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Fossil-Fuel Gasoline Should be Banned in Cambodia

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In the last several centuries the world has been significantly changing due to the technologies and energies, opening an era’s face with high living standard. Of course, energies play a huge role in varying the world, likewise fossil-fuel gasoline, it has been utilized for thousands of years in daily life and industries. However, this kind of power has great concerns to environment that causes climate change and pollution. In meantime Cambodia is one of an unsuspecting victim that is utilizing this kind of energy great enough and worsening the air quality in atmosphere. These problems lead people to have different ideas, some people believe that utilizing fossil-fuel gasoline should not be made illegal while others believe fossil-fuel gasoline usage should be banned in order to reduce carbon dioxide emission and save the world before it is too late. These views are not wrong in their own perspectives. Nevertheless, in my personal thinking, I absolutely agree that coal, petroleum, oil and natural gas ought to be made forbidden and be banned. In this below, I would like to illustrate my three reasons to prove that.

The main reason that I would like to mention and everyone also fears about is the great degradation of fossil-fuel gasoline power to the environment. This kind of energy has huge pollution when it is burned, it directly liberates carbon dioxide into the air that mitigates the air quality, moreover, searching for it to consume, wisely pollutes land and water as digging the land and unleashing its waste to the water, so the more utilizing it the worse links to global warming, making fossil-fuels very unfriendly to the health of our planet. For example, in China, thousands of industries are highly utilizing this kind of power and it destructs the air quality until the state limited the time producing products in order to reduce much pollution. Additionally, in Cambodia, there is an increase of vehicles every year and the weather is getting hot day by day, but there are less people doing action or speaking out about this kind of problem to the government and I think this a dilemma that government should take action then publish that utilizing this kind of power is wrong, illegitimate, and should be banned. However, there are some people who still believe that made this power illegal would also produce tons of wasted equipment that are designed for extraction of fossil-fuel. That reason is logic and will be a problem in the short-term as they mentioned, even so my reason is much more efficient that would save Cambodia from this problem in long-term.

Another assertion that is pretty right for Cambodia to banish that kind of energy is about expensing money and public health issues. Cambodia is one of the most imported countries, it imports almost everything and fossil-fuel stands in a great amount imported product in Cambodia, every year this country spends a lot of money to buy this fossil-fuel power to utilize in industries and transportations, whereas fossil-fuel is dangerous to environment, it is also expensive and liberating smoke that affects public health as well. Its smoke consists nitrogen oxides, sulfur dioxides, carbon dioxide and heavy metals, these are the air pollutants that will cause you to have a harmful health problem, such as cancer and asthma. For instance, if Cambodia stopped importing fossil-fuel gasoline, Cambodia could have saved millions of money every year and we could have used those moneys to invest on another useful project or expense on other efficiencies, like developing country and technology. More than that, millions of people, especially children who have been suffering from lung cancer and asthma, according to the WHO seven million premature deaths annually linked to air pollution. So if Cambodia banned this fossil-fuel usage, we could save many people that have been fighting with that disease. Even though, there is still a small thought concerning about thousands of employees will lose their job if we made fossil-fuel gasoline usage as prohibited. This claim is true, but it has less concern than millions of innocent people have died every year that we expense a lot of money to import and cure ill people.

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One another reason is fossil-fuel gasoline is finite energy source, sooner or later it will be mortal and will vanish from our eyes, fossil-fuels take million years to decompose and from back, utilizing and depending too much on it will cause a great concern in the future if lacking of energy used. Unlike sunlight, water and wind fossil-fuel cannot be renewed fast, but sunlight, water, and wind they are mortal. For example, if Cambodia replace fossil-fuel power to solar power, wind power, and water power we do not need to worry about lacking those source, they are already everywhere and they are cleaned energy, it has no affection to health and environment, we also do not need to export it every day, once we finished setting it up, we use it twenty to thirty years. However, some people have negative thought about my assertion, they think solar power, wind power and water power are very expensive to build up and they think it is such a waste to banish fossil-fuels which are not expensive as solar power, wind power and water power. Of course, I agree those renewable powers are expensive, but it is better to invest money for long-term benefits rather than short-term benefits like fossil-fuel power.

In general, banning fossil-fuel energy would immediately cause some problems to industries, transportation, etc. and of course, it could cause great concern to million people, but utilizing fossil-fuel energy is extremely dangerous and very harmful to lives on earth in another hundred years. We understand the concern of stop using it immediately, but as the reasons were mentioned above, those are reasons have better assertive in illustrating why we should ban fossil-fuel, more than that we can reduce our way of utilizing it from day by day, step by step, country to country, and trying to find another alternative powers that is friendly to environment. Then, not much longer, our environment will become a better place to live.

In my conclusion, the reasons listed above are helping Cambodia to prevent pollutions, money waste, health issues. Compare to those negative opinions, I personally believe that my ideas that I mentioned about banishing fossil-fuels usage are extremely efficient for Cambodia, as it could save environment, money, human health, and developing another level of energy in the future. So it is better to follow my opinions which I carefully think about the advantages and disadvantages in the long life spin of Cambodia. These findings are important because it made us discussing about climate change, pollution of fossil-fuel in Cambodia. I found this is significant, the world should have pay more attentions on climate change, pollution and together finding solution to prevent the disaster come to destruct us. We should do it before it is too late.

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