The key message that democracy elsewhere would achieve mutual benefit for both America and the foreign nation is integral to its foreign policy, utilised through military or political policies (Bouchet 2013, p. 33). However, its duty of expanding democracy is seen by some as maintaining...
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Essay on Advantages and Disadvantages of Monarchy

The concept of monarchy is defined as « power in one ». It denotes a system or a political regime where a monarch is the head of state (and thus makes the difference from the republic). The competencies of the monarch may vary depending on the type of the monarchy: the spectrum ranges from a minimum power (constitutional monarchy) through a power limited by a constitution (constitutional monarchy) to an unlimited, universal power (absolute monarchy). Moreover, we distinguish the hereditary...
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Absolute Monarchy Essay

Definition of absolute monarchy “Absolute Monarchy” and “Constitutional Monarchy” were two systems of government that had arisen by the end of the seventeenth century in Europe and flourished into the eighteenth century. Define the nature of these two governmental systems and compare and contrast their respective development in these centuries. Use specific, historical evidence to support your views. Constitutional Monarchy is basically where a King or Queen rules the land but is bounded by a constitution or principles. Something similar...
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Importance of Constitution for Democracy: Analytical Essay

The essay detailed below will evaluate the claim that constitutions are essential for maintaining democracy as it varies within different contexts. The essay will start by detailing the strengths of the constitution over the democratic process through its perceived authority. Further on, the essay will also weigh the instances when a constitution was not essential for maintaining democracy especially in national instability, this will provide a more balanced view of the effectiveness of a constitution. This essay will provide support...
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Essay on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: Analysis of the Rising Influence of Populism in European Democratic Societies

Abstract Recent literature on populism influencing democratic society in regard of migrants’ rights shows tremendous changes in its treatment. Throughout history, there has been no more need for migrations than in present, especially from the East. However, these changes in the treatment of migrants’ rights have shown that citizens are less willing to welcome refugees and provide them help needed. This paper will show how populism influences Europe in meeting the Universal Declaration of Human Rights focusing on Migrants’ Rights...
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Discursive Essay on Machiavelli’s The Prince as a Handbook for Would-be Dictators

Is Machiavelli’s The Prince anything more than a handbook for would-be dictators? Niccolo Machiavelli was one of the most controversial political theorists in history, most known for his works, the Prince and the Discourses of Livy. He had a questionable political career, going from being a civil servant of Florence to organising a civil militia before eventually being removed by Medici forces. The Prince, the most famous of his two books was written in 1513 during Machiavelli’s 15-year hiatus from...
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To What Extent Was Hitler a 'Weak Dictator'?

The discussion as to if Hitler was a ‘weak dictator’ or ‘Master of the Third Reich’ is one that has been held by historians fascinated by Nazi Germany for many years and is central to the intentionalist – structuralist debate. On one side, historians such as Bullock, Bracher, Jackal and Hildebrand consider Hitler’s personality, ideology and strong mind to be the driving force of the Third Reich. However, others such as Broszat, Mason and Mommsen argue that the regime involved...
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Lessons from Diverse Experience of Roman Democracy

As well as being the capital of Italy and Catholicism, and a famously beautiful city, with a great climate and fantastic food, Rome is also something else. It’s a place where politics has gone on ‐ and has been recorded ‐ for some three thousand years. Rome is a political case study like nowhere else on earth. Romans have lived under every kind of political system, from oligarchy to theocracy, and from dictatorship and monarchy to democracy. Often Romans have...
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Dictatorships of Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini

The difference in the way Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini dictated is a hotly-debated topic that often divides opinions. There is a great deal of differences between the dictatorship of Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. The way they portrayed their political ideology were very distinct from one another. The ways these three came to power were different. Hitler tried to take control of a struggling Germany through the ‘Beer Hall Putsch’. And when he didn’t succeed, he was arrested. In jail he...
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Analysis of Relationship between Democracy and Economic Growth

Democracy is seen as a worthy cause in the world, but there is a lot of debate about the consequences of democracy, the process of democratization and its image of being the most perfect system ever. For example, it is questionable whether democratization brings benefits economically as a given and whether democracy leads to peace. On the other hand, there is also a debate about the possible causes of natural democratization. Do developing countries have less chance of democratization, does...
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What Does Democracy Mean to You? Essay

Democracy is known as the finest form of government. Why so? Because in a democracy, the people of the country choose their government. They enjoy certain rights which are very essential for any human being to live freely and happily. There are various democratic countries in the world, but India is the largest one. Democracy has withstood the test of time, and while other forms have the government has failed, democracy stood strong. It has time and again proved its...
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Three Contemporary Theories of American Democracy

Knowing the past allows to better understand the present and predict the future. Most of the traditional leadership theories are dated before 1990. Many new theories or sub-theories have been derived from those theories with the ambition to more or less develop the original theories or to compensate for their shortcomings. The rapid development of communication technologies and technologies in general, which, among other things, support more massive globalization and wealth growth, was reflected in the need to adapt leadership...
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The Concept of Democracy Essay

Democracy is a system of government in which citizens have the power to elect their government’s representatives. Decisions on who is considered a member of the people and how power is shared or delegated by the people have evolved over time and at various rates in different countries, but they have gradually expanded to include more and more people in all countries. The concept of democracy has changed significantly over time, and the two most common forms of democracy today...
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Substantive Democracy Essay

The definition of democracy concentrates on the debates among proponents of deliberative, substantive, and procedural justice. Procedural democrats generally emphasize institutions and practices characterized by a democratic regime (Dahl, 1-3). Deliberative democrats make decisions showing that the most appropriate procedures can be transformed into a proper form of democracy (Dahl, 2-5). Substantive democracy explains the procedures as necessary but not adequate to bring about democratic results (Miller, 201-210). Modern political democracy is therefore defined as a system of governance where...
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Similarities Between Republic and Democracy

Australia’s government has many similarities and differences to other governments. For example, Australia’s government and Indonesia’s are very similar. Some of the similarities are that both countries have elections for their government. Some of the differences is that Indonesia is a republic whereas Australia is a democracy. A republic is a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. A democracy is...
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Role of Youth in Democracy Essay

The action “Role of Youth in Democracy” supports youth participation in democratic life. Our goal is to encourage the active participation of young people in the life of the European community. Through the program, we will enable young people to learn about democratic processes and to become active citizens at all levels – local, regional, national and European. European Union’s main concept/ values, such as democracy, equality, solidarity, social inclusion, justice, cultural diversity – are under discussion, because of the...
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Participatory Democracy Pros and Cons

The ways in which the government interacts with its citizens can have a large impact on the type and amount of citizen participation it yields. As more grassroots efforts become popular and effective in government affairs, local governments have evaluated different ways to get the most valuable information out of their citizens. Two different structures, participatory governance and deliberative forums, can attract different types of participants and offer different types of results. Employing participatory policy making and engaging the public...
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Media Freedom and Democracy Essay

Democracy has become a keyword in international debates about politics in various parts of the world. Lack of democracy is widely viewed as the root of the issues that plague some societies. Inherent in the concept of democracy is the certainty that people should be allowed to participate in making decisions about how they are governed (this being the base idea of democracy) because they have certain fundamental rights and freedoms and a society is democratic to the extent that...
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Is Social Media Good for Democracy? Essay

The development and expanded commonness of social media all around the world has given individuals a stage to take an interest all the more effectively in democracy. This had made social media platforms an integral asset of articulation for a democracy. “Social media has become an expansion of our lives. Everybody has a nearness via social networking media. Although there are a few defects and sick impacts, it can’t be run down in light of the fact that it is...
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Is Populism a Threat to Liberal Democracy? Essay

Populism has emerged as a prominent feature of liberal-democratic political landscapes across the world . These populist surges have drawn significant impact on the systems they gained traction against, and many have questioned whether populism threatens or strengthens liberal-democracy. This potentially ambiguous relationship drawn between populism and liberal-democracy has been connected to the duality within the concept of liberal-democracy itself, with its two-strand model outlining both a liberal pillar and a classically democratic pillar. Given this account, liberal-democracy can be...
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Is Democracy Intrinsically Valuable? Essay

Political egalitarians defend the notion that democracy is intrinsically valuable by appealing to the notion that democracy is the manifestation of certain intrinsically valuable principles such as equality and liberty and, as a result, intrinsic value is transmitted to democracy. However, I disagree and will argue in this essay that this account is incorrect. To do this, I will explain the equality and liberty arguments provided by political egalitarians and then demonstrate how these arguments are weak and easily defeated....
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Is Democracy In Decline? Essay

There is not any more fulfilling portrayal of democracy than Winston Churchill’s assertion that it ‘is the most noticeably awful type of government aside from every one of those different structures that have been attempted now and again.’ Among compliments, underhanded ones are the loveliest, first making a demonstration of withdrawing and afterward, similar to a boomerang, coming back to hand. One can’t deny that popularity based electorates every so often reel into sad choices, however Churchill supports us that...
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Importance of Democracy Essay

Abstract “E-word of mouth” has become a global phenomenon, solving problems online users are concerned. It can make a change for transnational issues. Some critics insist that online wisdom cannot replace the existing establishments even in a democratic state. According to Scholte (2012), there has been a paradigm change to global democracy because globalization is driving constantly, and global phenomenon is being driven in a way in which collective intelligence can understand and enact people’s rule, human rights, and global...
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Essay on Role of Opposition in Democracy

Inclusive participation in the political process: The new constitution of Nepal embraces the concept of multi-caste, multiculturalism and multilingualism. Article 18 (3) provide special provisions for the protection, empowerment or advancement of women, dalits, indigenous peoples, marginalized, medhasi groups etc. It ensures 33% representation of women from each party in both the houses of the Federal Parliament and the state Assemblies. To achieve this quota, the House of Representatives (HoR) and SAs (state Assemblies) Election Acts state that women must...
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