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Freedom Of Expression Features In Turkey

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Generally speaking, in the terms of media freedom and freedom of expression, Turkey has been always one of the most restrictive countries in the member states of the Council of Europe.

Critisim is a way that we can point out the good and bad things in something, someone etc. Unfortunately in Turkey, critisim is considered as a crime. Critics makes something worthier than it was before because at that moment everybody understand it’s positive and the negative sides. It should be seen with indulgence. In Turkey, there is no tolerance to critism. When you comment on someone who has authority in the government you will be more likely to imprisoned in the next day. According to the Europian Court of Human Rights (ECHR), “All kinds of critisim is acceptable no matter what it contains.” To this quote we could refer that, only then we can have freedom of expression and without it there is no democracy.

Freedom of expression contains a lot of topics within such as media freedom which Turkey doesn’t allow also. Turkey is not a country which has great background about these types of subjects. Throughout many years journalists had been thrown out to jails or incarcerate or even casted out from Turkey. Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) have gathered a report in December 17th that indicated how many journalists had been imprisoned in the year 2017 and they have found out the number was 73 in which is the world’s number one followed by China and Egypt. Although we have all of this numbers, Turkish Chief Advisor to the President Gulnur Aybet said in the BBC’s Hardtalk program that “We have no journalists in our prisons, at least we have no journalists who have been convicted for their profession.” As subjects are merging with each other, it’s appropriate to say that as Turkey grows it’s lack of freedoms the people will be more likely to decrease their happiness. The journalists of our generation are misinterpretated everyday by the users of social media and by the government officials. Fatih Portakal and Can Dündar are the hard truth of that theory and when a theory is proven it’s a law. Can Dündar explained in a program he joined (BBC Hardtalk) that he was trying to reveal the truth about Turkish Government covered operations involving the Syrian War and how Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (The president of Turkey) was attempting to be involved to the war in a non-legal ways. He was asked to be arrested for 5 years but in this case he had to flee the country and currently he is living in Germany without any kind of protection except of his own. We can see how journalists are being threatened almost every day for their actions. Gas, electronical devices and many more objects’ prices are going up almost every week. Fatih Portakal invited people to a harmless walk to protest all these raises but he has charged for his action and the charges are still in process. An academician in Istanbul Bilgi University named Prof. Dr. Yaman Akdeniz have said in one of his interviews that “The Governments must protect the journalists, they are the voice of people and should be a motivation to the state.”

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Every man, woman and child have the right to express theirselves including the teachers or academicians who have thought these men, women and children.

All of these events showed us that Turkish government has no mercy taking down all people who critise and tell their thoughts on the matter. One of the victims of this obnoxious acts are academicians of Turkish Universities. As you know all academicians have papers that published regarding basically everything on their subject of profession. On the latest count on Human Rights on Joint Platform (HRJP), 5822 academicians had decommissioned from their duties and only to 144 people, their jobs had been reassigned. The rest is still jobless and cannot do what they have trained to do because they are marked for life.

To sum up, I believe there is no freedom of expression in Turkey. I believe everyone should blame theirselves for this. The government is strong as it’s people, only we can give our government the strength their need and only we will be able to take it back. The founder of Turkish Nation and our Hero Mustafa Kemal Atatürk once said “Do not be afraid of telling the truth.”



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