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Franklin Roosevelt's Pearl Harbor Address to the Nation

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Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, today I’ll talk about FDR’s Pearl Harbor address to the nation. Before attacking Pearl Harbor or even before World War II. The Empire of Japan’s goal was to conquer all the islands in the Pacific and eventually conquer the entire Pacific fleet. Before attacking Pearl Harbor they have conquered Manchuria, Inner Mongolia (which is present day China), Korea and Tonkking. The reason why Japan attacked Pearl Harbor is it would destroy the American fleet making easier to conquer the Dutch Indies Islands (which is present day Indonesia) and Malaysia. Usually whenever you declare war against another country, you would either declare a performative speech act (Infamy Speech) or the act of signing it in a document (which FDR did against a war against Nazi Germany at December 11, 1941). The Japense did do this, however it was one hour late due to some translating issues. Right after the attack on Pearl Harbor, FDR gave an infamy speech, and immediately declared war against Japan, and then Germany immediately declared war against the United States because Germany was with the axis powers along with Japan and Italy. Towards the end of World War II, the US dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima on August 6 , 1945, and one on Nagasaki on August 9, 1945. Then after the Japanse surrendered, the rebuilding of Japan took place through August of 1945- April of 1952. Then, The Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security between Japan and the United States was signed in 1960.

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Now about FDR. FDR, full name Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was born in January 30, 1882 at Hyde Park, New York, he was a president and governor who served as the 32nd president of the United States from 1933 until his death in 1945, and the 44th governor of New York from 1929- 1932. He was a member of the Democratic Party, he won a record four presidential elections and became a figure in world events during the first half of the 20th century. While as a governor, he only won one term. He won election to the New York State Senate in 1910. Then served as Assistant Secretary of the Navy under President Woodrow Wilson during World War one. Roosevelt was James M. Cox's running mate on the Democratic Party's 1920 national ticket, but Cox was defeated by Warren G. Harding. In 1921, Roosevelt got an illness called polio. Polio is a virus that may cause paralysis and is easily preventable by the polio vaccine. This illness made his legs became permanently paralyzed. While attempting to recover from his condition, Roosevelt founded the treatment center in Warm Springs, Georgia, for people with polio. Roosevelt returned to public office by winning election as Governor of New York in 1928. He was in office from 1929 to 1933 and served as a reform Governor, and promoting programs to combat the economic crisis besetting the United States at the time. He then won the presidential election of 1932, deafating Herbert Hoover. He was put in office in 1933, in the middle of the Great Depression. Mainly using ethos and pathos FDR created a total of 24 programs. The New Deal included new constraints and safeguards on the banking industry and efforts to re-inflate the economy after prices had fallen sharply. The programs mainly focused on the '3 Rs': relief for the unemployed and poor; recovery of the economy back to normal levels and reform of the financial system to prevent a repeat depression. After the Great Depression and the people noticing how good FDR was and pulled the nation up, he was re-elected again. During World War II, Roosevelt gave a strong financial support to China, the United Kingdom and eventually the Soviet Union while the United States remained neutral, until the bombing of Pearl Harbor. When he declared war against Japan, he made a priority to take down Germany and Italy first, using a strategy called ‘the Europe first’. Then, he also developed of the first atomic bomb, and worked with the other Allied leaders to lay the groundwork for the United Nations and other post-war institutions. Roosevelt won the election of 1944, but with his physical health was not very well during the World War, he died in April 1945.

Despite Fdr’s death, he won the Raven award. The Raven award is an award that recognizes outstanding achievement in the mystery field outside the realm of creative writing.

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