Founding Fathers of Freedom

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The founding fathers considered various things to be important tools for maintaining freedom. Constitution is one of the tools and this explains why it has been amended over the years. The constitution has remained to be the supreme law of every sovereign nation. The constitution’s vast language is expounded by the principles outlined in the declaration. The founding fathers used the declaration’s principles in the drafting of the new constitution. The Declaration in liaison with the constitution addresses the fundamental political questions that face mankind such as political organization (Adams, & Francis 27). They were developed to serve from the 18th century to the present.

George Washington’s farewell address after the end of his leadership tenure pointed out various things which can be considered as important tools for freedom maintenance. George urges the American citizens to vote for a visionary and trustworthy leader to control the executive government. It is an honor to be chosen a leader by the people and for the people (Parra 26).

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A leader ought to be faithful and persevere in their service to the countrymen, amidst dubious vicissitudes. George prays that the citizens will stay in brotherly affection and unity and sacredly maintain the constitution and its use ruled under virtue and wisdom. John Adams letters to various parties reveals his ideas about freedom maintenance tools. John tells Zabdiel that it is morality and religion alone that can establish the principles where freedom can stand firmly (Adams, & Francis 37).

ohn Adams claims that changing rulers only changes tyranny to tyranny and liberty is the virtue that people should hold dearly. John writes to the officers of the first brigade and tells them that people ought to have deep simulation to each other also to the foreign countries. He urges the servicemen to use their position to enhance freedom in the US through military dignity, sincerity, religion and morality. John holds that tyrants should not be tolerated to ensure that freedom is held by the people (Adams, & Francis 59).

Patrick Henry’s statement, ‘Give me Liberty or give me death’ is a representative of people’s cries. People want liberty because liberty goes hand in hand with freedom. Patrick was a great father who considered himself as a patriot who is ready to die for his country to have freedom (Parra 69). The past judges the future and the tyrannical hands of the British parliament and ministry are a threat in the future.

Patrick claims that the petitions of the people have been blocked and their remonstrance have resulted to more insult and violence; their supplications have also been disregarded and the throne has been harsh. Patrick says that hope is minimal and if people want to be free they should fight for freedom and God will make them emerge as victors. Patrick urges the people to be stronger the sooner for the better for attaining freedom before they are totally disarmed by the tyrannies (Parra 143).

It is evident that the founding fathers who include; George Washington, Patrick Henry, John Adams among others had various ideas concerning the important tools of getting and maintaining freedom. The constitution and declaration ensures that the citizens are guarded and have the outlined freedom. John claims that religion and morality ought to be present for freedom to be exercised. John also urges the military to uphold dignity, sincerity and morality in their service to the nation and give the people freedom. Patrick urges citizens to mind their own business and stand against tyrannies. This will give them freedom.

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