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Frankenstein By Mary Shelley: Reflection On The Importance Of The Family

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Victor Frankenstein was a man who revealed knowledge, however, because of their eagerness to seek knowledge and want to create life, had as a consequence sacrificing the most important thing for him, his family. He had to accept living the rest of his life in solitude, looking for just one thing, revenge and kill his creation. Victor for the rest of his life always feels sad and responsible for the death of his whole family because he created the Creature that killed his loved ones.

Victor since he created the Creature, his life began to be miserable, he never measured the consequences and responsibilities in creating life, he was a completely immature and irresponsible person by not accepting responsibility, and he let the innocent Creature wander through the forest and did not know about life and had to discover how cruel the world was on its own. For Victor’s irresponsibility, the Creature wanted revenge for his own loneliness.

If we analyze Victor’s life was not always sad, in the beginning, he was very happy since he has goods memories in chapter 1, page 12 expresses the love he had towards his family “My father and mother loved each other very much. But there was enough love for me, their only son.” which means that Victor suffered a lot losing his whole family.

Especially when he loses his Heart, and his Soul that is Henry and Elizabeth, those two deaths were the saddest for Victor, because Henry was his only and best friend, and was killed by the Creature near a lake. And the death of his beloved wife Elizabeth, Victor had a great connection with Elizabeth because she was his adopted sister but then they got married very much in love, however, on her wedding night, Elizabeth is killed by the Creature, which caused Victor great pain because he could not do anything to save her “I felt a sadness I had never known before. I had never felt so lonely.” and that moment he feels more hatred and wants to kill the Creature.

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In chapter 6 Victor meets the Creature and expresses hatred towards him saying “Come a little closer and I will kill you! I will crush you. You are a monster! If killing you would bring back the people you killed, I would kill you a thousand times!’

At the beginning of the story, we can see the suffering and the ordeal that Victor has lived in the rest of his life, in the letter 4 pages 7 “He was as thin as a rail. He looked as if he had been through a lot of trouble and pain. I had never seen a man in such bad shape.”

The Novel shows the deep sadness of Victor when the Captain says about the little importance he gives to life ‘What is the life of a few men, when so much can be gained by science?’ at that moment Victor remembers his past and remembers how little he valued the life of his family said ‘Do you share the same madness I have? Are you so far gone that you don’t care about human life anymore? If you knew my story, you’d never feel the same way again.’

The Creature was amused by the suffering of Victor and the Creature because he wanted Victor to live unhappy because of his loneliness ‘You will be unhappy for the rest of your life. You will be alone-just as I am.’

In conclusion, the story of Victor Frankenstein makes us reflect on the importance of the family and we should always value it. It is also important to measure the consequences of our actions, by our ambition. Sometimes our actions can cause irreversible damage. The life of Victor is an example of human ambition but has brought pollution and climate change as a consequence, and some humans and even animals are suffering this consequence.

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